back to article Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 to land next month

Sony Ericsson has overcome most of the problems it encountered attempting to run Windows Mobile 6.1 on its upcoming Xperia X1 handset and has set a firm release date for the phone. Sony Ericsson Xperia 1 Sony Ericsson's Xperia X1: coming to the UK next month At a London press conference yesterday, an SE spokesman told …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    @that video playback is still “slightly jerky”

    Here we go again. Has anyone pre-registered


  2. Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse

    The jerkiness might not be anything to do with the phone...

    But that the SE spokesman was just a bit nervous presenting in front of the audience.

  3. Jim Coleman

    Ah but...

    ...will it beat the Touch Pro? Been using one of those babies for a while now and it's awesome. I've not seen any features in the X1 that the Touch Pro doesn't have. The X1 may have a 3.5mm jack but I use bluetooth headphones anyway, and the extra resolution of the X1's screen makes the dot pitch smaller, and believe me, on the Touch Pro the dot pitch is minuscule enough as it is. The Touch Pro's keyboard is a lot sweeter too, with a full five rows of keys that are very responsive. The Touch Pro is a fair bit cheaper too at £440+vat.

  4. Lol Whibley
    Thumb Up

    @ Jim

    you seem to be doing a good job of selling the htc version of the x1 to us.. the X1 s essentially a mod of the Touch Pro, both on an interface level and a software front.. still, i'd like to see facewarp on that hi-res screen..

    If only a decent network carrier would put it on a decent plan..

  5. Richard
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    Wot no Android?

    Nice hardware shame about the Winblows OS ;-{

    Since having a Samsung Blackjack with WM 6.0 I have found out why it has a removable battery .. to reset the fscking thing !!

    Its the software which turns these smarthardwarephones in to dumbsoftwarephones. Oh for Android or iPhone OS.

  6. Kerry Hoskin

    who's going to carry the phone?

    any ideas of which operators are going to carry the phone?

  7. Jim Coleman


    T-mobile's web'n'walk does me nicely at £7.50 per month for all-you-can-eat bandwidth and I'm mostly getting HSDPA speeds. Haven't bumped into the "Fair Use" limits yet.

    For all the automated updates I've set up, you need a decent data plan for sure.

    Email, RSS feeds, GPS optimizations, Weather updates, MSN Messenger, TomTom Traffic updates, all need that bandwidth.

    Incidentally, the X1 is entirely different hardware to the Touch Pro. Initial reports from those who've had hands on with both report the X1's keyboard sucks. Also the X1's panel interface appears to be just a sexy apps launcher (this remains to be seen). Touch Flo 3D goes a lot deeper and gives finger control, flick scrolling and zooming to most apps, even third party ones.

    I gave up waiting for the X1 and thus far I'm not disappointed. Opera is so sweet, I'm using the "full fat" Facebook with no issues at all. iPhone users at work have stopped trying to show me their phones because they feel embarrassed.

  8. Paul Gamble

    There is a fair difference

    Although the X1 is being built by HTC, it was designed and specified from the ground up by SE. It therefore uses SE cameras and screens etc ... this should provide still and video along the lines of an N95 - much better than the toy town stuff on other HTC devices ... which is a huge difference - I currently have a TyTNII and N95-2 ... it will be nice to lose the latter.

    Also .. whilst I agree about the pitch, VGA often provides little real extra screen estate than qvga - it just looks prettier. WVGA provides utilised extra estate for apps - I noticed this on the G900 ... so it is far far more practical the VGA.

    I too have BT Stereo ... but having a real headphone socket is great.

    The manual for the X1 also said it had proper hardware GFX acceleration that was exploited. It may well be that it isn't optimised at the moment but at least we shouldn't have the nightmare we had with the TyTN II where HTC refused to develop the drivers for the embedded hardware.

    My hope if that the display is decent in outside light. The TyTN and TyTN II weren't great and the G900 was a disaster in this area.

    Other things ... I suspect the radio will be at least of the spec in other SE devices like the T650i my wife has. The N95 one is unusable ... I suspect this will be much better than HTC designed gear.

    I'm sure there is more ... but ... I think it more than differentiates itself from the pro ...


  9. Jim Coleman

    @ Paul Gamble

    I haven't noticed any problems with graphics - videos seem to display just fine.

    I disagree about the comparison between QVGA and the Touch Pro's VGA screen. Although they're the same physical size, you can zoom out a lot further on a VGA screen and, assuming you have good vision, you can still read the text even when it's tiny. With the screen on its side, I can just about read most websites without zooming in at all, something that's impossible with QVGA resolutions. The VGA screen was one of the main reasons I upgraded from my QVGA-equipped TyTN, and I'm loving it, especially when using Excel. The other main reason was so I could ditch my old Tomtom satnav and use my phone, which now performs the dual functions of satnav and mp3 player in my car, allowing the spoken instructions to overlay the music coming out my car's speakers. I bought HTC's USB adaptor for this, which allows me to plug in a headphone connector and car charger at the same time.

    I'm not sure how apps will utilize the extra width of the X1's WVGA display, but I do know that the dot pitch is smaller, which means that unless you have superhuman vision you will have to zoom in a bit to be able to read web page text, which kinda negates the extra screen real estate a bit. The Pro has more memory too, which is always useful.

  10. Marinos Panayi
    IT Angle

    Which networks?

    Anyone know which mobile networks will be carrying the X1?

  11. cmantito


    It's a shame it's running WM on it. I've owned mostly Sony Ericsson's to this point as far as phones go, even their UIQ phones. The UIQ phones didn't impress me much, but honestly, no smartphone does at all right now. This looked like it could've impressed me, but it's running WM and I can't have that, WM pisses me off too much.

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