back to article DSGi sharpens axe for 50 staff

Struggling electrical retail giant DSGi has told around 50 employees working at its business unit that they could lose their jobs. The company informed staff based at three sites in Borehamwood, Bury and Surbiton that the axe is hovering over workers at the reseller due to "challenging market conditions". "DSGi Business is …


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  1. David Simpson
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    if they sent customers invoices

    they would get paid and not lose business.

    Twice this year they've threatened legal action because invoices they have never sent us didn't get paid.

    I used to be able to cope with this because they at least sent monthly statements and I could ask for copy invoices from that. Alas they have now economised even further on postage and don't send statements either.

    This means they don't get paid - even worse even though their payment terms are 30 days we always pay by return so they are losing out on cash in their bank.

    After being threatened twice I've stopped dealing with them.

  2. Joe K

    Fuckin ell

    Blaming the weather now eh? It'll be Global Warming next, star signs, ley lines, ect.

    Not because they are just completely shit then?

  3. bertie bassett

    DSGi Business - ha ha ha

    God does anyone actually buy anything from DSGi Business....there' about 1 step up from the zoids that work in their stores...and their usual competitive pricing not.. not sure that'll be the last of DSG redundancies...

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    .... That axe has been felt

    I was one of the first engineers for the company to get axed just after april, due to a cost cutting, merging departments and making people re-apply for their jobs.

    Trouble is, they have more managers and more people on stupid amounts of money to do nothing. And instead of getting rid of the surplus of managers etc, its the people at the bottom get the axe first.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Nobody is Safe

    Ironically it is middle and senior management that have gone this time. People whose success has made the business work. It also almost seems like the longer you have been there the higher the chance is that you will go! With difficult times in the back office (e.g. credit control being out sourced to Europe) it is hard to see how these recent loses will improve the customer experience, especially considering that several highly successful managers from the services division have been put at risk... so much for services being strategic for growth Jerry!!!

    What seems to have happened is that a strategy for survival has been put in place, not for growth!!! Sales look to be next and given that this is the 3rd time in 12 months that DSGi/Equanet have got rid of staff, it is hard to say if any body is safe! This uncertanty can only be a bad thing for customers as the qualiy of the already flagging service can only get worse!!! Given that the people who understand how things get done have now gone!!!

  6. Anonymous Coward

    This will not be the last

    From what I have heard from several sources is that the field management in the former commercial parts of The Techguys are all on 90 days notice. Furthermore all the PC repair folk will go on 90 days wait for it, go on wait for it... on the 11th September... 9 11 anyone. God these guys have style.

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