back to article Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 release date named

Sony Ericsson's eagerly anticipated Xperia X1 Windows Mobile-based smartphone looks set to be released early October. Sony Ericsson Xperia 1 Sony Ericsson's Xperia X1: set to debut in October In a recent promotional email, retailer Expansys said that the phone’s “release date is set for week 41 (Oct 6-12)”. Expansys also …


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  1. Bad Beaver
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    Now tell me...

    ... as I might be out of touch — am I the only person wondering why anyone would eagerly anticipate anything Windows Mobile-based? Sony Ericsson doesn't know either. Have you seen the Xperia website? Go there and check out the product movie. It's amazing—about 85% of the time it it's nothing but nice shots of colorful paper planes poking people in the eye until we finally get a short glimpse of the product, with the overall remaining impression of "the interface does something wiggly." Think what you will of Apple's Jesusphone, at least their ads show you what the darn thing can do.

  2. Steve Babb

    But it's...

    ....still not as good as the iPhone.....hang on, jebus phones are they're not...yes they loser.....

    There, that should cover most of the comments to this story, now on with the rest.

    I'm looking forward to seeing if this will be good enough to replace the P1i that's taken pretty much everything thrown at it so far. Will be interesting to see what the contract prices are like.

    Mine's the one you're nicking the 6210i out of you robbing bastard..I loved that phone...I will find you one day

  3. Bad Beaver

    @ Steve Babb

    Steve, if you cry for that 6210i, have a look at the E51. Low Jesus-factor but otherwise just works superbly.

  4. Surur

    I'm chosing this over the HTC Touch Pro due to

    arc slider - like my HTC Kaiser/Tilt - I like the tilt feature, and the Touch Pro does not have it.

    Larger screen - 3 inches better than 2.8 inches.

    Higher resolution - 800x480 is better than VGA.

    3.5mm headphone jack better than HTC's extUSB

    Sony's software and game and music support - the device is set to come with access to a sony music and games store, while the Touch Pro does not come with any value add.

    I expect the Touch Pro's keyboard to be better, but I think the features mentioned above will make up for it.

    Of course, lets not even compare it to the iPhone 3G - low res screen, poor 3G, no hard keyboard, poor bluetooth stack, no cut and paste, kill switch etc etc etc etc.

  5. Chobley

    Looks like a P990i...

    ...for people who have fat fingers. Know nothin' about the product. I'm sticking with my P990i, with the flip off...until the day it dies, which incedently product wise for the P series - was the day the P990i was released.

    X1...hmmm another 'X' amount of mistakes in a mobile for SE? Call me cynical I love there products and will always buy them even if they don't work properly...lets just see what happens eh, upon release or failed rushed-to-market release?

  6. Tony Paulazzo

    want one...

    Shame about the camera, was thinking they'd include a 5 MP one, like samsung's newest. Wish my present contract finished soon, but I'm 'stuck' with my old samsung u600 'till March.

  7. Levente Szileszky
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    Classic out-of-touch, ridiculous pricing...

    ...perhaps Sony leaned over Ericsson this time?

    Though the phone looks nice and presumably it's going to be the first WM-based phone without their signature lack of responsiveness - e.g. when Windows stops to 'think' - this hilarious pricing makes it a completely laughable proposition.... there's pretty much NOTHING that would justify it, I think.

    I am disgusted by the crap Apple/ATT pull on the iPhone but at least the 3G unit became a peopeely priced unit now - this Xperia is late and approx 2x as expensive as it should be in order to be able to compete with Apple.

    Think again, SE, before it's too late...

  8. Dominik Stansby

    I've been waiting for this phone since March!!

    And I am gonna have one as soon as it comes out, I'm determined!

    I just hope that ends up on a decent network. Although I guess no matter which networks has it, we are going to have to pay for it even on an 18 month contract as it's such an expensive phone. But to be honest I won't mind paying £100 plus a contract for it!

    P.S. Does anyone know if this phone has a 3.5mm headphone socket? Cos if not I am gonna be incredibly disappointed and as it's being made by HTC I'd suspect it'll just have a stupid USB socket thing and come with AWFUL headphones..

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