back to article Three-alarm fire bakes Apple facility

A three-alarm fire scorched the roof and damaged offices at Apple's Cupertino, California campus late Tuesday evening. First reports of smoke began at about 10 pm Pacific Time last night. It took Santa Clara County Fire Department approximately two and a half hours to extinguish the blaze, which is believed to have been …


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  1. StopthePropaganda

    Funny-I just got issued an 1Phone 3G this morning

    and I just watched the Apple fire on it. Now there's "value added" for our clients, right?

    So just like Vista, I used it for three months and then bitched about it. Now the iPhone gets the same treatment.

    Still not sure how the hell this thing is considered an "enterprise" device.

  2. Steve Evans

    So was it....

    A Li-Ion battery or an Nvidia chipset?

  3. kain preacher


    Looks Apple had a fire sale . Mines the one that says SCCFD on the back. covered in soot.

  4. Herby

    Wrong name for Building

    The building name is called "Valley Green 6", as Apple buildings are named for the street they are on. In this particular case, the street is called Valley Green Drive. The building houses some of the "advanced products" team as I remember.

    Look at:,+ca&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=44.793449,60.732422&ie=UTF8&ll=37.337869,-122.03373&spn=0.011038,0.014827&z=16&layer=c&cbll=37.33233,-122.0347&panoid=UCJeO66dlelyfWNSrQ6jEA&cbp=2,359.4875408942335,,0,0.7152610562079165

  5. Rob Crawford


    It's a good bob they whernt using iSmokealarm otherwise it may have lost all it's emergancy services contact numbers

  6. Rob Crawford

    oh I forgot

    Why has no key said "Bill did it"

    Or all the fanboys on flights to Redmond to exact revenge ?

    I do hope that Winalaem is up to the job.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    Is that...

    A road named "Vista Drive" I see just south of Infinite Loop? :)


    ANYBODY SEEN......

    Steve Balmer lately?

  9. Webster Phreaky
    Jobs Horns

    Was this Fire In A Red Chinese Sweatshop?? ....

    Had to be, since it makes sense that the same dirt floor Commie Chinese Sweatshop that makes the buggy not so 3G iPhony and Macs would also do the Buggy and Flaky Engineering on the crap Apple products outsourced for manufacture to third world countries robbing Union Member Americans of jobs (not Stevie Gods Jobs) as Apple was the FIRST to do in the computer industry and still does.

    Boy oh boy, don't I sound just like a big LibTard just like the LibTards that buy (cr)Apple junk and bash other American big evil companies for the same thing that Apple STARTED??

    It's Ironic of course, since Apple has a long history of their computers, especially PowerBook, iBooks and MacBooks catching fire or exploding batteries ... now it's the smelly Stevie clones that draw pretty pictures of the outsides (enclosures) and send them to China for the real engineering, that has caught fire!! Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ....

  10. kain preacher


    No but Larry Ellison was seen near by at De Anza college

  11. b166er

    Sultanas, sugar and custard with that please


  12. Robert Moore

    Why why why

    Just wondering if anyone knew why Webster Phreaky has such a hate on for Apple?

    I have two theories:

    1. He was once raped by Steve Jobs

    2. He really loves Apple, and is just in denial.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Is actually just a perl script (or vbscript, maybe?) that some rogue MS developer let loose. His commentary is based upon actual internal memos and emails from Redmond.

  14. Patrick

    @not Enterprise Device

    Tell the banks, oh thats right, they are only for iTards to put only money in that is "invested poorly". They are also making decisions to get off their crackberrys and add a new drug of choice:

    "HSBC could order 200,000 iPhones: Global banking giant HSBC is considering ditching the BlackBerry and adopting Apple's iPhone as its standard staff mobile device, a move that could result in an order for some 200,000 iPhones."

  15. Patrick

    @Steve Evans: chipset.

    My vote is for a dodgy manufactured nVidia 8600 GPU chipset in a Macbook Pro =)

    Of course though the story points to the HVAC (Air Conditioning unit) as the source. Probably made in China in the Factory next door to the one making iPods and Macs.

  16. Anonymous Coward

    @Robert Moore

    He has probably met mac users, thats enough to trigger pathological hatred in most

    Good old BOFH/PFY said - "Mac's are the piano accordian of computers entertaining but not for professionals"

    On mac users:

    "So you're not so concerned about them?"

    "No, no, I think they should burn in hell like the dirty heathens they are"

    Definition of good taste; Knowing how to plat the piano accordian but choosing no to.(-;

  17. Patrick

    Apple should have plenty of cash to fix the air conditioning unit.

