back to article UK etailer punts bovine coitus thumb drive

An army of online deal seekers has called for a boycott of, after the "daily deal" site fooled them into coveting a non-existent bovine sex device. With each new day, Boffer offers up a single "amazingly low priced" piece of consumer merchandise, and late last night, at 11:59pm Greenwich Mean Time, it tempted …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    In site promotion no news is bad news

    so right I have just heard of boofer, similar to another site isn't it.

    Will people boycott, probably not, it is only at time of purchase where monies exchange is it illegal to do this. Though, I suppose advertisement law could come into play, but frankly look at most ads on the TV no one sells a product, they sell a hypnotic experience ending in a name.

    Could a disco CD be construed as a device conducive to conceiving, well boogaloo and dance the light fantastic, who the hell knows for sure - sure it is cynical of them to pick on that desire but there you go how low can you go - the Limbo Rock.

  2. Henry Wertz Gold badge


    Oh snap! They were Rick-Rolled!

  3. Bryce Prewitt

    People will complain about anything.

    Oh no, free shipping?! HOW DARE!

  4. Michael Xion
    Gates Horns

    sucked in freetards

    Ha Ha - but the other youtube video 'how to make a boffer' is better...

  5. Antidisestablishmentarianist


    People whining about free stuff.

    Emotional distress. Quite.

    Just typical.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Just as well, really

    Anybody taken in by that really shouldn't be allowed to reproduce.

  7. daniel


    Quite right. Let's make a class action complaint and sue for damagages :)

    Thumb Up

    Bigpockets =, the company behind the infamous Bag-O-Crap promotion.

    That being said, they are a really good e-tailer.

  9. Tim Bates
    Thumb Down

    I'm horribly dissappointed!

    They only played the first few seconds of the clip!

  10. The Other Steve

    RE:In site promotion no news is bad news

    Absolutely. I'd never heard of them until I read this article, now I'm thinking : "Shit, I'd buy stuff off these people just because they gave me a good laugh at the expense of a few really gullible idiots with poor comprehension skills and no sense of humour."

    This may be the first company to realise that supercilious, cynical, cruel bastards are a good target demographic for an internet based retailer.

  11. TeeCee Gold badge

    Hang on a minute.

    They waffle on about fornication and conception and then the punchline is to send 'em off to youboob for a rickroll?

    So a popular, colloquial translation of this message to their customers would be "Fuck off".

    Has suicidal marketing been identified as the next big thing while I wasn't paying attention?

  12. Chris Harden


    Hahaha, thats great

    Anyone who wants to utilise a bovine anything when trying to reproduce should be banned from doing exactly that

  13. breakfast
    Paris Hilton


    If they rickroll people for being interested in boffing it could be that their name is something of a mistake.

  14. Rafael Moslin

    It really is August...

    ..and we are firmly in the "silly season" for news stories!

    Best bit of all is that some people actually bothered to complaine, unbeleiveable, get a life!

  15. n

    slow news day...this just in...

    ...that the 2 people who actually complained were staffers at a PR firm called


  16. Ben Mathews
    Thumb Up


    Should have sent anyone falling for that a self sterilisation kit just to be sure.

  17. John Browne

    Has anybody noticed...

    The acronym for USB Fornication Optimiser would be UFO.

    Mines the one with the appliance in the pocket.

  18. Anonymous Coward

    ILL-Conceived then?

    Well, really! I though bovine was cattle related - why show pink & blue bears?

  19. michelle


    well i personally think it was odd.

    but there seemed to b a lot of people who are so desperately trying for a baby that they got there hopes up.

    they also feel that have been tricked into giving out there details.

    although it is done and dusted now. boffer are still taking the micky out of their customers.which is on their site now. i can not see how they can have any respect for their customers by still behaving like this??

  20. Solomon Grundy

    @TeeCee and michelle

    What the devil are you people talking about?

    This was funny. People who are offended by this are probably the same people that can't figure out where babies come from - so they are looking to a USB stick to do it for them.

    You can't build a world where no one gets offended. People should just shut the fuck up when they feel "offended" and move on. God. What whiners.

  21. Avi


    "i can not see how they can have any respect for their customers by still behaving like this??"

    Presumption of the possession of a sense of humour?

  22. A J Stiles

    Rick Astley? Bgeh!

    They should count themselves lucky it was only Rick Astley and not .....

  23. Peyton

    I didn't know you guys had woot!!

    Complete with first post!! newbs... ahh hardly ever anything worth buying, yet I feel compelled to check it every morning.

  24. micheal
    Dead Vulture

    i may be alone in this

    "but there seemed to b a lot of people who are so desperately trying for a baby that they got there hopes up.

    they also feel that have been tricked into giving out there details."

    unlike the charleton faith healers and witch doctors who advertise in the back of METRO (c) and the other free local loo papers

    If they linked the youtube to a basting syringe sale site, then I'd maybe think it wasnt so cynical

    nail a dead vulture to your front door to conceive a BOFH when the moon is full!!

  25. John Browne
    Thumb Up

    @AC re: ILL-Conceived, then?

    Gotta be yer genetic engineering, innit? Them genetic engineers can breed pink and blue bears from a cow any day of the week, if they feel like it. The Koreans can even do one that glows in the dark. Not sure a freebie USB gadget could do it right now; my guess is Q3 2011.


  26. This post has been deleted by its author

  27. Ian


    Now I've been sneakily Rick-Rolled by The Register directing me to someone else's Rick-Roll.

    Ooooh, that's a low trick.


  28. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    @Chris Harden

    haha...everyone know they should be using welsh sheep..fules!

    paris, 'cuz even she knows what slot the usb thingie goes into.

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