back to article Zombie network explosion

The number of compromised zombie PCs in botnet networks has quadrupled over the last three months, according to figures from the Shadowserver Foundation. Shadowserver tracks botnet activity and the number of command and control servers. It uses a variety of metrics to slice and dice its figures based in part on the entropy of …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Well it is only set to explode more

    with Labour's leaked memo on what will happen in the recession, we will see that same sort of effect in cyberspace as well, but of course faster.

    People don't pay to secure in cyberspace, they seem to think that computers are somehow magically secure already. And with companies experiencing a smaller revenue stream you can expect that feeling of not paying for security to only increase.

    There is so much low hanging fruit that people can just create huge cyber armies. And of course quite a lot of this will probably be used to knock out companies, not so much to steal personal data, but to reduce competition. It is about to get very brutal.

    Just imagine if the attacks get sophisticated enough to go for the achilles heel of most organizations - the payroll system, in a recession doesn't bear thinking about.

    Time to get a few good security consultants onboard for any company with foresight.

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