back to article Feds cuff blogger for Guns N' Roses leak

The FBI has arrested a 27-year-old American blogger for leaking some unreleased Guns N' Roses tunes to the internet. According to The Associated Press and Los Angeles Times, the Feds cuffed Culver City, California's Kevin Cogill on Wednesday morning, two months after his web site Antiquiet served up nine tunes from "Chinese …


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  1. Ryan
    Thumb Up

    "can no longer maintain the illusion that it isn't complete shite."

    Hahaha! First genuine LOL for ages from this cynical BOFH!

  2. Timothy Slade

    @ryan and author

    "complete shite"


  3. Marvin the Martian
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    Damage? What damage?

    So instead of being a forgotten 80s figure, this blogger helps keep up mr. Rose's name recognition factor? I say Rose's management owes the guy some money.

  4. J

    "the tunes have sense been removed"

    That was good sense indeed...

    But gee, FBI arrests for copyright violation, sounds quite extreme. Not Extreme. But In Extremo.

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  6. Kwac
    Black Helicopters

    @ Damage? What damage?

    I sincerely hope that you are not suggesting that 'the management' didn't say "stick this on your website and we'll look after you".

    Personally, I run across un-released tracks from faded 'stars' every day and fight the temptation to put them on a web site.

  7. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

    Bitch slap rappin' and your cocaine tongue

    Must no threshold be met before a recording can be protected under copyright as a work of art?

  8. heystoopid
    Paris Hilton


    So he killed geffen's future "Bob Marley" income chain dead now that man deserves a medal and a big reward at the same time !

  9. Graham Lockley

    Music ?

    Not often Mr Roses name and music get used in the same sentence. It tends to be more associated with the phrase 'completely without talent or any redeeming value'

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  11. Jodo Kast

    Completely out of proportion to the crime

    I'm not sure, but I would recommend focusing on the murderers, rapists and thieves.

    These aren't thieves. They found files on the internet and provided links to them. This is completely out of proportion to the "crime".

    Next thing we'll have people arrested for LOLCAT posts. Some of those photos are copyright material.

  12. The Cube

    You have got it the wrong way around,

    We are being too harsh on the Feds and GnR's management, they have actually had the site taken down and arrested the guy to prevent any futher distribution of the 'music' of Guns n Yawns. They are to be applauded for their attempts to contain this tripe, hopefully they will now realise the danger and burn the master tapes too.

  13. Suburban Inmate

    OMFG!! You know what this means...

    They got all the terrorists and corporate swindlers and kiddy fiddlers and crack dealers and we can all go skipping through the streets to welcome the coming of the blissful utopia we have long been promised.

    The one with the ticket to rural Portugal in it. (Yup, i'm not just whingeing, I can see whats coming (come?) and I've made arrangements)

  14. Anonymous Coward

    He had some talent

    he just didn't do as well as he could have if hadn't been such a hopeless drunk poor old Axel.

  15. Mike Crawshaw

    It's not even Guns'n'Roses...

    And it hasn't been since the rest of the originals left and their slots have been filled by whichever session musicians are hungry & desperate enough to put up with his Axl's tantrums for a few days at a time.

    <- The one with cherished vinyl copies of Appetite and Lies in the pockets.

  16. Anonymous Coward
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    Done us all a favour!

    At least we will know it's shite and we won't have to waste any money finding out! To my knowledge the album has been promised by Mr Rose for the last 6-7 years, almost all the band have left him to it!

  17. Dave B

    Fair play to Axl

    The continued delay of Chinese Democracy is the only lure the band has that keeps them from being forgotten alongside all the other bands of that era. It's what keeps people buying tickets for their gigs, and it's what keeps GnR in the press.

    If you listen to the Chinese Destruction bootleg available on TPB, you can hear for yourself how poor Axl's songwriting has become. If that was released publicly, the band would be finished. Nowt wrong with a little litigation to protect your own future, is there?

  18. Glenn Alexander

    When the feds are finished with him...

    I believe the UN wants to have a word. Something about crimes against humanity (or at least their ears), I believe.

