back to article Roberts Stream 202 DAB/FM/net radio

In what Roberts claims to be a world first, this unit delivers DAB, FM as well as Wi-Fi connected internet radio and music streaming all in a traditional kitchen-style portable. A more modern look than perhaps Roberts is known for greeted us when we opened the box. The exterior is attractive enough, with a metallic grille and …


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  1. Nano nano

    Back to future

    It's a pity the old-style Grundig is no longer a player (just being a stick-on brand these days) - they would have had a robustly engineered and highly performing box.

    Now what happened to my Elite Boy ...

  2. James Bassett

    Let me get this straight

    £150 buys you a radio that;

    "feels a little lightweight and on the ‘plasticky’ side"

    "The carry handle also feels a little flimsy"

    "The control array...also looks a little fussy"

    " The aerial...also feels a little on the vulnerable side"

    "Only 15 station presets are available"

    "has a power consumption level - which damages the Stream's portability credentials"

    "The user experience isn't an altogether a happy one"

    "just feels a little more complex than it could have been"

    "the text is quite block-like"

    "once text starts to becomes very difficult to read"

    "reception isn't the best we have seen"

    "sound quality is also a little disappointing"

    "there's a lag time between turning the dial and the screen reacting"

    "the price is a little on the heavy side"

    So how in the name of Gates does it get a score of 75%?

    Seriously, this is getting rediculous. Does a product actually have to decapitate the operator in order to score less than 60% or are you guys just worried that you won't get sent lots of free stuff if you give a product a bad score?

  3. Tom Smith Silver badge

    One of a kind?

    Um, my Bilk Radiostation can do all of that, it does need a mains cable though, I assume this one has batteries? It's hard to tell from the review, it's called a portable but there's no mention of batteries.

  4. TeeCee Gold badge
    Dead Vulture

    @Tom Smith

    Exactly what are "....six hefty D-size cells" on the planet you originate from then?

  5. Nano nano

    London calling ...

    I believe "portable wirelesses" of an earlier generation also required a briefcase-sized set of lead-acid accumulators and cells with which to power the triode heaters and 120V anode supply ...

  6. Rob Davis

    Buy this instead: Revo Pico Wifi

    - same price

    - mains or battery powered

    - splash proof: ok for bathroom, garden etc.

    Doesn't do DAB or FM, only internet radio, but theres much more choice and you can get most if not all of the DAB and FM stations online anyway.

  7. Christian Berger

    Hey it's DAB!

    We always watch with envy when we see one of your DAB recievers. They are essentially non-existent here. I slowly think it would be better to just drop DAB and move to DVB-T for radio.

  8. Chris Parsons Bronze badge


    Magicbox Clarus plus does it all, too, though not battery-powered. It's a lot cheaper - I paid £90 for mine, and the sound's not bad.

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