back to article Symantec wins big in UK bootleg software case

Symantec today claimed its biggest win to date in Europe in a software piracy case. The software company received £700,000 in damages and costs from Nusoft Trading Ltd, an Essex, UK distributor of counterfeit Symantec software. Symantec sued Robert Waterman and Nusoftfor selling 35,000 bootleg copies of pcAnywhere. The court …


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  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "The court barred the defendents from dealing in counterfeit Symantec software..."

    A bit like banning a 15-year-old joy-rider from driving in the UK for two years. Or are other people/companies are allowed to deal in counterfeit software?

  3. Anonymous Coward


    Yes - screwing up your system is entirely the province of Symantec.

    They should patent it.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Have Symantec been hacked then?

    I downloaded Internet Security 2008 from their web site and it does not work properly and disrupts my systems. Are they pedalling counterfeit software?

    Honestly, I have used the Norton products for many years and for the last two years they have steadily got worse to the point that they are more disruptive than a virus. Makes Microsofts Live One Care look polished and professional!

  5. david wilson


    I think it's the glow of certainty that's the difference.

    "Why buy knock-off software that may screw up your systems, when you could go legit and remove all doubt?"

  6. David Neil
    Coat that won’t work properly, and may disrupt their system...

    Having seen PCanywhere repeatedly lock up windows servers in our place, I'd be hard pushed to tell the difference...

  7. David Perry

    software disrupting systems

    Norton AV may be slow but it's never screwed up on me. Their internet security suite as a whole, mainly the firewall, isn't worth bothering with.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Norton AV: @Dominic Contardi

    Why the "joke" icon? It's true, and it's not funny :-( the amount of IT admin hours it wastes...

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Why bother copying ?

    Symantec stuff has been bloated crap for years now that applies 4 disc brakes to the OS !

    Symantec should be paying the guy to give the stuff away.

  10. Tom

    Don't buy...

    counterfeit software that won’t work properly, and may disrupt your system.

    Only buy genuine Symantec software that won’t work properly, and will disrupt your system.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    At least you know with Norton

    That your system will be so slow and crippled that any hack attempt will probably time out, and the kids can't surf porn as they wouldn't wait long enough...

    Cripples your system, but it's the good kind of crippling that protects you... kind of like breaking someone's legs so they can't throw themselves off the car park.

  12. JeffyPooh
    Thumb Down

    I bought Norton Internet Security 2007 3-pack for my three PCs. I became so amazingly frustrated that I had to start a Symantec-Sucks blog simply to have somewhere to paste the many cut-and-paste screen captures of their blatant cock-ups. Image after image of blatant errors on their part. The blog has more than 100 posts now. And these are not silly little blame-the-user finger problems. These are plainly stupid errors on their part documented with screen captures.

    I've removed the NIS crap from my old XP desktop (works much better now). The next two PCs will go freeware once the Symantec subscriptions expire. Why anyone would steal a pile of dung is beyond me. What next, steal a copy SAP? Gag me with a fork.

  13. Richard Porter

    Don't buy...

    Actually the software isn't counterfeit. In all probability the outfit was selling an accurate transcription, albeit in breach of copyright. Only the packaging is counterfeit. So if it cripples your system then it would do the same if bought from Symantec.

  14. Jay

    No more NIS

    I have to agree with one of the AC above. I've used NAV/NIS for quite a few years now, and until NIS2008 I had no real complaints (slowing stuff down is a given).

    Quite simply NIS2008 is just horrible. For a few months when I asked my PC to shutdown it would seemingly hang on the shutdown screen. A bit of investigation pointed toward a Symantec process just not wanting to go away. This annoyed me so much I even logged a support call with Symmentec. They wheren't much help, but I don't recall seeing the problem as of late, so maybe they fixed that in one of the frequent updates...

    ...which brings me onto the new LiveUpdate front end. On previous versions of LiveUpdate you'd get a decent window that not only told you what it was downloading, but how big the files where and how much of them it has downloaded. Now you just get something with some red/green traffic lights telling you that it is either downloading or installing updates. So you have no real clue of what it's doing and more importantly, how long it might take.

    Stuff like this combined with the nastiness that is Vista has prompted me to move to Mac in a few months when I've saved up my pennies. I know that Macs aren't invunerable and have their own problems, but I've had enough!

  15. JeffyPooh
    Thumb Down

    Norton downloads 46 files to check for updates

    I posted on my blog about how NIS07 has to download about 46 separate files just to check to see if there are any updates. It takes about a full minute even with high speed Internet - just to CHECK for updates. My blog post on this subject included a cut-and-paste text grab of the entire 3-foot long process of checking for updates. What was their first reaction? They disabled right-click in that update window (as if that slowed me down by even 5 seconds). They really 'fixed it' in NIS08 by hiding the details of the world's most inefficient update check process. They're not only stupid, but they also have an evil streak too.

  16. John Dougald McCallum

    Semantic 'R' c**p

    I got rid of this Piece of Sh1te about a year ago now use Avira AntiVir Updates every day takes about 30/40 seconds No problems so far as for a firewall I use Comodo and its FREE !!!!!!!!

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