back to article Microsoft slashes US Xbox 360 to sub-Wii price

Microsoft will slice the price of the Xbox 360 in the US this Friday, making an entry-level version of its game console less expensive than a Nintendo Wii. Microsoft Xbox 360 Microsoft confirmed today the Arcade model will retail for $200 beginning 5 September, which is down from its previous price of $280. The standard …


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  1. Adam Buckland

    Got both the Wii and XBox

    And we've switched off the Xbox as it wasn't getting used unlike the Wii.

    Will people buy the XBox just because it's cheap when (If they have friends and want to play social games not just shoot em ups etc) the better gameplay makes the Wii an obvious buy.

    Flames coz all the XBox fans will be popping a zit about how the graphics are soo much better blah blah blah. Yes but the Wii is more fun to play and that's why it sells.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    Already cheaper?

    In the UK, the Arcade is about £150, and the Wii is about £180? So hoping for a price cut is fairly irrelevant?

  3. yeah, right.

    fire sale?

    Does this cheaper unit use up all the power supplies that had Xbox getting a bit too literal with the term "setting the house on fire".

    Mine's the one with the flame-proof underwear in the pocket.

  4. Tom Silver badge

    If they bring it down enough

    I've got a table with a wobbly leg that needs something under it and it would be a good place to put an Xbox with linux on as a router or a really ironic firewall.

  5. Kevin Whiteside

    Re: Got both the Wii and XBox

    I have the wii, 360 and ps3 and the 360 is the only one that gets used because it has better games, the quality of the games is opinion based, the wii is fun for party style game play but the 360 is better for online play, general play, co-op play and i would also say the general wii games are more designed for kids and probably something to do with my slight obsession with achievements which has dwindled recently and rock band being out for 360 only in europe (officially anyway)

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    My N95 already does all this

    Oh wait, wrong thread.

    My PS3 already does all this.

    Ah - thats better.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Here's a novel idea Microsoft..

    Why not spend some time making them work, rather than simply cutting the cost. Until these things don't break every few months, £150 is still ALOT of money..

    Both the Wii and PS3 are pretty much bullet-proof, so why is the 360 so unreliable?

  8. Justin
    Gates Horns

    muah hahaha

    Microsoft are only dropping the price to reflect how inferior the console really is.

    The yanks should still buy the wii better console by far, but still not as technologically advanced as the PS3


    I sold my 360 to get the wii and kept the ps3.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    XBOX 360 has been cheaper than the Wii in the UK for months, out of date article !!!

    As another poster has already mentioned the base model XBOX 360 is already cheaper than the Wii in the UK. So far the cheaper price doesnt seem to have boosted sales, perhaps that may change come christmas. So doesnt that make this article a little out of date either that or America is behind the game.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    Multiple Consoles

    I've got an XBox and Wii (and PS2), and use them for diff things. The Wii is great for when the family's over, or the missus and I want a quick blast on a game vs each other - while the XBox is what I play on solo for the most part, if I'm up for a longer (more serious) session of gameplay.

    All consoles have their uses - my PS2 gets used as a DVD player with my TV (as my XBox is hooked up to my PC monitor), the Wii for partying or just having a laugh, and the XBox for some serious game time...

    Alien, cos that's what most hardcore console fans will probably think I am for liking ALL consoles and not just one of em.

  11. Andy Worth

    Re:Wii vs Xbox

    "And we've switched off the Xbox as it wasn't getting used unlike the Wii."

    You'll be the only one then. Well, not the only one but the majority of people I know with both consoles only bring out the Wii for parties or the like. For the record I don't own either, I have a PS3 but that is beside my point as I'm not making any comparisons along those lines (it is irrelevant to this story).

    The Wii is great fun for about 2 weeks from my experience. The controllers are not accurate enough, which gets frustrating to me, the games are a bit limited, mostly relying on the novelty value obtained by the different control options. Its appeal relies on it being seen as a good value "family" console. If the Xbox is significantly cheaper then it may just cause a few people to think twice when considering which console to buy.

    Unfortunately they are STILL pumping out various Mario clones which must be just about the most tired franchise in the world by now.

  12. Iain

    @Adam, re owning both.

    Different people like different games. My Wii gets played about a quarter as much as my 360. Flat statements that one is 'more fun to play' than the other are far too subjective.

  13. Alex Walsh

    Wrong photo?

    My 360 is pre the renaming to Arcade but I'm pretty sure it doesn't come with the HDD as your photo shows?

  14. Scott Hatton


    I'm waiting for news on the Xbox 360 Jasper chipset, specifically to see if the box ends up quieter. Supposed to out this month so maybe it's tied in with the price cut. What about in the UK/Europe?

