back to article Best Buy removes craplets for $30

Best Buy, America's biggest electronics retailer, will remove the preloaded rubbish software installed with new PCs, for $30. Best Buy sells billions of dollars of PCs a year, so this could be a game changer. Margins in the the PC industry are skinny, and fees from software makers for pre-installing craplets on consumer-" …


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  1. Telic

    Cloud of Opportunity

    This could open opportunities for ad sales to online retailers besides software vendors, which in turn can reduce the relevance of any particular desktop PC operating system. This is a potential for Linux, which the PC makers can leverage to recuperate profit margins by eliminating the Windows license fees paid to Microsoft.

  2. Celtic Ferret
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    The PC Decrapifier

  3. Eric Crippen
    Paris Hilton

    I have an idea

    Don't install the garbage at all and charge $30 to install them on a new computer...

  4. Ascylto
    Gates Horns

    Good Idea!

    $30 to get rid of Vista?

    Value beyond measure!

  5. Alan Bell

    Crapware is a significant problem for Linux.

    Retailers get paid by virus scanner trials and trials of office software such as Ability Office to install their crap. Sometimes they pay to install it, sometimes they pay when users get suckered into buying the full version. The virus scanner trial covers the cost of the XP UMPC license and then the other crap is a bonus. Retailers are being paid to install XP. They can install Linux and have a better solution for their customers with no need for virus scanners and a real office suite pre-installed but they don't make money by doing this. Linux isn't defective enough that users think it needs crapware to upgrade it. Virus scanner providers have a vested interest in users remaining on Windows and they will pay the full cost of the Windows license to protect that interest.

  6. Christopher Woods
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    Waaaaiiiiiit a minute...

    If the stores in the US are doing this, maybe PC World in the UK will start doing this soon - and if they do:

    1) undercut by £5

    2) advertise in local paper

    3) ...

    4) profit!

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