back to article Sainsbury's and HP buddy up on recycling jamboree

HP and supermarket giant Sainsbury’s are asking Londoners to recycle IT kit they no longer use. Both firms want people to bring neglected desktops, laptops, fax machines, scanners and printers to Sainsbury’s Nine Elms store in Vauxhall, London this Saturday (6 September) between 11am and 4pm for recycling purposes. HP said it …


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  1. Steve

    And yet HP still provide throw away printers

    If they're so green, why do they make printers which are cheaper to throw away than to buy new cartridges for, and why do they produce printers built to last 12-18 months.

  2. Danny
    IT Angle

    HP Green???????

    So why do our servers arrive in 18 different boxes? Mind you that doesn't beat them sending a single mouse on a pallet

  3. Geraint Jones

    @ Steve

    So they can pick them back up in 12-18 months from Sainsbury's, fix 'em up and get the kudos for passing them on to charity/break them down and sell the raw materials ;)

    Mine's the one made from recycled plastic...

  4. Pete Silver badge

    or you could give it away, yourself

    Most areas have a "freecycle" email group, for stuff that you no longer want, but other people might be able to use. Why not put your old computing kit (and pretty much anything else) up for grabs on that, and save your neighbours the trouble of having to buy new HP kit?

  5. David Perry

    @ Steve

    Theory says if you take printing seriously it's probably safer to spend more money on a printer that'll last - e.g. one of those big ass laserjets. I have a 3 year old HP Photosmart at home, doesn't get a lot of use admittedly and has only needed two cartirdges changing in that time, but it gets looked after, moved with care and a wipe down every now and again.

    On another note, having just arranged a UPS changeover for a client, I'd have loved the chance to have been able to have the old one given a FREE WEEE-compliant disposal (having said that, I'm assuming it's WEEE compliant process as I don't remember seeing the word in the article).

  6. Geraint Jones

    @ Pete

    Sitting here on a chair I got from freecycle, staring at a monitor procured from said service, in the process of trying to fix a TFT I also got from the same place.

    I give as good as I get, mind. Freecycle is a fantastic little idea, everyone should give it a go!

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Since reducing should come before recycling, maybe HP could somehow oragnise their distribution system so that their OfficeJet K5400 printer comes with only the mains cable for the country it's sold in rather than a total of four - UK, US, European and South African.

    It would be handy if this service came to my local Sainsbo's but until then maybe I'll check out this freecycling lark.

  8. Peter

    Better than nothing?

    However, a day at a store smacks of a stretch.

    For those so motivated to look further:

    And if you know of any to add an IT section here that would be nifty:

    Plus any more for here:

  9. John

    I still have HP hardware

    If I could get a PSU for the computer I'd still use it, and if they still sold bits to fix the printers up I'd do that too. Overall they've been pretty good and lasted a fair few years. The P200 3240 Pavilion started me off with Windows and other nonsense. It was either buy that, or do a 2 day course, costing the same amount (£1000).

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