    The bloody mongrels just surpassed Google in market value and are creeping upwards close to toppling IBM in company worth.

    For reference, some selected current market values:

    • Microsoft (MSFT) - $255,648,204,000

    • IBM (IBM) - $169,964,678,000

    • Apple (AAPL) - $157,012,662,240

    • Google (GOOG) - $156,392,862,560

    • Cisco (CSCO) - $142,125,692,160

    • Intel (INTC) - $135,658,860,000

    • Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) - $111,866,423,760

    • Nokia (NOK) - $97,746,699,520

    • Research In Motion (RIMM) - $71,143,935,000

    • Disney (DIS) - $59,257,501,500

    • Dell (DELL) - $50,483,256,060

    • Sony (SNE) - $38,423,938,420

    • Amazon (AMZN) - $36,292,728,410

    • Yahoo! (YHOO) - $28,020,673,800

    • Adobe (ADBE) - $24,198,781,026

    • Motorola (MOT) - $22,415,964,785

    • RealNetworks (RNWK) - $1,002,688,900

    • Palm (PALM) - $839,364,300

    • Napster (NAPS) - $75,203,000

  18. Anonymous Coward

    Typical Apple...

    they had a fire to get in the news- no-one was hurt, no incredibly serious damage done- it's typically form-over-function press-time-grabbing nonesense...

  19. Daniel B.

    Source of fire

    Someone had one of those overheating MacBooks with the defective Sony battery. iFire! iFire!

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    @Robert Moore

    I believe that Webster Phreaky has been outed at the CEO of Motorola and he is still peeved at the loss of the G4 business.

    Pair-us because you always need a pair.

  21. Ade

    Jobs on form

    I had heard that Steve Jobs had a reputation for legendary firings....

    ...I'll get me coat.

  22. pctechxp

    The iPhone is so good

    it's smokin'!

  23. Paul

    Fan problem again?

    If only they had remembered to update the firmware on their air conditioning units so the fans were on at the right time this might never have happened.

  24. Parax

    Apple Air Conditioning?


  25. AD

    why a "three-alarm" fire?

    Since this is a UK site, can anyone explain to us Brits what is meant by a "three-alarm fire" - and what other sorts there are - is it a scale from 0-10? Who classifies the fire? What difference does it make?

  26. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    RE: @not Enterprise Device

    Yes, and if you actually believe that one I have a sweet deal for you regarding some property in Florida! It is quite normal for purchasing teams to regularly go to suppliers such as O2 and check what deal they can offer on business phones from a cost-reduction viewpoint. Not surprisingly, both airtime providers and phone vendors talk up these chats as though they are about to gouge out some major chunk of competitor's business. You may recall that when Vodafone had a market exclusive on the Treo in the UK a few years ago they named a new company each week that was "considering switching to Vodafone and Treos" - the majority did not. The reality is until the deal is done and implemented it's just hot air, and even after implementation there is still plenty of time for technical and/or operational issues to lead to a reversal. The RIM BES solution is still the best and most secure and rounded enterprise solution, and no amount of wishful thinking from any fanboi site is going to change that.

    In the meantime, pass the marshmellows!


    RE: Why a "Thre-Alarm" fire

    As to why, fires are rated as to the number of companies sent to respond. A fire with one pumper and/or ladder truck is "one alarm". If it is found help is needed, it becomes two alarm and more equipment is sent. And if they can't handle it, three alarm ab\nd so on. Even in NYC, it seldom gets beyond five alarm. At 5, the equipment there is so numerous, they are just using the manpower from a lot of fire companies to fight the fire.

    The highest I have heard of is the "General Alarm". All equipment in a city goes to the fire. I beleive the World Trade Center in NYC was its only general alarm.

  28. kain preacher

    webster/man from mars

    Are both experiential AI bots. One runs on vista the other on linux. I let you guess which one is which.

  29. Tim

    For Sale

    Fire damaged goods now for sale cheap. Maybe they were making a battery that lasts longer in the new iPhone and it blew up?

  30. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    The highest I have heard of is the "General Alarm". All equipment in a city goes to the fire. I beleive the World Trade Center in NYC was its only general alarm.

    Out here on the west coast it when they call for mutual aid from out of county. Standard mutual aid when you have more than one city FD involved usually from a surrounding city, This is usually done only if its a small city and they need help, or its in a rural area .If you need help from out of county shit has really hit the fan. Oakland fire storm would be an example of that.

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