back to article PS3 DVR add-on launch delayed

PlayStation 3 fans hungry to get their hands on a PlayTV unit will have to wait just a little bit longer than expected, because Sony’s delayed the add-on’s launch date. Sony_Play_TV PlayTV arrives in the UK next month The company has told Eurogamer that the unit will be launched in Blighty until 19 September, a date …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Don't get it


    1) Pay £70 for 2 tuner functionality and use your PS3's hardware (disk space etc.) so you can record digital TV. Perhaps it will upscale the DTT source for an HD set - not mentioned though, just guessing.

    2) Pay £99 for a Thompson DTI6300S dual tuner digital PVR with a built in 250GB hard disk of its own. It has TopUpTV but that is of little use.

    So, £29 extra for 250Gb and no use of existing resources...

    Am I missing something ?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture


    "The company has told Eurogamer that the unit will be launched in Blighty until 19 September, a date confirmed on the website of retailer Game."

    Until 19 september? What happens afterwards?

  3. The Mighty Spang

    yeah lets fuck the planet.

    yeah handy thing, but like using the ps3 as a dvd player, its chewing energy at huge rate - couple of hundred watts. scale that a few million, probably takes an entire power plant just to allow ps3s to do things that they are way to "overqualified" for.

  4. Antidisestablishmentarianist

    @Don't get it

    "Am I missing something?"


    You are missing the rest of the world.

    In lil' old NZ for example this will make the PS3 one of the few PVRs in the world (yes world) that can record DVB-T Mpeg4 HD broadcasts. This is totally irrelevant to you in the UK as such broadcasts don't exist - making the PlayTV a bit pointless as you suggest. But where this 'new' broadcast tech exists, it's a godsend (I think some of the scandi countries also use this).

    Oh, and um, it means I get a DVD player, BluRay player, music/video server, PVR etc all in one box, with ONE remote. Win Win Win. Oh and it plays games, but you can't have everything I guess.

  5. Danger Mouse
    Thumb Down

    Digital Cable Anyone?

    I'll keep my pennies in my wallet until a 3rd party comes out with a PVR that I can hook up to my telewest or sky feeds as both Sky+ & Virgin+ are fecking horrid.

    (If anyone does know of a 3rd party set top box that can do it please feel free to let me know.)

  6. Robert Hill


    And so have you compared the energy used by the "overqualified" PS3 against the energy used to manufacture, ship, distribute, AND power a "less-qualified" box to do those same functions? Have you looked at those numbers in light of many people will own a games machine ANYWAY, that is already produced, shipped, distributed, etc?

    Is the difference really anything worth writing home about, or are we just being green here just to prove we can spout off about being green? (Oh hell, I've probably just tarred the entire green movement with one brush stroke...lolz).

    In summary, energy conservation MATTERS - but building special boxes just because they can do one function with slightly less consumption than an existing box is probably a poor decision from a total energy life-cycle analysis.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    RE: Digital Cable Anyone?

    A dreambox with the correct cam emulator (mgcamd etc) will do this.

  8. NoOnions

    @ Danger Mouse

    "Sky + is fecking horrid" - I'd like to know why you think so. I may not have any love for the Murdoch/Sky Empire but I find Sky + to be excellent - much easier to use than all other PVRs I seen/used. I wouldn't be without Sky + now.

  9. Joe

    @Digital Cable Anyone?

    Can't be done. Not legally anyway.

    Cable Company specific set-top boxes generally use encryption.

    I just hope that the announcement that we won't be able to transfer video to other devices only applies to the US.

  10. James Pickett (Jp)

    Cannot Copy to PSP

    Other sites are reporting that the feature to copy recorded programs to PSP won't be included - although remote streaming to PSP will.

    Shame really, this was the feature that really set it apart from dedicated PVRs.

    On the green thing - if you really care that much, stop heating your house, cooking your food and taking hot baths/showers. That's where the real energy demand is coming from, not your PS3.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Slow news day, or fanboyism?

    9 days for fecks sake...