    Would like the Xbox for viewing media from my NAS in the lounge... but not if it sounds like a hair dryer!

  15. Albert

    Looks like the holiday season has started

    This will buy Microsoft marketshare and I expect Sony will be more worried that Nintendo.

    Are there any figure out there on the sales for the different models of Xbox 360/PS3. There's 1 Wii, but different Xbox360 and PS3. What are people really buying.

    Also, anybody know if only having the Arcade with out a hard drive limits the games that can be played.

  16. Daniel Wilkie

    @Adam Buckland

    Horses for Courses... I see what you're saying, and I've played on both quite a lot, the PS3 as well. I personally prefer the games on the 360, you prefer the games on the Wii, and I know people who prefer the games on the PS3. I think most people will buy a console based on its games more than the price (I did).

    So no flames (and no zits, I have BEAUTIFUL skin :p), but a slight disagreement from me.

  17. Anonymous Coward

    What's it got?

    Wii has novelty, PS3 has graphics and processor. XBox stuck in the middle, no-mans-land.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that there's nothing on the XBox worth having, but there's *better* stuff on either rival, depending on what you're looking for.

    Flaming, for the oncoming firestorm, AC for obvious reasons!

  18. Robert Grant Silver badge

    Sales may rise...

    ...but presumably profits will fall. You can't hope for the same attach rate that hardcore gamers achieved from people who will only pay rock bottom prices for the console.

  19. Ed Jakeman
    Gates Halo

    Got both the Xbox and the Wii

    And WE'VE switched off the Wii. The Xbox plays games (especialy Civilization Revolution - the Wii version is somewhat lacking...) and Divx and MP3s all very well. The Wii is a toy that gets played occasionally if we're drunk.

    The Xbox is a bargain, has loads of games and is a great media centre. Of course it IS made by the evil Microsoft empire...

  20. NoOnions
    Gates Halo

    UK price cut?

    Well, I'm after a XBox 360 Premium or Elite but I'm not going to jump in until the price falls. There is no point in buying the Arcade as I want one with at least 60 GB HDD space. £150 for the Arcade is far too much. £150 for the Premium would be the sweet spot for me and I'd buy one right away. As a Wii and PC gamer I'm not going to be tempted until Microsoft treat the UK consumer to the price cuts they've given to the US and Japanese consumers (good job I'm not holding my breath!)

  21. Mike Groombridge
    Thumb Up

    @Got both the Wii and XBox

    Plus the WII has more educational kids games not just blood a gore so parents are more likly to buy it for kids.

    then again it has RESI 4 and house of the dead games so it's not all sweetness and light you can't beat abit of zombie killing

  22. Anonymous Coward

    Yeah, but, no, but.........

    I bought a Wii. It gathered lots of dust and I sold it. I bought an Xbox. It broke. I bought a PS3. It works, but I use it for BRD, and occasionally gamimg (about once a week). I find myself dragged back to my faithful old PC whenever I want a good gaming session. Simple. Consoles are fun, but overpriced and at the moment, a tad boring. It's all about novelty factor. And this wears off. And anyway, Microcock are planks if they think that it gonna thrust them into the top spot. Not enough people like thier crappy consoles.

  23. Gary Riches

    @Adam Buckland

    They may also argue they have friends but they aren't always able to come round in person.

    I do play my Wii whenever there is a party, it's a natural party machine. But the Xbox _with_ Xbox Live (it's worthless without) is also a very good machine for gaming... Just when other people aren't round your house.

    There are the odd exceptions: Scene It, Castle Crashers but they are few and far between.

  24. Liam

    @ Adam Buckland

    thats odd - our wii hasnt been used since before xmas!!! its a crappy little thing. its ok for kids and as a novelty but ive yet to find a decent proper game on it. wheras my ps3 is on most nights - we are currently playing the excellent ps1 game worms on it a lot lol... even the mrs loves worms :)

    im tempted to get a cheapy 360 due to M$ buying up games companies and limiting games coming out on the ps3...

  25. Jim Cosser

    Wii Vs Xbox

    Mmmm flames, I don't own an Xbox but it is more powerful and has a wider range of games. I don't know anyone who has owned a wii for more than 6 months who is still using it.

    They get Wii fever and then they get over it. Wow special controllers quirky games big whoop.

  26. Thomas Bottrill

    They're for different things

    I've always seen the Xbox 360 as the better console for traditional games, and the Wii as the better console for when you have a few people over.

  27. Dave Webb


    Strangely, I'm the opposite...

