back to article Intel buys up UK Linux lab

Intel has bought up OpenedHand, the UK-based Linux development company, folding its product line into the chip behemoth's mobile Linux effort, while promising to maintain its open-source developments. OpenedHand specialises in squeezing Linux onto small devices, so is ideally placed to support the new generation of what Intel …


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  1. Sam

    That popping sound you can hear.. Ballmer's blood vessels letting go.

  2. jsg

    things are getting interesting

    a linux embedded phone without any catches or bugs?

    future looks good so far...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Poor Guys

    Get their resumes and get ready. The heavy boots of Intel management to are going to decend and tell you how screwed up they are. But lucky for them Intel management will be there to save them from writing bad code on a bad product. You ever wonder why Intel has yet to have a successfule aquisition after spending TENs of billions on them and still have nothing to show....

  4. dave lawless

    svelte ?

    That's not how I think of fatty Linux, it's getting as porky as the fat faced Finn himself.

    Remember when the kernel fitted on a floppy ?

  5. Jon

    kernel on a floppy

    You can still get the kernel on a floppy very easily if you compile it with only the drivers you need.

    Go to Google and do a search on the word 'modular'

  6. Flocke Kroes Silver badge

    I can't remember where my floppy drive is ...

    ... but the kernel would still fit on it.

    My kernel is 3299K including all the drivers for all the non-hotplug devices I have. Fdutils can format floppies up to 3984K.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I am going to say it as well

    Linux can fit easily onto small devices. 2.4 is quite actively maintained because of it as well.

    I have quite a beefy kernel, and that is only 2.2M, so yes would fit on a floppy.

    tomsrtbt disk comes in at 1.6M with tools.

    And there are loads of other examples as well.

    What on earth are you on?

  8. Lars Silver badge

    @dave lawless

    Try for lean Linux devices

  9. Nick Pettefar

    What kind of floppy are you lot on?

    My floppy is only 1.44mb and despite lots of tender care, never grew any larger. Is there some kind of floppy enlargement process or treatment you can take then?

  10. Anonymous Coward

    @ Nutters

    Calm down good greif, a simple "The Linux kernel does still fit on a floppy + link or explanation would be adequate. The chin slapping rant is quite unnecessary, i'm aware their comment was a little bit off the cuff but it's really not worth getting so exited about.

  11. Simon Ward

    Re: What kind of floppy are you lot on?

    "My floppy is only 1.44mb and despite lots of tender care, never grew any larger. Is there some kind of floppy enlargement process or treatment you can take then?"

    My inbox is full of people claiming that they can make my floppy larger - maybe I should forward you a few ...

    ... and it's been many a year since I was able to get a Linux kernel on a 1.44Mb floppy.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Floppies at 2.8M, fairly standard.

    LS was 120M.

    And Mr MoonBat, it was all calmly explained, I am guessing you are dave lawless :) And I am also guessing you hate to be wrong :)

    But, Linux is excellent for embedded devices, the GPL is not so great though, but hey if people supply the source code fine. I would be more tempted to choose a non GPL, - BSD MIT style licensed OS.

    In truth most of the unix style kernels will always be tiny, the modularity approach is the key and of course because most are open, you can easily rip out that which you don't need. This is why windows is going to find it hard, it is monolithic including the windowing system :)

    People get confused because the distros have to make a kernel that will work with the most devices (though technically the kernel is normally quite tiny and the drivers modules take up the room).

    A simple 'I don't know what the hell I am talking about, but I want to insult Linus Trovalds and claim something that is not true.' would have sufficed from your end :)

  13. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    Back to the point

    Intel wouldn't have had the cash to do this without outsourcing their chip-manufacturing to places like Vietnam. So what do you think will happen when these Brits get laid off and the code goes to an Indian, perhaps even Vietnamese, developer?

    Get your resumes ready, folks. The building's about to be knocked down. It was fun while it lasted. How does it feel to have all your hard work rewarded by unemployment? No wonder programmers write shitty code these days, it's the only way to have job security.

  14. Martin Owens


    "I would be more tempted to choose a non GPL" >> Rationale Required. None GPL code doesn't have the protections for the _original_ developers. Might be fine and dandy for the thieves though.

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