back to article Getac B300 rugged laptop

This laptop is squarely aimed at those who find themselves biding their time waiting for a Sahara sandstorm to pass, or need to check email while hanging upside down from an offshore oil rig. The first impression is that this thing looks like it should come with handcuffs, like one of those top secret briefcases only seen in …


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  1. Arnold Lieberman


    I think mine could do with this one. Nothing more scary than watching Number One Son wander around the (lamiinate floored) house holding a laptop with the wifi (pcmcia) card pointing downwards. This one might be too heavy to carry, as well as being resistant to the occasional drop...

  2. Iain

    How hard?

    Ok, PC Mark tests are ok, but does it do what is says on the tin? Has your tester taken it to Siberia and left it in the snow for a week? Have you buried it in the sand for a month then dug it up and used it to positively kill every mfkr in the room (oh, sorry thats the AK47)? Have you dropped it in the bath (not at the same time as you, that would be suicidal)? And finally, have you had it sat on by a fat estate agent from Chatham on the 08:15 to Kings Cross?

  3. Andraž Levstik


    Dear mr Santa... I'd like one Getac B300 and E100 TYVM

  4. Anonymous Coward


    Yeah, but imagine what this thing could do to your laminate floor if number one son dropped it! ;)

  5. Carl Williams
    Thumb Up

    Panasonic Clone

    Looks like the Panasonic CF series to me, we have a lot of them here at work due to the industry we are in and they are indeed very hardy and if this machine is in fact a re-badged clone which it certainly looks like, it should also be good at what it does. As a normal laptop though don't bother, they are slow and very clunky to use.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What about the important tests?

    Is it proofed against

    * marmalade in the usb port (small child)

    * coffee on the screen (reading el Reg)

    * paperclip in the network port (slightly larger small child)

    * the cat using it as a warm sleepy place

    * beaten with a wooden spoon (very small child)

  7. Pyros


    I've fooled around with a Panasonic Toughbook before, so I know where I'm coming from when I say that you'll want to not bother with the optionals except for the second battery. Laptops just *love* to suck the life out of your batteries.

    Take it or leave it; it's just too expensive compared to a 900$ Toughbook.

  8. Anonymous Coward
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    Hard disk

    It sounds like it's got an ordinary hard disk. Wouldn't a SSD be more rugged?

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Very nice, but...

    for that sort of money you could buy three or four standard ones, and replace your lappy every year when it gets trashed.

    I bet it wouldn't survive the abuse I saw one laptop receive, it was an architect's Tosh Libretto (ancient Eee-pc alike) that had a trowel's worth of wet plaster, along with the trowel, dropped on it from about 20 ft overhead. I don't think it worked too well after that...

  10. rhydian

    @AC1 and AC2

    "It sounds like it's got an ordinary hard disk. Wouldn't a SSD be more rugged?"

    That might be the case, but a lot of this kit is designed to work with datalogging equipment etc. which probably works better with older H/W (hence the serial ports)

    "for that sort of money you could buy three or four standard ones, and replace your lappy every year when it gets trashed."

    Picture the scene, your in your tent in the arctic wastes, and your cheap laptop gives up the ghost. Who's going to courier you a replacement?

    Another possible reason for using the case as a heatsink might be to keep the batteries warm and prolong battery life.

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