back to article Intel hands out rose tinted polarizing glasses to chip geeks

Intel just can’t get the stars out of its eyes this week. Hollywood uber cartoon geek Jeffrey Katzenberg took to the stage at IDF Wednesday to plug the deal the two signed barely a month ago. Intel also used the opportunity to dangle the prospect/nightmare of 3D TV in front of an audience already left shaken by the chip maker’ …


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  1. Neoc
    Thumb Down

    Can't wait to be excluded.

    Because, of course, not one of these idiots will think of those of us *already* wearing glasses. Like, for example, the majority of "protection gear" vendors.

  2. E

    Prescription 3D glasses

    I wear eye glasses. Will Intel's technology be available with custom ground lenses?

  3. Ermie Mercer

    How is this new?

    "new style 3D glasses, which feature polarizing lenses, rather the traditional hurl-inducing red and green"

    All the 3D movies I saw in the 1950s were viewed with polarized glasses. With the exception of using a single projector with (presumably) a synchronized polarizer, I don't see anything new here.

  4. Tim Bates


    Nothing looks cooler than a 50's 3D movie audience...

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    porn heaven (sports too)

    Porn providers indirectly funded the expansion of the internet.

    Porn would drive the adoption of 3d tv too. If porn was on a 80" 3d tv, it would be much more "interactive".

    Sports would look good too.

  6. Jack Harrer


    I think I've seen it years ago. How was it called... hmmm... I know! IMAX.

    Nothing really new here, actually. All that stuff is tried and tested technology. What puzzles me is that nobody thought about extra layer of liquid crystals on TV to polarize every second frame. That would give straight away 3D in home for nothing. Liquid crystals are dirt cheap. Same about computers' monitors, etc.

  7. Paul


    Hasn't polarised 3D been around for donkeys years ?

    Isn't that what the "Captain Eo" Michael Jackson flick at EPCOT was based on (about 15-20 years ago ?)

    Or am i missing somthing ?

  8. Dave

    back to glasses?

    Why are we returning to using glasses? and what do they mean they might do TVs?

    There are already 3D TV sets on the market, and they work very well indeed without glasses. There are loads on display at Xscape Milton Keynes, and they are a bit of a surprise when you first see them. If you don't know they are there you just think there's something a bit funky about the picture, then look closer, then stare like an idiot for a minute moving side to side to see how it works.

    Polarised 3D has been around for a while too, at least since the 90s. Were Intel claiming anything new here?

  9. Anonymous Coward


    To AC:

    I have a 50" HD plasma... believe me... watching a 50" fanny close up in HD is _not_ more interactive.

    it is downright frightening !!

    what size is that woman!! must be about 100 feet high!

  10. Anonymous Coward


    was shown in 3D with polarising glasses and a single projector - Real3D is that brand and it's isn't intel..

  11. Justin

    But do they do Peril-Sensitive?

    I am still waiting for someone to market Peril Sensitive sunglasses. Douglas Adams (RIP) you were a genius.

    (the alien is the closest icon you've got for Zaphod)

  12. druck Silver badge


    One assumes you are using the UK definition of fanny, if it was the US meaning of the word, you'd need to go up a few screen sizes just to get it life size.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Did a thing with a couple of DLP projectors a while back, FarCry is apparently very effective.,1581.html

    April 2007

    Anyone (rich enough to have) tried it?

  14. Anonymous Coward

    Polarised glasses?

    Well Real3D have been doing circular polarized images in cinemas for a bit now (better than the normal linear polarisation that older efforts used as you can tilt your head without losing the stereo effect).

    Gamers have been able to use polarised glasses in games for ages. Check out for a few thousand of us who use it! You've just not played Oblivion/HL2/GTA:SA etc until you've played them in stereo. Can give you an edge in multiplayer, too, if you get used to it.

    @porn AC

    As the owner of a dual-monitor 3D setup and an eMagin z800 stereoscopic HMD, stereo porn (When you can find it) is pretty good. It is, unfortunately, also in short supply.

    @Autostereoscopic (glasses-less) comment

    Autostereoscope monitors have a problem in that they only have a fraction of their "2D" resolution available in 3D. So a normal 1280x1024 17" type monitor wouldn't get anywhere near that in 3D, making it look a bit blocky. Phillips sell a 40" 3D display, though, and it's supposed to be pretty impressive!

