back to article Brown's website is Web2.0tastic

Ten Downing Street has a new website, or rather blog. And it's hip. Based on open source WordPress code, the site ticks off every Web 2.0 word-bingo box - even claiming to be in Beta. It's got everything the kids want: A Flickr page, a YouTube channel, podcasts and even a Twitter section - "it's 10 Downing Street here! I'm at …


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  1. citizenx

    Who wants..

    ..To talk to this deadbeat anyway?

    Well, other than to tell him to go - now.

  2. TeeCee Gold badge

    18th August?

    Sounds familiar. They must have contracted out the development of Sweaty Gordon's email service to a Dutch company and they're off caravanning around Europe until the 18th, along with everyone else in the country.

  3. Kobayashi Gimp

    I've got crumbs on my RFC1918

    Nice to see our gov pays as much attention to website development as they do national development.


    <div class="bread_crumb_news">

    <!-- Breadcrumb, generated by Breadcrumb NavXT 2.1.2 - -->

    <a title="Browse to: Home" href="">Home</a> &gt; <a href="/news" title="Browse to: News">News</a> &gt; Latest News

    </div><br />

  4. Ed

    Web 1.0

    How about one of those Web 1.0 Hyperlinks?

  5. druck Silver badge


    Would it be too much to ask for a URL so we can go and laugh at this steaming pile of Web 2.0 nu-badger?

  6. Darren Burrows
    Thumb Down

    Work Experience

    Why do I get the impression this site has been built by a work experience kid they currently have in. Or better yet, a younger family member of an MP, who got given a nice cash sum make the site, which was then done in around oooooh 30 minutes?

    What I love about it the most is the fact its in Beta. I take it this means that any outages in day to day governance of the UK are classed as acceptable due to the beta status?

  7. steogede

    @Kobayashi Gimp

    >> href=""

    Well I suppose must me 'beta' in the MS sense, rather than the Web 2.0 sense.

  8. steogede

    What I want to know

    I want to know how many millions they overpaid for this.

  9. Mark

    Brown signs..

    ... like a child with crayon

  10. Adam Wynne
    Thumb Down

    404 error, ffs

    Why is our prime minister in beta anyway? Hasn't he been user acceptance tested already?

  11. Ian Ferguson
    Dead Vulture


    This article would be improved 100% by an actual link to the website you're talking about.

    It's, for those wondering.

    I wonder... can we take the prominent logos for Flickr, YouTube and Twitter as proof that Number 10 officially endorse these sites, over their competitors?

    I just hope that the Queen's official site will be relaunched in a similar style, so Twitter can have one of those 'by appointment to her majesty' stamps.

  12. Righteously Indignant

    it might be my fault...

    I got into the habit of sending one email a day every day to the unelected numpty asking him why he hadn't called an election yet. Never did get a response...

  13. Richard

    Feeling catty...

    Interesting to note in the history section that every PM but the last has a profile of their spouse as well. A bit of Troosers' dislike for Madame Blair creeping through?

  14. Sam
    Paris Hilton

    I looked at the video section and was disapointed

    I went to the site and looked at the video section. I was very disapointed, Not one video of Gordo with a pie in his face. I was hoping for a good video of him in a fight or smokin the reefa but none.

    >Paris do I need to explain the video link?

  15. Ben Mathews

    @ Adam Wynne

    No, there was never any user acceptance. They just switched over from the legacy app without consultation with users.

  16. amanfromMars Silver badge

    That would be One of those New Fangled, Entangled GCHQhost Sites, I suppose.

    Seeing is Believing, John Oates, and for once I am temporarily lost for Words :-)... Knocked down with a Feather's Touch, akin to a Welsh KISS.

    Beam me Up, Scotty. [And Prudence forbids any Thoughts of Mission Accomplished whenever the Journey and ITs Trips may have only just Begun ...... ]

  17. Anonymous Coward

    So that's why this morning I got a response to the petition I signed

    It said something like we don't give a monkeys that you can't fly your kite on unused farm land for more then 28 days without the farmer loosing his subsidies, what do you think this is a way of correcting stupid decisions or something?

    So I guess it's back to ignoring lectures on how sports fields are only made for people to walk their dogs for me then.

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    New Labour - Same old, Same old

    All Flashy and nothing works? Sounds like a perfect web site for this PM (and the last one to be honest).

    The lights are on but no one is home...

    (Paris, she also doesn't care if lights are on or off)

  19. Andy Taylor

    I've just realised

    It's a bit rich for the Register to be moaning about the Number 10 site's Web 2.0 credentials when you can't even put html tags in these comments boxes.

  20. n


    ...someone forward his website link to the south ossetian hAck1Ng kR£W......regards.

