back to article Puerto Rican corpse stands for three-day wake

A murdered Puerto Rican man who always insisted he'd like to spend his own wake on foot has been granted his wish after grieving relatives propped him in a corner of his house for three days while they said their goodbyes. According to El Nuevo Día, 24-year-old Ángel Pantoja Medina was a good friend of the funeral directors …


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  1. Les Matthew

    He looks a bit

    stiff in that pose.

  2. Dan


    Can't decide if that's downright disgusting or fantastically funny.

    Paris, because she'd still hit it.

  3. david

    Incredibly poor taste...

    ...keep it up.

  4. Chris
    Dead Vulture

    That is messed up

    I wonder if anyone pushed him over.

  5. Dave Fisher

    I trust they had...

    .. a stiff drink in remembrance of him?

    I know, I'm going. No need to push...

  6. Echowitch

    OMG !!!

    He's not dead.......he's clearly fallen asleep in the corner whilst learning against that wall :)

  7. Andrew Chesters


    I'm not dead yet... (c) Monty Python

  8. mutt1170

    Still Life (sic)

    I Aten't Dead (c) Esme Weatherwax

    Mine is the one with brass handles and silk lining.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not dead

    He's pinin' for the fjords...

  10. kain preacher


    looks creepy

  11. robin mcglohn

    no sense of humor

    Talk about missed opportunities, he should have requested that they pose him in the "Capt Morgan" stance.

This topic is closed for new posts.