back to article Nokia starts to ship N96

Nokia may have said in the past that its N96 flagship multimedia phone would arrive here in October, but it announced today that the N95 follow-up has begun shipping. Nokia N96 Nokia's N96: N95 successor leaving the factory as we speak There's no contradiction. Shipping from Nokia's assembly plants and arriving on shop …


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  1. Paul

    DVB-H? what's that?

  2. Emo
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    Just in time for me to upgrade my N95 :)

  3. Anonymous Coward
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    Not surprised

    Probably brought in early to calm the N95 8GB owners whose phones are failing. I'm on my second, after two failed repair attempts in the last month. Let's see if this one lasts longer than 3 months... Maybe they'll give me an N96 to replace it when it goes wrong.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ DVB-H? what's that?

    Actually it's the standard for handheld digital tv. Your link seemed more concerned with audio. Think DVB-T or DVB-S (satellite) more than DAB.

  5. mario
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    nokia e71.

    is the only phone that makes sense.

  6. Marc

    it's just an N95 with rounded edges

    Come on it's just an N95 with rounded edges, can't believe it's taken them over a year to come up with that. As for the DVB-H, there's no broadcasts in the UK, so is effectively useless.

    Jump off the nokia ship and head for the samsung i8510, a mcuh more stylish s60 phone, with all the features + 8mp camera.

  7. Brian Miller


    Unfortunately i have to wait a year or so before my next upgrade, but it seems like nokia have listened to what people are wanting.

    It is just a shame that they never made a phone that could stream from stage6 while it existed.

    I temporarily saw a beautiful future for entertainment on the move. Then it was snatched away.

    Let's face it, stage6 was the brightest possible future. Now we have kontiki and 4OD and iPlayer. gee....

    Anyway. Nice feature set on this baby.

    Imagine carrying around 48GB (16 internal + 32 on card) of flash in your pocket. Who needs an eeePC.

    I think that someone should start manufacturing phone docking stations that have a 7-10" screen, usable keyboard + mouse, and a charger built in. Plug in the phone for browsing/email etc. save from having to carry loads of crap around.

    Sell them to cafes, individuals, trains. then you only have to take your tiny pocket friendly phone everywhere, and plug in at the place you are travelling in/to.

  8. Anonymous Coward
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    And how much DVB-H content is there

    I dont know about you lot, but most of the mobile providers I've tried have horrid content.

    Pay £2 to watch a blurry small square video of something that lasts 30 seconds and is riddled with compression artifacts. Is DVB-H going to be broadcast from the TV studios or by the mobile network provider? If its the latter then I see no point in DVB-H at all.

    Still something the little apple fart boys can bitch about not having for a while.

  9. John Rawstron
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    Too Late Is Already Dead In The Water

    A few months ago I was really looking forward to this getting released but after a series of delays as well as the useless TV Tuner function it has kinda put me off.

    I know it has the large screen & whopping storage but when I done comparisons against the 8gb N95, the N95 got a better write up.

    Now that Nokia have announced the N85 & N79 which has the new OLED screen & lens cover & increased battery life. I reckon that they shuld just scrap the N96 & push the sale of the N85 / N79.

    Now that there are more 8mp phones coming to light like the Samsung I8510 & SE C905, not to mention the newly announced LG KC910 which like the Viewty will record straight to Divx at 640x480 at 30 fps.

    O2 have already stated that they won't be stocking the handset, which will no doubt increase the cost for it on other networks.

    Nokia really need to pull something special from their hats & I don't honestly think that the N96 would do justice even if offered for free on certain tariffs.

  10. Lloyd
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    Way too Late

    I was going to get one but they've spent so long delaying the damn thing that I've now got an iPhone, sorry Nokia but you've let me down 1 too many times.

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