back to article El Reg salutes ultimate shed anthem

The musically-minded among you will be aware that we at El Reg have a soft spot for corporate anthems - especially those which provoke the desire to pull your teeth out with pliers. Today, however, we're delighted to announce that we've stumbled across what must be among the most inspired musical promotions ever - a radio ad …


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  1. Kaal Alexander Rosser

    Well it's worked on me!

    I'm definitely getting a shed from there now!

  2. Tim Ling

    no teeth left

    Any listeners of the areas local radio station will have heard this a lot already. A LOT.And it gets in your head. GAAAH!!

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Oh dear...

    1) I've been there.

    2) I strangely like the ad.

    3) Internet Exploder only? BOOOOO!!!!!!!!

    Mine's the one with the Hoe in the pocket (no shed at current property)

  4. Michael
    Thumb Up

    Made me smile on a Friday!

    Well, what else can I say?

  5. Andre Carneiro

    It's Friday!

    Lester Haines, I salute YOU!

  6. radian

    I live in a flat but...

    I feel the urge to buy a shed...

  7. Steve Foster

    Click here...

    Mercifully, I have Flash disabled on all sites by default (thank you, Opera), so suffered no auditory damage.

  8. Anonymous Coward



    Far, far better than most of the adverts I've heard.

  9. Neil Barnes Silver badge

    The audio comprethion

    Ith a little bit thacrafithial to the thibbylantth.

  10. Dai


    ... it works on Opera, @AC.

    Genius piece of marketing. My next shed will be coming from there now...

  11. Tom

    Can't be as annoying as the Trade Centre Wales adverts

    I think you will be hard pushed to find anything that is more mind-numbingly irritating than the Trade Centre Wales adverts. Each one ends with the tag line, "Tell 'em Trevor sent you!" in a really thick Welsh accent.

  12. Egons Proton Pack


    Well thought of..

  13. Secretgeek


    Keep my coat, I've got a shed.

  14. H2Nick

    Hurray something fun !

    Makes a change from reading about the latest govt IT disaster of the day...

  15. Hein Kruger

    Jon "Three Sheds" Westbrook

    Is he by any chance related to Arthur 'Two Sheds' Jackson?

  16. Simon
    Thumb Up


    Aww, thats made my Friday afternoon.

    Just hoping for Playmobil now before I toddle off home...

  17. Nic Brough

    Is it just me

    Or are the BBC running a feature on misheard song lyrics at the moment? Anyone posted this on there yet?

    Mine's the one with a shed catalogue in the pocket

  18. Anonymous Coward

    asking too much

    Flash, Javascript, Internet expoorer; sorry even it was a newly discovered song of one of my favorite dead artists, this is asking too much.

  19. Alan Brookland

    Close enough to sheds..

    I'd suggest the catchy anthem to the 2007 Sauna World Championships - possibly also the inspiration for the Irish Eurovision song contest entry?

    [Flame, for hopefully obvious reasons!]

  20. caffeine addict


    No matter what, Coldseal's awful radio adverts win this award every time...

    I mean, just try these two awful efforts. I has haunted by this crap on local radio in the 90s.

  21. Marvin the Martian
    Thumb Up

    @radian: living in a shed

    Living in a flat is no reason not to buy a shed. I had one to function as my man-cave, a 100% intrusion-free space. This is a simple necessity when sharing a house.

    Sometimes called a thinking shed... There's even a company selling 150--200y old reclaimed north-swedish sheds (salty sea air keeps it from rotting, and weathers it beautifully).

    If this is the ULTIMATE, then the penultimate shed song frightens me.

  22. Anonymous Coward

    Works on Firefox 3

    And well, cheered me up on a particularly bad Friday.

  23. Anthony Allen

    Being born and bred in Rainham...

    It brings a tear to my eye, something we can be known to the world for instead of a steel company and former gooner Tony Adams.

    Almost makes me wish I hadn't emigrated...

  24. W

    Re: Coldseal

    "I was haunted by this crap on local radio in the 90s."

    Me too.

    Or should that be: Me (double) too, (double one, double five)?

    Burn, Coldseal, burn.

  25. Damn Yank
    Paris Hilton

    I like it...

    Most garden sheds here in the US are made of plastic shite. Those look nice..

    Paris because... Well, plasticized shite.

  26. Damn Yank
    IT Angle

    deep link

    QuickTime might be able to play it...

  27. Adam Williamson
    Thumb Down


    It's really not that funny. So someone noticed their name sounded a bit like 'raining'. That's not really hilarity central.

    Even the Hyundai ad which equally 'hilariously' changed the lyrics to Flash Dance was better than that.

  28. Anonymous Coward

    @Damn Yank

    The Shed shares a place in the British soul along with tea, bisuits and complaining about the weather.

  29. Michael H.F. Wilkinson Silver badge


    Still won't be buying one, just designed and built one from scratch myself AND I AM NOT GOING TO BUILD ANOTHER ONE FOR TEN OR TWENTY YEARS

    not that I am not proud of the outcome, this inadvertant outburst was directed to the missus

    Better AC this, oops, butterfingers

  30. Nemo Metis
    Paris Hilton


    ...... i find myself speechless.

    Paris, because she knows what sheds are for.

  31. Anonymous Coward

    Ahh good old rainham sheds

    I'd often cut through past their premises on my way to/from the station to work.

    I think I should be grateful that this jingle never existed back then or i'd probably be singing it all day every day thanks to the constant reminder as I walked past.

    Funnily enough I also just remembered that they suffered from a terrible problem with the drainage outside their office so anything more than a slight downpour and the whole area would flood. quite fitting giving the new jingle

    hmmm heres my coat but wheres my brolly?

  32. Matt

    wait for the RIAA to contact them....

    that'll be £300 or a court case for illegally making available copyrighted material then....

  33. Dave Bell

    Hmm, it is possible to do this lawfully.

    Let's not jump to conclusions. It is possible to do this lawfully, and it's not unusual.

    (Money, that's what I want!)

    I wuld have commented sooner, only I was writing a song.

    (The Technicolor one with the stylophone in the pocket, please.)

  34. Anonymous Coward

    I, for one,

    welcome our new Rainham shed tune-writing overlords.

  35. Jesse

    RE: I like it...

    Yes, but whoever invented plastic poop is a millionaire now!

  36. yeah, right.

    can only hope

    ... that they bought the rights to the tune, or they'll have a lawsuit for umpteen squiglion in "damages" to pay off by next week. Because we all know how popular it all is, don't we?

  37. Will Godfrey Silver badge


    Where's my puke bucket?

  38. skeptical i
    Thumb Up

    At least Rainham seems to make a good product ...

    ... having advert jingles stick in the head is bad enough, but when the product advertised is pure shite it's just adding insult to injury.

  39. Tim Bates


    Those aren't sheds! They're pathetic wooden boxes.

    These are sheds:

    A shed isn't really a shed unless it's made from metal.

  40. Mike Flugennock

    Did they _really_ come up with that themselves...

    ...or did they cadge an outtake from "The Who Sell Out"?

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