back to article Thailand clamps down on rude websites

Thai authorities have reportedly moved to shut down hundreds of websites they view as a threat to national security, amid ongoing civil unrest in Bangkok. Court orders have been issued against 400 websites, 344 of which have been deemed insulting to the Thai royal family, The Bangkok Post reports. Two others displayed " …


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  1. kain preacher


    Drugs, and child prostitution are no biggie. Show some ass on the net and get shut down.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Happy to report...... problems yet down here in the South.....

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Fortunately is still up but I suppose it's only a matter of time.

    With a name like, Bhumibol you'd have thought it'd be hard not to upset him;).

    Paris, because she's most probably banned in Bangkok now.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    The King of Thailand is an ass

    remove this - if you dare :)

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    At some point

    should get round to listing all government IP numbers and just blocking them.

    That's the solution really, one internet for the people and one internet severly diminished for all governments, what they cannot see, cannot hurt them.

    Sure they could try and wander around for some public terminal or go over to a friend's pad, but you know the extra effort will be too great, and of course if you block using a redirect they may never even be suspicious. They will just think, this internet what a bland place.

    That's the thing we haven't really explored yet, the internet is not broadcast it can be so more finely tuned than that. There is dark net, but really what you want to do is stop the oppresors having access, but allow the public in, darknet setups are too complicated for most.

    Encryption should probably always be used now, because of things like phorm which is pain, but as long as bandwidth keeps increasing shouldn't be a problem. What we really need is to remove all regulatory bodys from the internet, and let it just be a technical free for all, that way we can use mathematics, and trust those who we want to trust. It is sort of that way at the moment, but the ISPs are becoming too regulated.

    So, what I propose is mesh fibring, we keep an eye on the cost of optical cable and optical routers, when the price is right we all set up nodes on the edge of our properties or businesses, we then connect to all adjacent, forming a highly integrated set of of networks, as the networks start to mesh together we start to cover the entire UK, but of course no one controls everything and we use dynamic routing to get around dropped nodes. I would guess in about a year we would have a network that spanned the UK, and there would be access points to the existing network, littered about as well.

    Instead of a world wide approach to commerce and business we start to localize the markets again, offering a quick way to buy goods and be able to pick them up as well; each village, town or city, could have multiple hubs and of course each node would be able to serve up what it liked as well. Freeing up the retail space for housing.

    It would be virtually impossible for a central body to bring down a particular node, but locally you would have more clout, if people next door didn't connect to your router then you would be forced to use perhaps radio transmission, so there is a bonus in keeping in with people around you. Which would eventually bring about world peace.

    The domain system could be made local, so if you have a great name for a website, then with no domain postfix it would hunt for the local one first, then move to the next geographical area widening out in an archimedean spiral. This would allow people more access to things relevant to them and to more relevant markets.

    Well the list of ideas goes on and on, but the gist is we need to keep growing the networks, offering more complicated but accessible ways for people to interface with it. Keeping ourselves many steps ahead of any government, and creating positions where they cannot affect the flow of information, and we have more individual control.

  6. Dominic Kua
    Thumb Up

    To be fair though

    Coups are pretty much a tradition in Thailand now, They can't get rid of the biannual coup, what would people talk about?

    And anyway, porn on the net's an easy target, every government loves it both to use and to vilify.

    (C) Google as this was written on Chrome.

  7. Zmodem


    what about the shemales

  8. Anonymous Coward


    They wouldn't remove it, they would just ask the ISP to block The Register.

    Doesn't matter if they did block it anyway...I can still access from the office as our internet pop is in Sweden and routed across the internal network, so when they blocked You Tube, us here in the office could still access it :)

    Problem here is non of the ministers know anything about there respective ministries (there just on the take or trying to get Thaksin off the hook). So they think blocking websites is the solution.

    Normally they accuse the people of being to stupid to understand the decisions of government, in this case its the other way around

  9. Anonymous Coward

    careless talk.....

    humm.... bad mouthing the thai king gets you 70 years in sing sing

    Mines the one without black and white strips

  10. Big Al


    It's very easy to underestimate (and therefore mock) the reverence in which the Thai monarchy is held by most of the populace - I think it was only the present king's grandfather who gently broke the news to his people that he was not, as previously believed, a divinity... a message which has still not really been digested in much of the country!

    Just because we Brits don't take our royals very seriously any more doesn't mean that everyone else feels the same.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ AC (Continued)

    I forgot to mention too, that in fact the King doesn't approve of the articles in the constitution that put the Thai Monarchy above the law and don't allow any critism.

    He himself has stated that if critism is not allowed then how can he know if what he has done is right or wrong (this was also an attack on Thaksin at the time, who was using the "Lese Majesty" law to silence critics).

    It is solely the government that produces the site block lists and so any reference to the King requesting that they are blocked is factually incorrect.

    Big Al makes an important statement, the UK monarchy is a bit of a joke (they could do a lot to change that image). However the Thai Monarchy (particularly the King and his eldest daughter), do much work for the people and hence are held in such high esteem. The exception is if you talk about the successor to the King...everyone dislikes him and worries about what will happen once the current King is no longer with us.......theres even been discussion of amending the succession rules so the princess can ascend to the throne instead.

  12. Andy Worth

    Re:The King of Thailand is an ass they'll block the Reg too. Nice one doofus..... ;)

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    The Best King Of Thailand

    Was Yul Bryner, and there was definitely nothing 'Shemale' about him.

    Paris, because IT seems to be a growing problem, or should that be growth

  14. OldDogNewWalk
    Thumb Up

    @AC......At Some Point


    Community owned RB-WAN

    Needs a bit more thinking about but I reckon it could be made to work.

    Any red hot system nerds out there who want to refine the details a bit?

    If a workable system can be arranged I'm up for it.

  15. Bad Max

    @AC (At Some Point ...)

    AC for president! No, King! Okay, local councillor then!

    (AC, come out of that anonymous closet, pls?)

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @the best king of Thailand

    Yul Bryner - wasn't he the lead singer for 'Right Said Fred' - a straight,upstanding boyband of undisputed talent ?

    Where's the 'mock the xxx' icon ?

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ AC Wednesday 3rd Sep 16:56

    In light of recent events with Gary McKinnon, I hope that you have made inquiries as to whether or not an extradition arrangement is in place with Thailand.

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Basic Human Right

    To mock.

    Even if the mockee is a decent fellow, or even if they actually are divine --- doesn't make them jokeproof.

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