  12. Simon A

    @Danger Mouse

    Try getting a device with GuidePlus ( It's not perfect but does the job of recording either the integrated freeview and Sky/Virgin (uses a red-eye device to control the the set top box). I recently got a Sony HXD870B DVD-HDD for just under £200 - only a single tuner but that's good enough for my needs (i.e. record Virgin, watch freeview or vice versa). Plus it upscales TV and DVD (1080p), plays MP3, shows photos and unlike Sky+/Virgin+, doesn't cost me a monthly fee to use it!

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Doesnt sound good value to me

    Am i missing something here, why would anyone pay £70 for this. You can get a brand new dedicated PVR with the same functionality as this for £40 - £60 with a 80/160GB hard disk. Usually a dedicated unit is better then a bolt on. As far as im aware this Sony version doesnt do anything that a normal PVR cant do. If it recorded to the HHD in HD resolution then maybe it would be worth buying but with the tiny standard HDD thats found in the PS3 you wouldnt store very much HD quality video.

  14. Danger Mouse

    @ NoOnions

    The first five Sky+ boxes I had all died on me due to one fault or another, so I took the plunge and upgraded to HD version, which seems to be holding out (touch wood). However, the UI is very very clunky, and takes an age to respond to the remote, which is a pain in the arse when pausing live footie if I'm gagging to drain the wee vein, it also skips the end of some programs which over run. Compared to the TiVO box I had in the states it comes in a very poor second (V+ HD would come in 4th, behind a betamax recorder.)

  15. Simon J. Richards

    @The Mighty Spang

    When you ask "...have you compared the energy used by" should we take it to mean that _you_ have done the sums yourself?

    Thought not.

    For sure using a PS3 rather than building and shipping a whole new box - with the ubiquotous 'warm' transformer adapter - makes sense in the short term, but in the medium to long term an active PS3's energy use far outstrips that of a typical PVR (especially the newer generation) even when you include build and shipping.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So this thing supports Mpeg4?

    Are you sure about that? If so I'll definately be buying one, it's the only standard to be deployed in Ireland in the coming months, pity for all those who bought dvb-t mpeg2 eh.

  17. SB
    Thumb Down


    shame there's no satellite tuner option so we can get the Freesat (esp the HD content) stuff in the UK...that would be nice. DVB-T PVR's are old hat really.

  18. Owen

    @Cannot Copy to PSP

    'On the green thing - if you really care that much, stop heating your house, cooking your food and taking hot baths/showers. That's where the real energy demand is coming from, not your PS3.'

    Bah, if you really want to be green, get a 360. That way you can do all the above with one device ( well, at least heat the water for the bath..I do adore my 360 but its a hot little bugger )

  19. Periquet dels Palots

    Too expensive, too limited.

    >Oh, and um, it means I get a DVD player, BluRay player,

    >music/video server, PVR etc all in one box, with ONE remote.

    >Win Win Win

    Sure, for 500€, with only 40G HD space to be shared with games, and no means to record DVDs. Not many HD shows in that disk, for sure, and don't think Sony will allow recording to an external USB drive. So it requires a 50€ to 100€ for a new 2.5" HD, and a user upgrade which the general public will likely not do.

    "Win, win, win" is what Sony would like to sing, but that won't be just now. It is a tempting package, true, but far too expensive. Maybe Sony will surprise us with a new PS3 with new chips, PS2 retrocompatibility, smaller enclosure and larger disk at a lower price... Don't hold your breath, though.

  20. jai


    as well as the consolidation of several functions into the single ps3 device being a reason for this device, also from what i hear the user interface is fantastic and beats any other pvr solution around

    re: Don't Get It

    so in this case - instead of spending 30quid for a pvr with just 250gb - spend 99 quid at and get an external 1TB usb drive and use that as external storage on the back of the ps3 to record the tv too

  21. Anonymous Coward

    @Robert Hill

    Noo! Don't Tar them! That comes from oil and is evil!

    Even worse if you Tarred AND Feathered them, you'd be hurting the poor chickens as well!


  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "Bah, if you really want to be green, get a 360"

    Funny thing is, the 360 uses more power than all but the earliest PS3's

    65nm PS3 (40GB/80GB) = 135w

    90nm 360 = 175w

    90nm PS3 (60GB) = 180w

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Could have been so great...

