back to article BlackBerry clamshell pair leaked online

Details of the first BlackBerry clamshell format phones have appeared online, following a mistake made by online retailer Expansys. Blackberry_clamshell The BlackBerry 8210 and 8820 were said to look almost identical The firm has since removed all trace of the two talkers, which were dubbed the 8210 and 8820, from its …


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  1. Andy Watt
    Thumb Down

    ... and the build quality of the hardware will be?

    Crap. Why don't they make sturdy casings? Sigh.

  2. Geoff Johnson

    At least they're green.

    Nokia made an 8210 years ago. 100% re-cycled name.

  3. Chris

    GPS -or- wifi?

    Please don't tell me this is another phone artificially crippled. You want GPS? No wifi for you!

  4. Alex


    Looks like a Moto Razr...

  5. Sleeping Dragon


    looks like a sack of shit. Boxy, flat, and whatever curves do exist are in totally the wrong place and look like they belong to a Motorola.

    Hey, Blackberry, better luck next time.

  6. tom story


    "The BlackBerry 8210 and 8820 were said to look almost identical" ...<pedant> ... errrr ... the 8820. The one with a qwerty keyboard and isnt a clamshell? </pedant>

    (I know, it's a typo, but it confused the hell out of me when the daily digest came through :). Mines the one with the curve in the pocket)

  7. Barath
    Black Helicopters

    Google has the page !!

  8. pctechxp

    Who gives a shit about design

    Its designed for people with no lives that have to be attached to e-mail 24/7, thats why the nicknamed it the crackberry and the users crackberry addicts.

    When did an addict pay any attention to the design of anything?

  9. Mike Stringer

    'First details' hey...

    So these articles on are just figments of my imagination?

    First photo - 30th April:

    More photos and the specs - 2nd May:

    I expect a lot better from The Reg than lazy journalism like this.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ Mike Stringer

    Yeah, it looks like journalists on a whole don't seem to do research on Blackberry stuff before posting. Some twat on ZDNet was implying that the Kickstart, Thunder, and Javelin blackberries were all mere rumours, and that the Javelin was named as such to capitalize on the Olympics buzz.

    And then implied that these rumours were leaks from RIM to generate buzz.

    Shock! Blackberries that will be released within the year are being talked about?! WHAT IS THE INTERNET COMING TO?

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