back to article The IT Crowd goes west

Cult geek comedy The IT Crowd, has been sold to a US cable channel and the scripts for the third series have been delivered to producers. Series creator Graham Linehan admitted on his blog that he'd cut the deadline a bit fine and so could do with some help in making the series look and feel sufficiently geeky. He said he …


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  1. Kirstian K
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    The IT crowd is the best IT comedy since computers were invented....

    A 3rd Series is great news, get in there reg..!

  2. Joe K
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    "If you type Google, into Google, you may break the internet"

    Classic series, can't wait for the 3rd season.

    I'm sure some yanks will get it, though it helps if you've seen Father Ted first and know what a bizarre comic-book world Graham Lineham's head spews out.

  3. Rob

    I hope they like it.....

    ....but not so much they decide to remake it, and kill it in the process as has happened with other great british comedies.

  4. Chris Simpson

    Good Idea

    America may do a good job of this as they did a good job of taking Red Dwarf and making Hyperdrive Im being sarcastic ;)

  5. Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse
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    Xenu Ted...

    I'm sure there is mileage in a Father Ted type sitcom based around a failing scientologist minister and his inept, comdedic sidekick "Body Thetan Cruise".

    Although I'm stumped for any one-liners revolving around Dianetic auditing.

  6. Anonymous Coward
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    IT crowd control

    the best thing they could do to improve 'the IT crowd' [which has actually grown on me of late, after leaving me cold at first] would be to get rid of that fucking annoying woman [who plays their boss] and her crap unfunny, stupid face-pulling, over-acting. she's nearly - but not quite - as irritating as the talentless bint they got in to play the 'new' kachanski and thus hammer the final nail into 'red dwarf's' coffin.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Holy techno junk!

    Funny the guy said he wanted the IT office to resemble the Batcave: the first IT job I had for an university that will remain nameless, the support team always called their office The Batcave :-)

  8. Sarah Skelding

    God bless the septics,

    I can see them making a reasonable fist of The IT Crowd, they did OK with The Office after all, but I fear for what they will do to the utterly wonderful Look Around You. If nothing else, who will they get with a voice as sexy as Peter Serafinowicz?

  9. Dave N
    IT Angle

    are you serious??

    the first season was so-so, but the second season was a disaster. I can't believe they're making more...!!

  10. Graeme Hayes
    Paris Hilton

    Does ANYONE Know It's A Comedy...?

    Lucky me, I've been unlucky enough to catch a few glimpses of this programme out here in Saudi Arabia. I didn't realise it was a comedy until I read your article..............

  11. Rat
    Paris Hilton


    ...are we exporting this rubbish? It's not a geek comedy, it's a comedy that ridicules geeks.

    I'd be more than happy to see the turgid shit-com that is "The IT Crowd" die a death and fade into well-deserved obscurity.

    Paris, 'cause at least she's actually funny, even if she doesn't mean to be.

  12. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Been there, Done that, do you have a T Shirt? :-)

    Does America Dig Subversive Ironic Parody and Parallel Dimension Multi Polar Paranoia.... or is that for A.N.Other Time? .

    Actually, that would be a Spooky Hack which the Script Writers could embrace .... with their Programs being XSS attacked by Ethical Terroritorial Advantagists ..... the Holy High Ground UnderGround using Registered Media Outlets to Take Over Critical InfraStructure Systems and ReAlign Output for Virtually SMARTer Being..... who always Get their Oats, John.

    Although that would make AIdDArk Humour Beta Film, meThinks, rather than just being for a Comedy of Flash Errors....... but IT could be Alluded to, to tie in with a Games launch and BlockBusterCorporation Move into HyperRadioProActive DNAI Space.


  13. pctechxp

    But when will it reappear here?

    C'mon Graham, we want to know.

    BTW, I'd like a free t-shirt please if you are handing them out as I've been a loyal reader/poster for a long time now

  14. John
    IT Angle

    women and shoes

    I watched season 1, but only saw a couple of episodes of season 2. To me only the decor was particularly geeky. All the big jokes were about women and shoes.

  15. jason

    A good show....

    ....the first series was pretty good and even. However, the second series was hamstrung by the fact that the first episode (the gay musical) was one of the most solidly funny half hours ever created and the rest was just pretty so so.

    Still far better than most of the output from BBC/ITV.

    The only other series that has got me interest is The Inbetweeners. My Gf doesnt get it though as she never went to sixth form.

  16. M

    @Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse

    You just made me spurt water from my nostrils onto my keyboard!

