back to article Googlephone is coming soon

T-Mobile will launch an Android phone this year and with Google allowing developers access to version 0.9, we'll soon see if it has managed the finesse of an iPhone with Nokia-grade functionality. Version 0.9 of Google's platform is now available for download, with a redesigned user interface and some significant improvements …


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  1. Ralph B

    Software with no hardware?

    Is it available to run in Sadville?

  2. Kirstian K

    Re Software with no hardware?

    I agree on the surface it seems like an odd comment, and it made me laugh too.

    but i remember a plucky new OS by MS that sudenly allowed multi PC sutups to run etc. getting in there early on with a generic OS is pure genious as all phones are gradually turning into PC's anyway..

  3. Oli


    I think the reporter is a little too attached to his iPhone...

    Very exciting times that its finally coming to market, but i will be waiting for o2 to offer me something at the end of my 18months with my n95.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Are T-Mobile a marketing department due to leaks

    Seriously T-Mobile get there hands on anything be it a blackberry or googlephone and its in the news, leaked. they seriously cant be trusted to carry anything without leaking it.

    Paris, coz she has suffered these fools as well.

  5. Anthony Shortland

    Apple vs Google

    Thats gonna be an interesting battle. Apples cool put may sooner or later be classed as sooooooooo last year. Googles also cool, but the open platform will be loved by the power users as well.

  6. W


    A leak is simply an unofficial press release that the company or, indeed, the politician doesn't want to be tied to in case it explodes back in their face.

    Cf memorandums, inside sources, junior assistant, mis-sent emails... - spin, spin and more spin.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    It would be nice if...

    ...T-Mobile could concentrate on making devices that have already been released available to their customers. I tried upgrading to the Nokia E90. No joy. They also don't seem interested in the E71 either.

  8. Anton Ivanov
    Jobs Horns

    Re: Apple vs Google

    What battle?

    Check who is on whose board before having a delusion of competition.

  9. Duffy

    Before we deem Gphone to be evil...

    For all the bashing the jesus phone gets, shouldn't we be happy about a new competitor? What matters most to me is battery life, and can it do all the things it's hyped to do in a more efficient manner than current phones.

    So what if the Gphone comes out after xmas, the people that understand how much a joke the current Iphone is won't run out to best buy or an AT&T store just to have it under the tree. I'll give Gphone a chance to at least not be as bad as the jesus phone.

  10. Ben Bufton

    Poor Google

    Christ - I can see where this one is going:

    Now: "You'd be mad to buy an iPhone, it's a joke - wait for a gPhone!"

    Sept: "It's official - an iPhone killer... take that iPhone Fanbois / Sheep / Mactards!"

    Oct: "iPhone weep - the mighty HTC/Android phone will arrive any day and destroy you!"

    Nov: "Yeah, Google and HTC do right to delay till after Christmas - the iPhone will be decimated after they add the finishing touches!!"

    Feb (2009): "Just wait until it's released - JesusPhone sux!"

    March (2009): "It's out - and yeah a bit buggy... but it has a 3 megapixel camera - screw you iPhone wankers!!"

    Aug (2009 - 1 year from now): "the 2.0 software is coming and that will blow the iPhone to pieces - die Mactard scum!!"


    It's gonna be hard for a phone that's clearly built around a concept that Apple have pioneered (ie the finger touch screen interface) to ever really catch up. I'm not saying impossible, but hard.

    Add into this the whole "Company A does OS, Company B does hardware and Company C does applications" and whichever way you cut it, Android could be in for a bumpy ride.

    It's great to see more innovation in this market - and Android HAS to be better than Windows Mobile...


  11. caffeine addict

    I need sleep

    I keep reading Android as Paranoid...

    It's not an iPhone beater yet but it will probably get there. I wonder when you'll be able to upgrade your GPhone from beta release though...

  12. Anonymous Coward

    There's only one problem with the iPhone...

    And that's battery life.

    Well actually, it doesn't have a ToDo app either.

    Ok so two things.

    Well it doesn't sync memo/notes to your PC.

    Ok three things.

    Oh yeah, no copy and paste.

    Four things.

    Oh wait, it doesn't support the stereo Bluetooth 2.0 A2DP profile.

    Five things. But only Five things.

    Oh yeah, it doesn't record video, allow DUN tethering, support Bluetooth keyboards, MMS, or voice activated dialing.

    Ok, so there are 10 things the GPhone could conquer the iPhone on. This should get interesting.

    BTW I *am* an iPhone owner, so not just a basher. I *do* feel even with the issues listed above it's the best phone on the market for what I do (surfing, email and ssh with and ssh client from the App Store.)

  13. Drak

    and where is nokia?

    I think the whole android thing is stupid, you can only make apps in their version of Java. The whole idea of Java is being multiplatform, having your app available on any mobile platform. If there going to force people to use their own language they should use a speedy dynamic language like Pike. Nokia has been sitting on the potential to kill the iPhone with phones like the E90 and N810. Theyve just bought up Symbian and made it open source and are also using mobile Linux, they should be doing more to promote an open dev enviornment and access to 3rd party apps. Why is it only Jobs is able to get anything done with smartphones?

  14. Anonymous Coward

    re There's only one... by AC

    The iPhone also doesn't wash the dishes or make a boiled egg that's still runny for me to dip my toast in.

    For what most people use the iPhone for (or any phone really) - it rocks! Most users of mobile phones and/or the iPhone will never need copy and paste, or DUN tethering or any of the other stuff you mention really.

    Web browsing is the best of any mobile device I've seen or used. Text messages are handled in a new way that actually makes sense - more like an instant messaging app. Email is properly integrated and with the large clear screen they are actually readable. The keyboard is, for me, much better for most things than a standard keyboard - certainly a lot quicker. And it can play my music. It doesn't do anything more than other phones can, but it's HOW it does them.

    There are things that I would like the iPhone to do, but ultimately I don't see why people are bashing the iPhone because it doesn't do absolutely everything anyone could think of.

  15. Adrian

    So is El Reg

    going to call these a generic 'Gesusphone' as opposed to a 3Gesus-phone ?

  16. Jonathan Tate

    Can't wait... replace my damn HTC Apache!

  17. Anonymous Coward

    You are all deluded

    My N95 already does ALL of this. It does everything. And better than your does as well.

    Yes - you are all deluded.

  18. David Halko

    Android on Java on an iPhone?

    It seems funny... people are talking about Android, Google, and iPhone and not considering the obvious - Android on an iPhone.

    It seems that the iPhone has a Java bytecode hardware engine built into it.

    Users can jailbreak the iPhone to get Java onto it.

    The The Innaworks product, alcheMo for iPhone, could reasonably bring Android to the iPhone, without a jailbreak (although the following article does not mention Android as a targeted Java application.)

    With those new 3G iPhones at $199, it will not be long for the 1 generation iPhone to be available at a steal on eBay... they would make a good Android candidate!

  19. Neoc

    Name for the new GPhone:

    The Marvin?

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    RE: Poor Google

    "It's gonna be hard for a phone that's clearly built around a concept that Apple have pioneered (ie the finger touch screen interface) to ever really catch up"

    I've never known a single sentence to be such complete and utter bo**ocks as that.

    Bloody Fantards!

    //Paris because I'm sure she's had some experience of bo**ocks too!

  21. rick buck

    still waiting...

    ...and I'm still waiting for delivery of my Google TISP (toilet based, internet broadband).

    ....starting to get toilet seat impression...very painful...what, it was a joke...

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