back to article Media companies urge judge to activate Intel's anti-redaction machine

The Register has joined several other news organizations in a bid to make court records related to AMD's ongoing anti-trust lawsuit against Intel public. Earlier this week, Situation Publishing - The Register's publisher - and the New York Times, Washington Post and Dow Jones & Co. filed a motion telling a Delaware court that …


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  1. Edwin
    Thumb Up

    Congrats to El Reg

    You've made it to "major media organizations" by AMD's standards despite all the nasty things you said about AMD (specifically the hectoring you gave Hector).

    What a week - Otto & Ashlee leave, El Reg becomes a major media organisation...

    Good thing it's Friday - I don't know how many more major developments I can stand...

  2. Doug Lynn

    Here, Here! Open the court's records on Intel's antitrust behavior

    HI, I am a computer reseller for 10 years, wish someone would interview me. I have seen alot of the antitrust issues and am glad AMD sued Intel.

  3. Heff

    Wait, what?

    "AMD's allegations that Intel manipulated PC and server makers effectively into boycotting AMD chips."

    I thought it was common knowledge that every computer manufacturer ad that had that blood-pressure-explodingly annoying intel jingle in was either paid for outright or heavily subsidised by intel? right back to the days of Time and Tiny in the UK, I believe.

    Frankly I fail to see what AMD hopes to gain from this : Intel has used this practice to collect almost a full market share, and that practice is now reinforced with its 3rd party suppliers by nice sportscar loans and games of golf and no quibble return policies and the like. As for intel themselves, the years of market dominance using this tactic has given them a bigger R&D budget and more cash to flash around building tiny-die FABs. short of somehow rolling the clock back on the CPU industry 10 years, Im not sure how this lawsuit is actually going to "help" AMD.

    A GIANT fine? that Intel will of course, appeal, and somehow, somewhen, somewhere down the line will pay a much-abbreviated and pled-out amount to, like when they robbed Transmetas power-management structures wholesale? Remember Transmeta? they very very very nearly made CPUs....

    unhappy face, because I cant see any positive outcome.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    All i got to say unhappy face--(Whats good for General Bull Moose is good for the country--(Happy Trails with Intel at the realm!)

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Intel is the Brand

    Most good tech always consider and often buys AMD, but Intel is the thing the man in the street looks for or subconsciously favours.

    Why because if you want to be big, then well, you help out the entire chain, and they all promote you.

    AMD start kicking around the party favours a bit see what happens, if you go for the smaller players, sort them out well, then you might have a chance, but most established are in the Intel camp.

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