back to article Dell cloud computing™ denied

Dell has lost its bid to trademark the widely-used term “cloud computing”. The computer giant had filed an application to trademark the phrase with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in March 2007. However, according to blogger Sam Johnston, Dell’s application was officially rejected by the USPTO late last week. In …


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  1. Sooty


    "US Patant office shocks world by making a sensible decision" have been a more appropriate headline

  2. Mark Broadhurst

    Dell Fog Computing

    or Dell Mist Computing

    Comming soon...

  3. Eddie Edwards
    Thumb Down


    I was looking forward to seeing the term "cloud computing" squander in disuse owing to IP restrictions.

    Someone please TM Web 3.0 then we won't have to go through *that* again either.

  4. FathomsDown

    I'm not so sure....

    "few of us think 'Dell' when we think of 'cloud computing'"

    For some reason I always think of a cloud of smoke when I think of Dell servers... Especially when you plug them in for the first time and an "unexpected manufacturing defect" (i.e. a self tapping screw through the power tracks on the motherboard) causes the server to catch fire.

    I love Dell, me.

  5. Anonymous Coward
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    A true "source identifier" for Dell's products and services

    Dell came close. If they had filed for "cr@p computing" it would have been awarded based on being an accurate descriptor of their products and services.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    @ Mark Broadhurst

    I guess that Dell is now carbon neutral, can we expect HP to attempt to trademark "Smog Computing" ?

  7. Martin Lyne


    ..this just the rich-man's equivalent of domain squatting? Only with PHRASES.

    Head-in-the-cloud computing™?

  8. Captain DaFt

    A question

    Ok, The first time you ever heard of "Cloud Computing", how many of you immediately thought, "Oh, so that's what vaporware runs on!"?

  9. Chris C

    re: Dell Fog Computing

    "or Dell Mist Computing"

    I think you have an extra 't' in there...

  10. Adam Williamson


    Might I suggest the similar yet somehow more appropriate "clown computing"?

  11. Paul Blonde

    Mist or missed?

    While mist sounds right, the spelling isn't quite on the mark for Dell. That would be more like "missed".

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