back to article PSP-3000's LCD is 'berry' good

When Sony announced the PlayStation Portable PSP-3000 yesterday, it didn’t show the new model’s “advanced” LCD in action. Thankfully, the web has come to the rescue. PSP3000_LCD_01 Sony's PSP-2000 (top) and the new PSP-3000 Pictures courtesy Famitsu Sony claimed the 4.3in, 480 x 272, 16:9 ratio LCD screen on the PSP-3000 …


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  1. Bronek Kozicki


    ... I shall be able to see better the game that the guy sitting next to me on the tube is playing.

  2. Fred


    You've actually seen someone with a PSP ?

  3. Daniel

    I have the original

    I'll admit ive had a PSP since they came out... and its been sat in a draw for ages... but luckily because of this it had old firmware... which means its easily hacked... and now i actually use the damn thing!!! NES games for the win :)

    wonder if the new one is hackable?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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