    I've got both, and I'm not popping a zit about the graphics either, just that I've not played my Wii for months now... simply nowt out there that excites me... I don't buy many games, one or two last me months, but I've had orange box and gta4 going for months now, and likely will have for a while yet...

    But yes, the 360 lists I believe at 159, so is a little cheaper than the wii over here, and given the recent dollar rises, I can't see a price drop soon, but MS have always been fairly decent with dollar pound prices, so may drop more before Christmas, mind you, I can see them all dropping alittle before Christmas, even Sony, despite insisting they won't....

  28. Filippo Silver badge

    @Adam - gotta agree

    Also, the ultra-cheap 360 has no HDD, which means no downloadable games/video/content/whatever, and no game patches. Given that console game makers are steadily going towards the regrettable PC way of "push it out, patch it later", that combined makes me view the basic 360 as a waste of money, even at that price. Casual gamers should just get a Wii, and hardcore gamers will hurt badly because of no HDD - better grit your teeth and go for a top-end 360 or a PS3. With the PS3's free online, one would make up the price difference (and then some) before the end of the lifecycle.

  29. Alexis Vallance


    You say 'we' switched off the XBox.

    I agree the Wii is more fun, but I find only really when there are a group of you over. It's a great party machine, but it's lacking when it comes to the 'traditional' single player games market.

    It's not as much fun playing on the Wii on your own, unless you're doing something wacky like 'Wii Fit'.

  30. Matt Martin

    Hang on a moment

    So converting from US price:

    (($200 / 1.78 ) * 1.10 ) * 1.175 = £145 of which Mr Brown takes £32 (10% Import duty, 17.5% VAT)

    Current UK price £149.99 @ Amazon.

    I need to sit down, UK consumers not being priced gouged for once.

  31. Secretgeek

    I do love my Xbox.

    But have to say that I really don't think this will steal away any sales from the Wii.

    It's not daft to own a Wii and a 360 or PS3, whereas it is a little daft IMHO to own a PS3 AND a 360. So you've got to guess that they are trying to entice those who previously haven't considered buying (i.e. the great unwashed) and those who are waivering over which console to get.

    My feeling is that the boost in sales in the short term will be minimal and whether it makes enough of a impact before PS3 do get around to their next price drop is also questionable.

    As always, time will tell.

  32. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Fire sale?

    Fire sale!!

  33. David
    Gates Halo

    @Anonymous Coward - What's it got?

    Erm?? Much better games?

    Wii = Novelty. I don't know a single gamer who plays it regularly single player.

    PS3 = Nice blu-ray player and nice graphics, shame about the controllers and the games.

    Xbox = The best controllers of any console (so important, but overlooked), lesser build quality, but (and this is the important one) much better games.

    Played them all, owned some of them, and the only one I would have is the Xbox.

  34. Andrew Dean
    Thumb Down


    I can only assume most Reg readers don't really have time for games, hence all the recurring PS3 love-ins. it's a lovely blu-ray player and its vastly over-inflated price makes it good "for I am considerably richer than you" willy waving for 30-something gadgets fans who don't really like games anyway, but umm, for actually playing games its rubbish. It's been consistently, empircally, proven technically inferior to the Xbox 360 (see the painful Eurogamer comparison series on their site), most of the exclusives have been mediocre to plain disastrous (Haze, Resistance, Heavenly Sword) with only the fantastic looking Little Big Planet offering any ray of light in the future. Why is anyone still buying it?

  35. Andy Barratt


    This price drop won't take that many sales away from the Wii. People want the Wii specifically for a purpose that the xbox can't offer.

    I'm not sure who will buy this, because even though someone in the article rightly states that sales go up once they've dropped below the $200 mark, this isn't the same circumstance.

    Its not the whole package. I'd wager the 360 is barely functional without a hard drive, so really you have to add another $100 to it.

    No casual gamer, who already owns a ps3 or wii, will be tempted necessarily by this price point, because they'd want a model with a HD.

    That surely only leaves ignorant parents who couldn't afford an xbox before even though their kids desperately wanted one. I say ignorant, because they won't realise it's crippled until their kids hit them up for the price of a HD inside a week of them owning the xbox.

  36. Will

    Multi Genre

    I own all the current generation consoles. For my top pick i give it to the PS3. It has much more life left in it, unlike the other 2. The PS3 will pull ahead of the others in terms of "gaming" within the 60-90% of the generational cycle.

    For those who enjoy the 360. Great, so do i. Not much though. Game are good, but has already hit it's top of production run (spec. driven).

    For those who want a "real" game for the Wii. Well. It doesn't exist. Get Mario Sunshine or Pikmen from the GameCube and use them on the Wii. Great games for all of use who are no longer in single digit life zones. Although...with a few drinks....the kids games are fun.

