back to article Nuns face off in online beauty contest

Father Jack would dribble into his drink - a rather open-minded Italian priest is running a beauty contest for nuns. The pageant, which is the brainchild of Father Antonio Rungi of Mondragone near Naples, is intended to challenge the stereotype of the nun as plain at best and grotesque at worst. According to the Times, Father …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Shocking !

    "Sister Mary please up the bromide in Father Antonio's tea!"

  2. Gordon Pryra
    Paris Hilton

    Way to much to read there

    I just want the pics!!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Father Jack

    hated nuns!

    "Reverse, reverse!"

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    details about herself and her daily life

    Dear Diary

    06:00 Got up at sparrow fart and prayed a bit

    60:30 Prayed a bit more

    07:00 nice breakfast of gruel and prayed a bit

    07:30 Prayed a bit

    08:00 Morning prayers

    11:00 Pre lunch prayers

    12:00 Lunch with prayers

    14:00 Prayers

    (You get the idea)

  5. Steven Jones


    Are you sure this isn't just a rejected plot line for "Father Ted"?

  6. Alex

    @Gordon Pryra

    I concure!!

    Mine's the one with 'Readers Nuns' in the pocket

    *Going to Hell for that one!!*

  7. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: Father Jack

    Oh yeah. Well, there's more than one kind of dribble.

  8. lansalot

    money to be made ?

    I say we bring in a ringer - let's get, say, some tidy page-3 sort in a nuns outfit, stick a great wodge on at William Hill and then retire to the bahamas. Who's with me ?

    In fact, Sarah, how about we go in on this together, split the profits 50/50 ? I'm sure you'd look very fetching in a nun's outfit, based upon nothing at all as I have no idea what you look like.

    This plan is guaranteed* not to fail !

    *guarantee may not be honoured. Terms and Conditions apply.

  9. Mike Groombridge

    @sarah bee

    whatever could you mean ?

    I needed that laugh i'm sitting in my companies data centre waiting for tapes so i can start work so freezing my man bits off so that comment made my morning (of course the humour part of my brain could be freezen)

  10. Steve

    Oh no

    Next they'll be wanting to remake the Sound of Music...

  11. Richie


    it should be called a "Lovely Girls competition".

  12. Rory Webber
    Paris Hilton

    The story I REALLY want to see.....

    'Nuns off face in online beauty contest'

    Paris, nuns habit, go figure.

  13. Daniel
    Gates Horns

    now i can't concentrate at all ...

    ... for thoughts of landing a job as resident handyman in a convent full of Brazilian and African nuns.

    hail mary. I'm gonna sin, I know it ...

  14. Anonymous Coward

    Re: Father Jack

    Actually, I don't think that was "hatred" so much as it was "sheer bed-wetting terror". It's not so much that nuns are "wizened" or "funereal" as it is that they are "inhumanely cruel and sadistic" - just ask anyone brought up in an Irish convent school.

    You may also remember "The penguin" from the Blues Brothers who was an absolute devil for the rapping-the-knuckles-with-a-metre-rule trick. If a nun can intimidate a hardened jailbird like Jake Blues, they must be evil!

  15. Fibbles


    ...isn't vanity still a sin?

  16. Anonymous Coward


    Cruel and sadistic nuns - mmmm, sign me up for a spanking. Mine's the bum on fire...

  17. Tim

    A real beauty contest?

    I'm just waiting for the Catholic Press Swimsuit Edition....

  18. Antony Shepherd
    Paris Hilton

    Feckin' nuns!

    Phwoooar! Look at the wimple on that!

  19. Patrick R
    Jobs Halo

    Fame !

    Best 12 contestants will appear in Michelangelo's calendar.

  20. Sleeping Dragon

    Wow! Nuns!

    Nothing like a woman in a nun's outfit.


    She's at least 80 years old.

    (tries to forget the image by scooping out eyes with a blunt spoon)

  21. Anonymous Coward

    A Nun is better

    ...than none at all.

    Or so I'm told.

  22. Anonymous Coward


    Now I'm wondering if I'm going to go to hell because I'm thinking of some uber hot babe wearing a habit?

    I mean this is a serious dilemma I'm struggling with! The soft curves of an attractive woman... who is married to God...

    Oh yeah... I am SO going to hell

  23. kain preacher


    Are thees nuns holding whip and chains, metal rulers .

  24. kain preacher


  25. druck Silver badge

    Don't let that stop you

    Just pop 'nuns' in to google images with safe search off, and you'll soon get a holy eyefull, god help you.

  26. Alex

    A disgrace!!

    ..that they cancelled it!!

    Mine's the one with the ripped up Contest Ticket in the pocket..

  27. Mike Powers
    IT Angle

    Want to click but I'm at work!

    Quick, someone come up with a business case for looking at pictures of nuns!

  28. Elf

    Business Case

    Market Research.

    (Going to hell, but reading up, I'll be in good company.)

  29. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Californication comes to mind

    After reading this - The opening scene (Hanks dream) involving the nun comes to mind :-)

    Now I am definitely going to Hell

  30. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Bahh humbug - it's all mind control anyway.

    The adam and eve story was circulating in the middle east for centuries before the jews ever invented themselves.

    When the jews did invent themselves, they ripped off the Code of Khammurubi - the kingdom of Bablylon's laws - and used them basically verbatim as the first 6 books of the old testament.

    They also ripped off the copyright by saying these are their gods laws, instead of a rewrite of the kings laws...

    Then jesus who never existed, and if he had of, he wasn't a christian, he would have been a jew practicing jewish law... well they didn't believe in him back then and I don't either..

    And then we get this bullshit cult called christianity, which is a spin off of a major lie - called judaeisim, where the main protagonists say if you do have sex, your less holy and worthy of a god that doesn't exits, and if you don't have sex, then you are more holy and worthy of a god that we invented and still doesn't exist.

    And it's all crap.

    The best bit is the reaction of the members of these cults, who say "If you dare to blashpheme against our god, who is a loving and just god, then WE will kill you - in his name, because we think we should be punishing you for this act against our god".

    Note: Their god never appears to do his own dirty work... ahem.

    I rest my case.

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