    @Synchronised polariser comment

    You'd be meaning Shutter glasses then. Modern polarised glasses are just passively polarised- there are two images being shown and the left filter takes out one of them, the right filter takes out the other. Simple, passive, no syncing required between all those different glasses. The Real3D system is single-projector, too, so there's absolutely no syncing needed.

    For movies, 3D is the way to go. Gives better immersion- far better than Imax (which seems to just be a really big screen except the surprisingly rare Imax3D, previous commentor).

    For games, 3D is the way to go. Again, better immersion. Use a head-tracking stereo Head Mounted Display, and you're able to literally look around in a 3D stereo world. Really makes Cyrodiil / town-in-HL-Lost-Coast look fantastic! Add in a Wiimote and you've got a pretty impressive gaming system. You'll not be able to be as quick turning as someone with a mouse if you're doing your looking with an HMD, but it does make it soooo much more immersive- which is the name of the game for single player.

    For porn, 3D is the way to go.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ 50'' fanny

    It's the quality of the comments that keeps me coming back here

  16. Alistair


    Trust the septics to reinvent something to make rubbish "movies" seem exiting again. Kung Fu Panda? You can keep 'im.

    Give me French cinema over Merkun every time.

  17. Graham Dawson Silver badge


    If you want to judge something by its very worst output then please be equal about it. The French may well have made some inspiring film but the majority of what they put out is utter, pointless trash that nobody - especially the French themselves - actually wants to watch.

    As for american film, Magnolia, anyone? Though I doubt that one would work in 3D...

  18. Dylan

    Claiming to have invented it huh?

    Let's see...

    Polarised 3D was in use in the 50's. Most don't realise that.

    Alternating left and right display has been available for years on PCs, not to mention IMAX 3D cinemas. It wants a high frequency to avoid hideous flicker though. 140hz, giving 70 for each eye, is favourite. Partly why the PC kits didn't catch on.

    BTW, the red/cyan funnyglasses don't cause nausea done well. Usually it's mismatched projection. One side higher, or worse rotated, can really ruin your day. At least using one projector means that you only have to get that right once.

    Oh, and polarised projection requires a silver screen. Few have that any more, and a white screen depolarises the light. You'd see both views in both eyes.

    What me, a stereoscopy geek? You bet!

  19. Mark

    InTru3D - er

    WoW, Intel have devoloped an amazing piece of tech, unfortunately it looks like Zalman (and a few others) have stolen their idea, traveled back in time and managed to release 'other' 3D polarised lens screens before them, the tards.

    Been running a Zalman Trimos 3D monitor for several months now, well produced vids really do jump out at you, and Race Driver GRID just has to b e seen to be believed!

    Plus it comes with a rather fetching pair of clip on lenses for us spectaacle wearers!

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Spykids 3D DVD for those who want a 3D thing at home

    With a free pair of glasses (coloured filter kind) from 2003 is still available. Sly Stalone as you never want to see him again. Still quite a laugh for the 3d thing:

    It's a slow day everyones on holiday and I'm bored. If only the world was in 3d.

  21. Pinwizard
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    not new

    It's not new.

    Sony have loads of stuff like this in Japan.

    I first came across it in 1998 at the Sony Plaza in Osaka and most recently at the Sony Park in Odaiba (Tokyo), where they have some really good 3D and spatial video that needs no glasses.

  22. Alistair

    @Graham Dawson

    I preferred Short Cuts.

    Say what you want - 3D cinema is just a gimmick, that's all. I feel sorry for the Intel marketing bod who had to stand up and take this seriously in front of an audience.

  23. Ermie Mercer

    @ Anonymous Coward

    "You'd be meaning Shutter glasses then"

    No, I meant traditional polarized viewing glasses. I was imagining a system where a single projector might show alternating left and right images, while changing the light polarization 90 degrees in between them.

  24. Maxime256

    3D NON shutter glasses monitor

    This kind of monitor is already available. You use either the polarized plastic glasses or the clip-on one (for glasses bearer) that come with the monitor. No cable, no synchronization.

    The drawback is that you need to have special rendered content in order to have the full effect (a list of games is available on the site). And an NVidia card.

    Also the ideal field of view is limited ; you cannot move toot much away fom the center axis.

    Available online, look for ZM-M190 (19" model) or (ZM-M220W) 22" model

  25. tony trolle


    think the shows at Universal studios use polarized glasses (3D) and water spray (4D)

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