back to article Flip Ultra and Creative Vado pocket camcorders

2008 has been the year of the small, cheap gadget. Sadly, the standard bearers of the new breed of pocket video cams, the Flip Ultra and Creative's Vado, maybe be small but they're also overpriced. Such are the similarities between these two devices it's almost beyond belief that they were developed in isolation, a bit like A …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Double Selling again?

    How about a comparison between these and the Mobile in my pocket?

    kids toy (kids without mobiles if they exist), not buying.

  2. Clive Galway

    I prefer...

    Best MPEG4 camcorder I ever bought:

    With included external weatherproof lens - for anyone into sports (Mountain biking, snowboarding etc) these are really great.

    None of this 640x480 bollocks either - full 720x576@25FPS with a PAL pixel aspect ratio.

    Sets you back about £250 at the moment though, but you gets what you pays for, innit?

  3. mrdalliard
    Thumb Down


    Wasn't very impressed with the video samples - they seemed quite lossy.

    I'll stick with my Sanyo Xacti CA65. Easy to use - plenty of features, is waterproof, has generally good quality video and is also a quite respectable stills camera. OK, it costs more, but as someone's already said, you get what you pay for.


  4. MrBio

    Vado better?

    Was that video taken with the latest vado firmware? I saw a video on youtube taken with the latest vado firmware the color is richer. Considering the price and screen size (bigger is better to look at), I think I shall go for the vado.

  5. John Parker

    background interferences

    "...background interferences like wind, dogs, small children, Americans, etc."

    Ho ho ho :)

  6. Christian Berger


    Seriously in a portable device you need stereo sound so you can hear anything even indoors. Just try out closing one of your ears while listening to something, you will find out that with 2 ears you can hear a _lot_ better. And ADPCM, come on you can't have _that_ little DSP time left.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    re: ? Maybe, but many cameras for the same price do it much, much better.

    Such as? Would be nice to have some recommendations.

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