    I too would like to see an american version of 'Father Ted'.

    'Operating Betan Ted' kicks Bishop Xenu up the arse.

  17. McParland
    IT Angle

    @ Chris Simpson

    American's do wonderful things to our Sitcoms. Their remake of Fawlty Towers was remarkable, albeit for the fact that it did not have a Basil Fawlty character.

  18. Rich Gibbons
    Gates Horns

    It's actually pretty good

    I wasn't down the the IT Crowd at first...but after a while it grew on me and I really like it now...particularly as I'm a Garth Marenghi fan (shout out to Dean Learner!).

    Also, and I hate to admit it but I kind of fancy the annoying bird who plays their boss...I have no idea why!!!

    Devil Bill cos wothout him, the good bits wouldn't exist..

  19. double a


    So wait...

    I'm a yank who has seen the first two seasons and loved it. Are they starting over for the US market (The Office style) or are they simply putting the third season in both markets? If it's new, is Joel Mchale still tapped as a leading role?

    Com'on El Reg, we need more info! Seriously though, IFC? Nobody is gonna watch it. I had heard it was coming to NBC as a new show, but as far as the cable stations go, IFC is at the bottom of the list. It's doomed.... This is like trying to watch Trailer Park Boys (a canadian show) on BBC America. 1 out of 1000 people will know what you are talking about.

  20. nobby

    i'm worried - amanfrommars is starting to make sense

    it could be my pain killers wearing off, 'though

  21. Skinny

    Nice Screen Saver

    I particularly like the way the smoke seems to come out of the monitor

  22. Andy G

    How about ..

    DESK RABBIT t-shirts !!!!

    oh yes !!

    /funnily enough mines the one with the bunny . . . .

  23. The Avangelist
    Thumb Up

    I only drink Absinthe

    Regardless of whether it is or is not geeky - IT Crowd IS funny.

    Cannot understand how you can't find it amusing.

    How many times have you asked somebody if they want you to set up their PC whilst they have pretended to use it? I swear it has occurred to me twice.

    "Made in Britain"

  24. Yorkshirepudding

    ill bet 500 quatloos

    the yanks dont get it

    as for a third series great news! i suppose the hardcore geekiness has to be left out so muggles can understand it

  25. Sarah Skelding


    "women and shoes" ... your problem being? Like all sit-com's, the situation, in this case a geek enclosure, is but the scenario in which the comedy happens, in this case an exploration of rather strained human relationships. If you are a woman who works in roomful of men who caould have been class definitions for Roy and Moss then the humour is definitely that of recognition. If you are a geek who could be as self-unaware as Roy and Moss, well, I'm sure that I don't need to show you the Powerpoint presentation.

  26. Paul Stephenson

    1st series

    I liked the first series but not the second really, hopefully the 3rd will be better than both.

  27. bothwell
    Dead Vulture

    I want girls shirts in the Reg Cash n Carrion and I bloody want them now

    It's discrimination against both girls and transvestites and it's just not on.

    I do hope that the new US makers don't do anything to spoil it by adding jokes anywhere. I saw the first season and loved it, but never having worked in IT before at the time I did think "oh, it's just exaggerating". Now I actually do work in IT and it's almost depressingly on the jelly. Only our Batcave isn't as interesting as theirs because we're not allowed to put up posters. :/

  28. Sam

    Needs BOFHing

    The IT Crowd could do with some BOFHing. They need to be more evil.

  29. Parax
    Thumb Up

    Who is in it?

    Is Richard Ayoade still going to be Moss in the US version?

    (anyone seen the Ted Picture on sysadmins day web site?)

  30. H2Nick

    The Big Bang Theory

    IT Crowd was OK, but the US already has it's own geek program, "The Big Bang Theory".

    OK physics geeks rather than IT ones, but it's the better program.

    ...& their non-geek totty's better (Sorry Jen/Katherine)

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Isn't IT Crowd just a remake of the US sitcom Dweebs anyway?

    Just the poor man's Dilbert in both cases.

  32. Iain

    @ Chris Simpson

    I agree with the spirit of your comment, but I didn't think Hyperdrive was American. The cast were certainly not American.

  33. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "heh, memory IS ram..."

    Hopefully, Google will pick up on it and display a search results page that says "you broke the internet". I mean, why would you ever want to google for google? Doubt they'd lose much and would delight me intensely...

  34. Alistair

    Iliked it

    But in my opinion it lacked a sufficient number of Star Trek references.

    Mines the one with the big Klingon logo on the back, ta

  35. Keir Snelling

    Hope maybe...

