back to article Reg launches Chrome-o-drome

It's got to be the most exciting event in science since Thomas Edison electrocuted elephants in order to try and discredit Nikola Tesla! It's like finding a Cornish-speaking Flores Hobbit nurturing a Higgs boson particle behind an invisible garden shed! It's [get on with it - Ed]... Yes, it's Chrome, the browser by Google, and …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    An unrelated remark comes to mind ....

    As bikers are fond of saying, and it seems to apply more and more as information trickles in ....

    "Chrome don't get you home"

    Mine's the leather one with the elbow protectors ....

  2. Tim Spence
    Thumb Down

    It lasted...

    ...just 6 hours for me, and it's uninstalled already. It took longer to bring up pages than Firefox does (seems to sit there saying "Resolving proxy..." for ages after clicking a link), and it seemed to have a weird rendering issue with a web app at work. Plus I miss my addons.

    Other than that though, I quite liked it, and might try it again when it's not so beta.

  3. Jonathan McColl

    When in Chrome ...

    ... do what you like whether the Chromans do or not.

    Mine's the one with a googol of punes (or plays on words) up the sleeve ...

  4. robert

    Passes Acid 3 but....

    Misses the point of the acid 3 test - most people know that it is about encouraging semantic markup which is rendered the same regardless of platform - each browser rendering the same way if correct semantic markup is used. If all browsers render the code the same way we would certainly use semantic code.

    So why use semantic markup - machines can read it, and so can screen-readers that interpret it for blind users. This leads me on to my main point about why chrome misses the point of acid 3 - it all very well to render according to standards but what is the point of a browser that advocates standards but cannot be used with a screen-reader!! sums up why it cannot be used by blind people.

  5. Alan Donaly

    I want to go on record

    as saying this chrome thing is one of the worst ideas Google has ever come up with it's going to make Orkut look brilliant by comparison.

  6. Jason Togneri
    Dead Vulture


    Oh, El Reg, how you disappoint. After "mobe" I was expecting something invigorating, like "Chromosphere".

  7. Herby

    An old saying for "Show Vehicles"

    "If it don't go, Chrome It".

    Might apply here (different meanings for words, but the effect is the same).

  8. Neoc

    Here we go:

    "Chrome, Chrome on the range..."

    "Chrome is where the heart is"

    "Conan says: Chrome knows what you think"

    "Google is trying for a Chrome-run"

    I think I'll stop now - *I* want to hurt me.

  9. Anonymous Coward


    "Other than that though, I quite liked it, and might try it again when it's not so beta."

    well that'll be 2097 then, going by Gmail....

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    My workplace productivity has increased by at least 20% now that I can't look at inappropriate websites without them being displayed to everyone whenever I open a new tab.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Its slow compared with Firefox, both the initial load and getting web pages up. Far superior to Windoze Hicksplorer but then what isn't?

  12. Christopher Rogers


    or Chromozone......

  13. Alan Esworthy

    Here we go again

    Chrome I/O, Chrome I/O, wherefore art thou Chrome I/O?

    Any time you've got nothing to do - and lots of time to do it - Chrome on up.

    Hi, Ho, the carrion Chrome bow and bend to me.

    Stop me before I Chrome again. Apologies to all, especially to I. Bard, M. West, G. Dead.

  14. Stuart

    Dr Sergeylove, or how I stopped worrying and learned

    to love our new Google overlords. No crashes so far in this Chrome thingy, and neither lightning fast nor molasses slow either. Just another browser, except that it is of course being produced by people who do no evil. Maybe if I say that often enough I can convince them that I believe it.

  15. Sceptical Bastard

    All in one place

    Thanks for the 'one stop shop' round-up, El Reg

    Google wants to know enough - far too much in fact - about me already so I won't be trying Chrome any more than I'll be signing up to Gmail. I simply don't trust Google not to snoop on me. Mountain View or Redmond - same place, same attitudes, same greed.

    Bastards, the lot of 'em.

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