    @ Adam Wynne

    next user acceptance test due shortly:

  21. James Anderson


    Its a classic tactic if you think your next up for the P45 and security some security guard assisted desk emptying.

    Scan the job adds to get an idea of the job market, contact your old buddies and start networking.

    It looks like its already paying dividends for the jammy bastard -- he's picked up a good contact for a work experience placement fixing ambulances, plus, a lead on how he can console himself with some self-medication.

    Hint to Mr. Broon, in the few months you have left in charge you could off-shore the whole thingy to Bangalore, simple rebranding to "" and a few hundred thousand redundencies would do the trick.

  22. Graham

    I think...'s the crudely animated lens flare on the "Number10tv" intro that really takes the biscuit.

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wordpress copywrite

    If this is wordpress - and it certainly appears to be... where are the wordpress copywrite/credit notes - generally at the bottom of the page. Are they allowed to remove them? I'm not sure what the GPL says on the subject, but I thought that copywrite notes were supposed to be left there?

    At the very least wordpress should be credited somewhere shouldn't it?

  24. Anonymous Coward

    re: Why is our prime minister in beta?

    Maybe because he has not been elected?

    Wonder if he'll make it....

  25. Damien
    Thumb Up

    Whats wrong with it??

    It isn't a bad website, in fact it's quite nice, yes a few problems with that link but that isn't a big issue.

    It's accessible, usable, functional what more could you want.

    I don’t understand the people who comment just to 'have said something'

    I give it a big thumbs up as at least they are trying.

  26. cphi
    Black Helicopters

    51st state?

    according to Geotool the IP number is somewhere in Kansas

    anybody care to explain?

  27. John Shepherd

    No credit to wordpress, but auto generated comments left

    I like how they've left in this comment:

    <!-- leave this for stats please -->

    but then remove what it actually refers to (the generator tag, normally populated with the wordpress version eg.:

    <meta name="generator" content="WordPress 2.2" />

  28. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh that is Fugly

    Epic fail in the making.

    And what is he doing advertising other companies with government money.

    Oh and they couldn't even get from a search link domain squatter :)

    It doesn't even render properly - that is a pile of pants - kinda representative of what he has done to this country.

    Ohhh, may have found the author or a person they 'had' some code from.

    beware he has troll spray :)

  29. Chris


    Sorry Adam but you only get a pass for UAT at a general election.

    He is most certainly still in Beta

  30. Julian

    Wordpress eh?

    Does that mean our beloved PM is in or out of the loop?

  31. The Avangelist

    you dont have to add those copyrights

    the word press copyright slots are optional from what I remember.

  32. The Avangelist

    errrr hang on a theme bashing lazy coder second

    networker-10 Theme is a freely available theme. They have probably made a decent profit essentially installing Wordpress on a secure government server!

    Why is nobody approaching me with these jobs!

    Holy Government paycheque scandal Batman!

  33. Nick Charlton
    Thumb Down

    @David: Only in the code.

    GPL states that it only needs to be mentioned. So it will be in the code..somewhere..where no-one can see it....

    What's more annoying is that you can't click on the top logo; apart from the fact that the site is a complete waste of my money.

  34. H

    hmmm... not valid html.

    no text only link

    no text size widget

    images without alt tags

    tsk tsk tsk. Looks like an MP's kid did it as a summer project.

    I suppose it will become properly accessible when there is a ramp up the steps at number 10.

  35. Duckorange
    Paris Hilton

    "Done, but with errors on page"


  36. Pete

    @ Righteously Indignant

    And those others saying we didn't vote for Gordon Brown

    This is Britain, we do things differently to America, learn about how your country works, we don't vote for Prime Ministers, and I am damn glad we don't, look and the crapfest which is the US presidential race.

    As to the site, well, it could do with being done by a professional web designer.

    Apart from that, it's OK, for a blog with a default template.

  37. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Errors found while checking this document as XHTML 1.0 Transitional!

    72 Errors, 28 warning(s)

  38. Hugo

    Subheadline typo

    I went to but there's nothing there, the real address is

  39. Richard


    Strictly speaking, the people in Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath voted for him. So, as always, blame Scotland.

  40. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Ha ha!

    Type 'crap' into the search box - comes back with one hit - An interview with Bob Geldof...


  41. spiny norman

    Prime Minister's Questions from the youth of today

    Y wont u let us by nifes, there well wikkid innit?

  42. Chris


    You are right, we don't vote for a Prime Minister, we vote for a Party.

    BUT, the image/persona of the person who will eventually become PM plays a great part in which party you vote for.

    Policies change (daily?) but an MP's spots won't !

    So whilst you may like to think this country votes for a political party, I'll guarantee that the majority actually vote for a person. There are statistics that prove this !

    p.s. Web-site isn't that bad if taken at face value.

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