back to article Palm to unveil Treo Pro today?

Palm looks set to announce the Treo Pro today, according to an email sent out by one of its media agencies. Alas no specifications were provided, but the email did confirm that the device "features a one-touch Wi-Fi button, GPS, Windows Mobile 6.1 and a high-resolution flush color touchscreen". Palm Treo Pro Palm's Treo Pro …


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  1. David Edwards

    Dear palm....

    About 10 years ago I had a lovley Palm PDA that did everything I ever wanted except make phone calls. Palm OS was ace, the TOUCH screen was big and batteries lasted weeks. SO why did you get rid of palm OS, put on a tny screen, and basically seem to have spent the last ten years invetning sothing that looks like every other mobile phone that ever was. Oppotunity missed.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I won't...

    ...rush out to buy one. WM6 on the Treo 750 is poor, it will be WM7 or WM8 (a complete re-write) before this OS is suitable for a phone. Where do you start with the problems with WM6:

    1) poor memory management. Programs don't close they are just minimised so continue taking resources.

    2) data connections get themselves in a right state that a reboot is normally required.

    3) some programs have settings/options all over the place that its a nightmare to find them. Different WM6 devices have the same settings in different places.

    4) the O/S seems to become unresponsive even when nothing else is going on

    Shame Palm have gone down this route as PalmOS was quick, stable and usable. And I was looking forward to a new modern version (Cobalt?) when they took over BeOS, since Access now control the O/S the focus seems to be their Linux platform.

  3. Hans


    How come these guyz are still making stuff ? They've spent the last 10 years trying hard to go bankrupt, amazing lot!

    They started off with

    * excellent kit

    * excellent software

    They decided to make average kit, but people would still buy it! They figured, it must be the software that is driving sales, it had to be those many 3rd party applications!!!! So they attempted to discourage the developers on the Palm platform by announcing a different platform on a yearly basis! How smart was that???

    Finally, they get rid of their software and replace it with below average software ( WM{6|7|8}), clever lot, they might even go bankrupt before the end of the decade!

  4. brum

    Ignorance is cowardly.

    Guys, you might want to do some research before you vent your splein next time. Palm OS2/Nova will be launched at the start of next year, more than one new form-factor. Elevation Partners have made a 25% buy in with Palm. Management and teams esp. engineering have been overhauled like never before for Palm. Jon Rubenstein has made some big changes.

    Windows mobile will dominate their corporate world for the time being as the many corporate customers need to use Windows for exchange etc. Long term, even though it has been claimed that this is not the case, I think Palm OS2/Nova will be used for corporate use.

    I know it's taken too long and many users will be gone, that sucks. But if the new OS/devices are good enough, then people will want them. Keep in mind it takes around 18 months to produce a product from inception to production. ubenstein has been with Palm since July '07. I say, exciting times.

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