back to article Yahoo! board! adds! Icahn! allies!

Following through on its pact with Wall Street kingpin Carl Icahn, Yahoo! said today that two Icahn pals have been added to its board of directors. In late July, Icahn called off his Yahoo! proxy battle in exchange for three board seats: one for himself and two more to be filled with two other names from his list of nominees. …


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  1. Herby

    Start the short sale NOW!

    The value is going down!

    If Icahn IS successful at selling Yahoo to somebody other than Microsoft, it might work, but if it goes to Microsoft, I suspect that it will fade away like all things BORKd.

  2. Léon
    Thumb Up

    I! love! Yahoo! stories!

    I don't read them always, but the title makes me smile all the time :D

  3. JCL


    I'm the same with Facebook stories.

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