back to article LG prices up HSDPA-equipped mini laptop

LG's not going be left out of the Small, Cheap Computer arena - it'll be releasing its own would-be Eee beater, the 3G-integrated X110, in October. LG's X110 LG's X110: 3G built in Built-in HSDPA costs, and the SCC is set to be priced at €399 ($589/£320), an LG spokesman said. That also buys you Windows XP SP3 and 160GB of …


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  1. Shinku
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    Giveth with one hand...

    I've got an eee 701, I love it, it was cheap and the battery's fairly reasonable for its size. It'd be nice if it had integrated HSDPA though...

    ...which is where this LG would come in. In theory. There's always something horrendously wrong with the portability of these things when you compare features of one with another. Yes, we did want HSDPA, we really did, but what's the point if I can only use it for an hour*?

    * I might be underestimating the Atom and ElReg's battery estimation could be wrong...

  2. Alex
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    Surely this would be easily added to the specs, no? If so, it's a go-er for me!

  3. Ryan


    What a cheap-looking finish! Reminds me of an old, OLD Vaio (circa PIII).

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I'm an LG whore, so this is interesting - shame they wont release a new clam shell phone over here *sigh*

  5. Joe K
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    Bloody hell

    "and the SCC is set to be priced at €399 ($589/£320)"

    I stopped reading there.


  6. jai

    re: Bloody hell

    i stopped reading when i noticed it wasn't being promoted by a scantily clad lass on a beach....

  7. Havin_it
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    Did anyone else

    read that as: "...its own would-be Egg beater"?

    Helicopter: the new Sikorsky's got an extra one

  8. druck Silver badge
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    Too expensive, and has XP rather than Linux. So get to the back of the queue behind all the other manufacturers that don't understand why the EEE 701 was successful.

  9. Ian Johnston Silver badge

    3G power?

    I love my Eee 701, and I love my Huawei E220, but boy oh boy oh boy does that combination drain power. Battery lie is 3.5 hours standalone, 1.not-much hours on-line. The Eee's charger only just supplies enough power for the combination to use: the battery won't charge at all while connected.

    So ... how are LG and other 3G incorporaters going to deal with this? Car battery on wheels?

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    been there done that

    I remember a number of years ago, the flybook came out ( - it had the teeny monitor, good battery lifespan, and came by default with HSDPA/Wifi/Bluetooth/my grandmother (maysherestinpiece) - shame about the 600MHz celeron though, but runs linux like a charm, HSDPA and all. Why is there exactly 0 coverage of what has been an ultra-portable well before the atom? Speaking of which, why aren't flybook atomising their range is completely beyond me, but hey ho...

    So yea, laptops with HSDPA have been around for a while now. :P

    Paris, because she'd buy me one if I asked nicely enough...

  11. Dave Brooker

    Smaller means more likely to be lost

    This LG looks fantastic and the bit about Linux is wrong. Whatever you think XP plus 160Gb disk plus really lightweight etc means this will sell in spades. However the smaller it is the more likely it will be lost, left in a cab or pinched. It needs a data protection tool such as Backstopp to make sure all that 160Gb of data does not become somebody else's.

    Criticism of the cost is daft because 3 (and all the others soon) are offering £450 against a data contract so to all intents and purposes it will be for nothing, in fact the retailer will make £100odd on the hardware alone so will market this with gusto. Phones 4 u are already doing it. No price complaint surely.

    Remember, as Shaw Taylor said - keep it safe.

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