  19. dervheid

    It's just a shame...

    that the guitar god that is Slash is forever associated wit G&R.

    At least they weren't all talentless.

  20. Alex
    Paris Hilton

    @Graham Lockley

    Oooh.. that's a bit controversial! He does/did have talent, but he was so smacked out and drunk that he fired off the very reason they were all famous: the rest of the band! From what I saw at Download 06, he was just a grumpy old twat with no respect for anyone else..

    He was a songwriter, and one of the most recognisable vocalists in the rock business, but to say he had no talent..? Naughty Graham, naughty..

    @AC above: Agreed. No need to listen to anything new from G'n'f'n'R as Velvet Revolver did a good job. Just glad they binned off the anorexic junkie... Should have stayed as the EX-Stone Temple Pilots front man.

    Anyway, Chinese Democracy was just a disaster waiting to happen... It doesn't matter who releases it first.. it's still shite

    Paris, because she knows when she needs to release some good stuff on to the net.

  21. paul

    Feds are pussys

    Go get some real criminals.

  22. Aron A Aardvark

    Guns n Roses?

    It's not really G n R, its Rose and the latest pick-up band he's put together to perform the classics. G n R hasn't existed for at least 13 years.

  23. Anonymous Coward

    RE: above

    I love the logic that law enforcement should only deal with a percieved "minor" crime after all the "major" crimes are solved.

    By that wonderful logic the police shouldn't spend any time chasing after rapists because Osama Bin Laden's still out there somewhere.

  24. Anonymous Coward

    Just an excuse

    I have listened to "Chinese Democracy" (beta) and it isn't good... This guy did Axl a favor, because now he can tell his label ( which reportedly gave him $13 million over 14 years for this album ) that it would have been a giant hit if it wasn't for those criminal downloaders. Because the labels believe and want to hear that downloading/sharing is ruining their business, Axl now has an excuse!

  25. Muscleguy Silver badge
    Black Helicopters

    Why are the Feds

    getting involved in what should be a civil matter for the lawyers? Yet more evidence that the US govt has been captured by the corporates.

  26. Michael

    @ Kevin McMurtie

    >>>Must no threshold be met before a recording can be protected under copyright as a work of art?

    Technically, you possess the copyright to a work the moment you create it. If you record yourself singing some made up tune, you possess the copyright to that recording, whether you do anything with it or not.

    What's funny, though, is that not a whole lot is going to happen. It's pretty tough to prove damages when the infringed work isn't purchasable (particularly when it's not even evident that the work will EVER be released).

  27. Mad Hacker
    Paris Hilton

    FBI for hire?

    How does this fall under the FBI? This is a civil copyright case.

  28. Solomon Grundy

    @Mad Hacker

    You need what we call a "lobbyist" in order to get the FBI to do your bidding. There are quite a few lobbyist's in most major cities in the US - they can get you what you want, ensure national security, and eliminate pedophiles, all in one fell swoop. And the best part is neither you or the lobbyist have to obey the law.

    If you haven't done so already, I recommend you get a lobbyist ASAP - everybody needs one.

  29. Martin Usher
    Black Helicopters

    Priorities, priorities...

    I was reading in a recent Los Angeles Times about the problem that the FBI has had with the mortgage companies a few days ago. They spotted the potential for fraud two or three years ago but they were unable to do anything much about it because they were so short staffed, what with the investigation priorities being firmly biased towards terrorism.

    ....and illegal file sharing, apparently. Mr. Rose loses a few bucks (maybe -- and that's a big maybe) while the rest of us get screwed for tens or hundreds of billions.

  30. Graham Lockley


    >but to say he had no talent..? Naughty Graham, naughty..

    Sorry but from the moment I first heard GnR I thought it sounded like a tired spandex rehash, nothing since then has altered my opinion. But then I felt the same about Kiss..

    /Asbestos is our friend

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    Spot on Graham, talentless moron comes to mind regarding Axel Rose.

    Never was any good never will be. Same with KISS.

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