    It really could have been great.

    However Sony announce at the last minute that we will not be able to copy the shows from the PS3 to other devices. Stream, yes; copy, no. With a 40G HD this would seem to be a problem. 35 hours of programming minus any 'game installs' (whats with this? this is a console not a computer!! I dont want to install, I want to pop the disk in and play!!) and you're not going to be left with a lot of space for programming.

    Its a shame, as I'd really like one of these and would even pay the above the odds price for it as it would make the machine a decent media centre. (And in its self cost much less than buying a new computer to act as such.) So its just crippled as it is, quite terribly so.

    Also, does this mean there will be a new remote? AFAIK the current one doesnt have a 'record' button...?

  24. Neil


    NoOnions, I guess you've never seen a TiVo PVR then?

    Even my 8+ year old UK Series 1 TiVo p1sses all over Sky+/SkyHD (I have the latter so can speak from experience). The Sky PVR interface is horrid: slow, clunky, not very intuitive, lacking in features other better PVRs have had for years and the SkyHD box crashes far to often - it's only ignorance that allows Sky to get away with it. And Sky Series Links are a joke, seriously they make me laugh when I think how poorly they've been implemented and they get deleted whenever a series is no longer showing, how dumb is that? When the new series/season of the programme is shown you don't record it because your series link was deleted months before, haha! Ah TiVo, thank you for doing it so right all that time ago!

    I can't stand using the SkyHD interface, 30x FF is no different to 12x FF and it's like wading through treacle whenever I want to skip an advert. I know have my TiVo record everything, and whenever an HD programme is to be recorded it tells the SkyHD box to record it as well, so the only time I have to go near the SkyHD UI is when I want to watch the HD recorded content. It's the best compromise until TiVo return to the UK, but with Murdoch illegally restricting access to the CAM it's unlikely TiVo will offer Sky Digital support. :(

    Sorry for the Sky vs. TiVo rant but seriously, it's time people in this country realised they're being peddled utter sh1te by Murdoch while at the same time he illegally restricts entry to the Sky TV market from better products than his own, which could conceivably include a PS3 with dual Sky tuners and Sky CAM.

  25. Test Man

    At Joe

    Play TV isn't being released in the US, especially as the US doesn't do DVB-T.

    However, the no-copying thing DOES apply to the UK (and wherever else it's being sold).

  26. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    Where did you get your Tivo from?! Mine died about four years ago and its still missed. If only I could get another!

    I hoped this add-on would do the job, I just fear for the HD size... :(

  27. Ricky Cann
    Thumb Down

    Not HD compatible

    In response to Antidisestablishmentarianist: It's PlayTV that's missing something as it's not capable of receiving HD signals.

  28. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Ricky Cann

    It's got HD tuners, it's HD ready. Just because FreeviewHD can't get their act togeter and decide if they want MPEG2 or MPEG4, don't blame Sony. It's launching with the Euro standard, and if needed, will be patched in future to suppoer UK HD terrestrial broadcasts (if they happen).

  29. Neil
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    @AC - Where did you get your Tivo from?

    I bought it in Curries late 2000 for £400 and immediately paid £200 for the lifetime EPG service - the best money I have ever spent on a gadget, bar none. The TiVo has been in use everyday since then and has been utterly reliable, another reason why it shames the less complicated Sky hardware. After installing a CacheCard NIC and TiVoWeb software, scheduling programs from work has also been a reality for 5 or 6 years! Maybe Sky will implement their own sub-standard version eventually, and charge extra for it.

    Have a look on eBay for second hand TiVo Series 1 units, they can still be had with lifetime service for less than the cost of the lifetime service alone!! Then again, why did your TiVo die? If it was the power supply have a look at for spares and other upgrades - if it was your hard drive(s), replace it/them yourself (easy enough to do with a PC) or again will sort you out.

  30. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    Who wants to bet...

    Clearly this was newsworthy because is was a 1 week delay.

    Who wants to bet that James Sherwood totally ignores the 1 week that the 80GB PS3 has been broughtforward..

    Clearly there is a bias here, report the bad stuff, quietly ignore the other stuff...

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