    For all the others, or actual gamers (console gaming is now casual gaming) go for a PC. Total choice, total power. Total gaming.

    Although console gaming is my true love. For actual gaming....i use a PC. The line was good prior to the last not. For all the wrong reasons.


    PGL-SGL AlphaNumerical (nVidia).MetaCritic.EA.Valve Corp.Nintendo(JP)

  37. paul
    Gates Horns


    The problem with the xbox , is that its made by microsoft. They do not like competition in any area. You dont see Sony having a price war with Samsung over tvs.

    Whilst a price drop may seem good in the short term. Long term when m$ have total control over everything electronic, things wont be so cheap then.

    (Note not that Sony are that much better - but M$ are as bad as news corp)

  38. Anonymous Coward

    Just get a PS3. (Really, i'm not a fanboy!!)

    I bought a Wii, very disappointed with the limited amount of good games. Sold it for a small profit.

    Bought a 360 because everyone raved about it, it was OK (but expensive when you have to pay to play online and HDD is very small and fills quickly). When it finally failed after only 3 months, the retailer took it back for a full refund (Argos), phew. Got a PS3 instead. Best move I ever made. It's got some fantastic games (slight smaller selection than 360, because it launched later, but less crap games, more quality titles). The best bit is it's super quiet, and very slick to use. I constantly find new tricks it can do. The Blu-ray movie playback is simply stunning, and if I were non-gamer, the PS3 would be a essential purchase for this alone!

    There is alot of PS3 bashing going on, mainly because, I think 360 owners know deep down the 360 is the inferior console, that's hanging in there by the skin of it's teeth due to a few more games, and a bigger more fanatical XBL community.

    If anyone asks, I send them PS3 way, it's the only logical choice, and I havn't heard any complaints!

  39. Matt
    Thumb Up

    Good single player wii games

    I have a wii and a 360 - they offer the best of both worlds. But I'm surprised about the lack of awareness of good single player games on the wii. super mario galaxy is probably one of the greatest games ever. there aren't a lot of other quality single player games, but no more heroes, zack and wiki, wario land shake, zelda, okami, etc all offer excellent game play.

  40. Rachel

    Wii and xbox

    Between my friends next door, my roommates, and I, we own pretty much every game system ever made except the PS3 (and yes, this goes all the way back to SNES and Sega Dreamcast). As far as the Wii vs. 360 debate goes, it really depends on what you'll use it for. With the exception of Twilight Princess, there are NO good single-player games for the Wii, but it's loads of fun to play with other people. The 360 has some of my favorite single-player games ever, but it's got nothing good for more than two players - even for something like Halo, 1/4 of the screen is just too small to see very easily. As far as I'm concerned, the PS3 has no good games you can't get on other consoles and therefore is only good for inexpensive supercomputer parts.

  41. KnownCoward

    Fanning the flames since '69

    Isn't it amazing how any console articles comment section degenrates into a pissing contest? I've played all the consoles heaps (got 'em all too except a 360), and in general:-

    Controller: Wii=PC>PS3>360

    Gfx: PC>PS3=360>Wii

    Online: 360>PS3=PC>Wii

    Other Uses (Highly subjective I know): PC>PS3>Wii=360


    But! Ultimately it depends on the games you want to play:

    FPS: PC>PS3=360>Wii (Yes there ARE Wii FPS's)

    Platformer: Wii>360=PS3>PC

    Adventure: PC=Wii>PS3=360

    Casual: PC=Wii>360>PS3

    Party: Wii>PC=360=PS3


    Flames because absolutely no one will agree with my orderings above and I expect to take a LOT of flack from the fanbois/fangurls of all four camps.

  42. Luke Wells

    Boring comments

    Oh for god sake, why can't the register have an article on console games system's without everyone in here getting into a "my PS3 is better than your xbox" argument?

    My colecovision is better than your ps3! so neeeer

  43. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    You openly admit you don't have a PS3, so don't try and tell that "As far as I'm concerned, the PS3 has no good games you can't get on other consoles"

    I can give you a huge list of titles you can't get on any other platform. The reality is, if you have a PC and a PS3, you have the best coverage of all, as pretty much all the 360 "exclusives" are also on PC anyway. If you look at the big games this season, there are plenty more desirable games on PS3, than 360 (which has basically Gears 1.5 and that's it).

  44. Anonymous Coward

    I tried all three...

    but then I got a life. It's amazing, this "life" has better graphics, the controller's not bad, and as for the realism...

    But then I got bored and traded it in for a DS.