    ...that the americans re-write the thing entirely and actually manage to introduce some humour.

    My helpdesk manager got taken in by the hype prior to the first ever episode, and literally spammed the whole IT team for a week, urging us to watch it.

    I still remember confronting him the day after the first episode, asking him where the hell I was going to get the utterly wasted hour of my life back from.

    It's a bog standard identikit brit tv sit-com, that just happens to be set in an IT office. Unfortunately, like all the other identikit brit tv sit-coms, they forgot to actually use the situation element, and just continue to replay the same gags used by all of the other equally lame sit-coms. (The Office excepted).

    There was nothing in that very first episode that showed any great insight into the IT world, beyond the tiredest of cliché. No insight, no impact, they forgot the funny.

    There is stuff in the day to day world of IT that could contribute wonderfully to an observational comedy, providing new and unique humour, we've all been blessed on here to be able to read el-reg's own BOFH so regularly, but there's other stuff out there equally as good and insightful. Three Dead Trolls and a Baggie's wonderful "Internet Helpdesk" being a great example.

    For now, I'm going to continue to use the IT crowd as a personal barometer for a person's intellect . Anyone that tells me that they actually find the thing funny is immediately identified as a potential candidate for my shit list, and is also to be avoided in anything approaching a conversation on technical matters. People that actually express an appreciation for the BBC's Little Miss Jocelyn also fall into the same category.

  36. Thomas

    It has a laughter track, doesn't it?

    Surely all those years of sitcoms about families with large sofas and kitchens just off to the left haven't caused Americans to actually start subconsciously filtering out the laughter tracks?

  37. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    The Big Bang Theory ?

    I thought there was already a similar show stateside, i.e The Big Bang Theory

  38. J-Wick

    Will have to try give it another go...

    Mate of mine showed me a couple of episodes (hello Ian) but I couldn't get into it. Seemed that the laughs were at the geeks, not with them. Though I liked the various props & decorations littered round The Batcave. Will try give it another chance - god knows what the American version will be like, though!

    I'll take a t-shirt too, thanks.

  39. Anonymous Coward

    Where Sitcoms go to Die after BBC3

    "The IT Crowd" (along with "Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps" and "My Family") is one of those series that inexplicably lives on despite being painfully un-funny...

    Although the American version of The Office was pretty good, so maybe there's hope for it...

  40. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Modern Toss?

    That's really going to confuse them. How will Americans respond to the sweary genius that is Mr Tourette, the bizarre 'Alan' or the utterly puerile Space Argument, which revolves solely around the idea of two astronauts calling each other cocks?

  41. Steve Evans

    Just remember...

    0118 999 881 999 119 725...


    (For some reason just numerics don't count as a comment on here, so I've had to add thsi waffle... Please feel free to ignore)

  42. Anonymous Coward

    @ Keir Snelling

    If you wasted an hour of your life watching the first episode you watched the wrong program!

    Are you sure it wasn't Big Brother?

  43. Haku


    If you liked "The IT Crowd" and "Dweebs" (damn, where can I get a copy of that series?!) then go and get the Canadian TV show "jPod" from your local friendly torrent tracker - only one series as the bloody executives cancelled it but well worth a watch.

    So pleased "The Big Bang Theory" is back for a 2nd season, some of the material in that literally had me in stitches, seriously loved the deep geekiness of the jokes & subject matter.

    As for America re-doing "The IT Crowd", you HAVE seen the American "Red Dwarf" pilot?

  44. Anonymous Coward

    @techno junk

    >> the first IT job I had for an university that will remain nameless,

    Tell me, did you work for "an un-iversity" or "a university"?

  45. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    3rd Series?

    Where was the 2nd series?!

  46. Alex
    Thumb Down


    Too bloody right... Seriously.. how is that comedy? Take away the actors and replace with Mr. Brittas and co.. Job done - same show.

    Been there, seen it.. got really really tired, so went on to better things. And why is it always the case that if someone doesn't like The IT Crowd, people who do like it HAVE to jam it down our necks that it is comic genius.

    Nope. Not at all. It's just drivel and an embarrasment to Graham Lineham's talent.. (this is my opinion and is in no way an attempt to jam it down the neck)

  47. Anonymous Coward

    Re: jPod

    "If you liked "The IT Crowd" and "Dweebs" (damn, where can I get a copy of that series?!) then go and get the Canadian TV show "jPod" from your local friendly torrent tracker"

    Please Ghod let it be better than the book, although I fail to see how it could be much worse.

