back to article Last days of Symbian - business ticking over

Symbian has published its unaudited results for the first half of 2008, the last time the company will be doing so before it becomes part of the Nokia empire later this year. They show things are slightly slower than this time last year, but overall doing fine. A company whose primary product is about to be turned into a …


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  1. TMS9900


    I can't believe Symbian allowed themselves to do this. I can only imagine the people at the top of the organisation are getting some hefty wedge of cash and couldn't give a shit about the company.

    I give it 18 months before the idiots at Nokia say "You know, giving this software away for free is actually costing us a bloody fortune. Fuck it. Kill it." It will only take a new CEO with a different (i.e cost-cutting) mind-set to kill Symbian stone dead.

    Talk about putting your eggs in one basket. Sheesh. What have you done Symbian?

    Farewell Psion/Symbian. You truly were world class innovaters, of the like we won't see in a long long time. Your products were innovative, quirky, reliable and joyful to use. I mourn your loss. The last British innovator, (along with Inmos and Sinclair Research) gone. RIP.

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