  45. Paul Talbot

    You've got to love it...

    ...someone comes in says they use the Wii more, then all the fanboys jump in to protect their precious 360s...

    It's a personal thing. Some people like the physical multiplayer focus and exclusives (Mario, Zelda, Metroid, RE:UC), that the Wii has or prefer the control system. Others want online play, HD graphics and certain games (GTA, etc.). For me, I play on both equally but the Wii definitely gets more action when I have friends over.

    Your opinion and mileage will vary and most people will play more on one console that another. End of story. Can the fanboys threatened by the Wii's success shut up and leave the issue alone now please?

  46. Steven Knox

    The Problem With Focus Groups and Target Marketing...

    is evidenced quite nicely in the posts here.

    Sony and MS focused on the target market that they see, the ones who will waste their time in focus groups and posting comments to articles like these: the "serious gamers" (an oxymoron if ever there was one!)

    Nintendo decided to generalize their console to give it mass market appeal, and it's worked. Yet still the "serious gamers" decry the Wii and fill fora with reasons why their favorite console will beat it in the end. Why? Because they've fallen into the same trap Sony and MS did: they've come to believe that perfomance and realism and immersion are what make a game great, when all it actually takes is a little fun.

  47. James Pickett


    The difference is that Nintendo makes a profit on the Wii, and always has done.

  48. StopthePropaganda

    I've already got a wii but for $200

    I wouldn't mind getting in to some of those Xbox only titles. Though unlike the Wii, you gotta shell out extra for wifi, which puts the new version at the same price as an already-loaded wii.

    Hopefully the drives can be upgraded in this new model?

  49. StopthePropaganda
    Thumb Up

    @ Liam-there's Worms for the Wii too

    and the graphics are much better than the PS1 version. I have that as well and it's hard to identify weapons on screen when I play it on the PS2. Worms: a Space Oddity for the Wii is fun old school invertebrate squashing and has only one serious problem-it doesn't have enough weapons.

    But, you do get to use the wiimote to lob grenades, and you get to set off weapons by holding the controller like the detonator plunger from an Acme cartoon and pushing downward.

    Worms World party for the PC was still the best. And we shall not mention the strange stepchildren to the franchise that Worms: Forts and Worms 3D are.

  50. Andrew Norton

    Wi and 360

    I have a Wii, use it almost every day. Mainly, I play wii sports (I play for beating frustration, and exercise) Friend has had a 360 since they came out. We took our wii up there and (friend+wife) wanted one. They finally found one, and also got wii fit.

    The Wii gets used every day in their house, both fit and sports. Their 360 mainly gets relegated to a rare game of assasins creed, or GTAIV, it's main use now is for when we come to visit, to get drunk and play rockband.

    Of course, I also had a gamecube, so I had games for that. I also have kids (4, 6 and 11) so the Wii's also better for them. Before this, my last console was a Playstation, bought in early 96, and before that, a gamegear.

    I know I'm not the core demographic - I like innovationa nd gameplay, so thats FPS games right out (they've not really moved on since half life or Quake). My favourite game is GalCiv2. But yes, if you're of the 15-25 male group, with a short attention span, then yes, the Wii won't be played much, it's not a system based around graphics.

    Ctrl+alt+Del has the xbox owner pegged just right with Ethan. A shallow immature young male, easily distracted by the 'next big hype'.

    Must dash to the wii though, I'm late for a game against brokep...

  51. bluesxman
    Thumb Down

    RE: Boring comments


    I mean seconded.

    In other news, I'd also like to call for a moratorium on the use of the popular (but shit) spelling of the term "fanboi(s)".

    Reasoning: It's shit and I hate it, and all who use it. :P

  52. Neil
    Thumb Up

    straight to the point

    "Team ICO", thats all i want to say.

  53. Iain

    @"Team ICO"

    "Produce one game every 5 years" is what I want to say to that. It's not much of an argument to sway you one way or the other, no matter how pretty (in stills; the framerate is painful) Shadow Of The Colossus was.

  54. alex d
    Gates Horns


    The Wii costs pennies to make. It's just one SoC. It has about as much power as an Xbox 1, from seven (7!!) years ago. And costs now as much as the xbox 1 did back then!!! HAHAHA. Nintendo is rolling in dough.

  55. Mad Hacker

    Correction to "[the Wii] has about as much power as an Xbox 1"

    alex d states:

    The Wii costs pennies to make. It's just one SoC. It has about as much power as an Xbox 1...

    I beg to differ. My XBOX 1 was able to do 720p and 1080i on several games. So I contend the Wii has much less power then the first generation XBOX. Your other comments are still relevant.

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