back to article Google's Austro-Hungarian ambitions laid bare

Our shock revelation yesterday that Google had redrawn the map of Europe to apparently cede several European nations to a Greater Germany provoked a flurry of comments suggesting what on God's Green Earth the search monolith was up to: Map from Google Chrome guide showing Austria, Belgium, Denmark and Holland as part of …


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  1. Andrew

    It's worse than we thought...

    V1-3 were all rockets. Clearly V8's a top secret chrome plated super rocket. I never did trust those Danes...

    Me, getting my coat before I hide under the table.

  2. Paul Kinlan


    Denmark - shmenmark.....

    They are both pointing to Iceland!

  3. Lars

    @It's worse than we thought...

    AS a Dane i can say that we are entierrly trustworthy. Our V8 super rockets do not excist and they are not only just awiating and refuling nor waiting for the Danish flags to be painted on.... nope not at all.

    Lars the "trustworthy" Dane

    *Flame for the not setting the world on that we never paln on doing next saturday at around teatime.*

  4. Peter Ford

    Actually ...

    V3 wasn't a rocket, it was a f***-off big gun capable of shelling southern England from somewhere in occupied France. A bit like the "supergun" British engineers were accused of trying to sell to Iraq some years ago.

    I believe the Dambusters fixed the V3 plan, but I may be wrong there...

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I for one ...

    ... welcome our new Viking overlords. Can't be worse than the current dimwits in charge here in Germany ...

  6. Mark Burgum
    Thumb Down


    I think the V3 was a super gun

  7. Chris


    Would the Nazis have been more or less reviled if they had annexed large portions of Eastern Europe for "loving space" rather than the "living space" (Lebensraum) they actually _were_ after?

    I'm not sure legions of Volksbeast-with-two-backs would have been any more welcome myself...

  8. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: "Liebensraum"?

    Heh. My German just gets worse. Fixed.

    I wouldn't usually let this through but I just like the idea of 'loving space' too much.

  9. Aieie Brazo
    Thumb Up

    Great news for Italy

    Wow! No need for a Sicily and rest of Italy bridge! A lot of public money saved. Thanks google.

  10. Daniel
    Jobs Horns

    hey Sarah

    any time you want to visit my "loving space", just pop round. Just don't forget the jacH^H^Hthighboots.

  11. Miguel Farah

    Hey! Russia is invading Finland!

    ¿Why else would their borderline be broken?

    So, how much until Denmark and Russia partition Poland?

  12. eurobloke

    @Miguel Farah

    Russia hasn't invaded Finland, as it shows the Moscow Armistice border, bar the port of Porkkala that Finalnd got back in 1956.

    Mine is the one with the Suomen Passi in one pocket

  13. Levente Szileszky

    No problem but then don't forget to revert 1920 Treaty of Trianon completely... we can get back the 75% cut off Magna Hungarica... :)

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Perhaps it's all Hegelian: Herrschaft, Knechtschaft, und Camschaft.

  15. Eric Olson


    You're related to Samantha Bee from the Daily Show here in the States, aren't you. Or maybe she's your long-lost Canadian sister?

  16. michael


    "You're related to Samantha Bee from the Daily Show here in the States, aren't you. Or maybe she's your long-lost Canadian sister?"

    sara is not related to anyboady she is a travler form another dimnson sent to save the world from the lizzardman army and there leagion of mechenes and she got a job at el reg cos it was good cover and alowed her to keep up to date on events with their top class reporting

  17. Steven H Taylor

    What makes you think Britain is spared?

    Without colours it's impossible to tell from this map whether the UK remains a sovereign state. Perhaps it too is ceded to Great Denmark.

    By the way, the name is written as Habsburg.

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    V8's are mute

    As Time Trumpet tells us, Tesco is about to invade Denmark. The V8's will be of no use against the Extra Value Tripods o' Doom.

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