    Mine's the one with the battered copy of 'Microserfs' in the pocket.

  48. Ross
    Thumb Down


    The IT crowd is comedy? It's unbearably shit!

    It actually makes the latest series of My Family seem like the cutting edge of comedy.

    I notice there's a series called Lab Rats now too, which seems to be The IT crowd but with a different set design.

  49. Mike Smith

    Re: Needs BOFHing

    I've been working on and off on a set of BOFH scripts over the last few months, drawing on all the BOFH stories I've collected over the years. Purely for my own interest though - Simon owns the copyright and I'd never seek to profit by plagiarism. I just want to see how the thing will turn out.

    And you know what? It's bloody difficult. Not so much writing the script but doing it in a way that the mainstream TV viewer would find funny.

    Most of BOFH these days is predicated on a dramatic irony that you need a good understanding both of technology and the IT industry to fully appreciate. Some of the BOFHs I've found funniest have involved concepts that Joe Average wouldn't begin to understand without such a big build-up that the impact would be lost. You can't squeeze too many of those into a 30 minute TV programme even if you could get it past a technologically clueless commissioning editor.

    It would be easy to take the easy way out and just regurgitate some mainstream crap. But there is a lot of potential. The female interest needs to be a modern Lucretia Borgia, who can take on the BOFH and draw, if not win the battle. Think of someone like Servalan from Blake's 7.

    I've worked out how to end the series and roughed out the stories. Might send them Simon's way if I ever get them finished.

  50. Paul Naylor
    Thumb Up

    Flip off!

    Being a huge Father Ted fan I was really looking forward to the IT Crowd when it first premiered but was sorely disappointed with it first time round. Then it was repeated on E4 and I loved it so went out and bought the DVDs. I definitely think it gets better with subsequent viewings.

    The Haunting of Bill Crouse and Aunt Irma Visits are firm favourites ("and in Munich, a group of IT Consultants shouted at a dog"). And Jen is hot!

    As for decoration of the 'Bat Cave', doesn't Roy wear shirts from 'Think Geek' anyway? I have one; it reads "I never finish anyth..."

  51. Metal Marv
    Thumb Up

    There are some good episodes in the second series too....

    I quote : "You wouldn't steal a handbag. You wouldn't steal a car. You wouldn't steal a baby. You wouldn't shoot a policeman. And then steal his helmet. You wouldn't shit in his helmet. And then send it to the policeman's grieving widow. And then steal it again! Downloading films is stealing. If you do it, you will face the consequences. "

    LMAO :)

  52. Christian Berger

    German copy

    Well they also licensed the show to germany. I think it only lasted 3 episodes.

  53. Daniel B.

    If they Americanize this...

    What would happen to the 0118 999 881 999 119 725... 3 joke?

    The US hasn't done the 118-xxx thing, and in their case, 911 *is* the emergency number.

    I find the series kind of fun, but I prefer BOFH-like humor (IT guys exacting revenge on lusers) instead of humor based on taking potshots at geeks.

  54. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    In the middle of corn

    I am in Indiana,USA and I really enjoyed this show. I think they did a decent job. It reminds me of the young ones at times, which I enjoyed as well. Of course I have to wade through all the reality shit here in the USA.

    As for the "Big Bang Theory" It is not the same as this. It is a good show in it's own right and worth the watch.

  55. wibbilus maximus
    Thumb Down


    I thought a comedy was a program that made you laugh. The IT Crowd is the most unfunny show EVER!!! Even Eastenders can produce more humourous moments. The only decent comedy since Red Dwarf has been My Family. For anyone thinking i've forgotten The Office, i'll just point out that it was just Rick "god i'm so untalented" Gervais being a complete prick which seems to be what passes for humour nowadays. I thought people wanted less crap on TV, obviously there are still a few people with the brain capacity of a dead flea who will laugh at anything

  56. PunkTiger

    This will end badly...

    As a New England Yankee that has the first two seasons of Look Around You on DVD (yes, I imported the Region 2 DVDs from BBC Video... I love my region-free DVD player), let me say that I found the first season to be the some of the funniest television I had seen in ages. The dry-as-toast delivery and the absurd takes on the subject matter were absolutely fecking brilliant.

    Sadly, my biggest fear is that the American producers of the show will be convinced that the average American will be totally unable to "get" the jokes and dumb them down, or worse, include a LAUGH TRACK (*cringe*), obliterating any semblance of fine humour... making it "yet another British television import that mysteriously flopped once it got to American telelvision, why-can't-we-get-another-Monty-Python-damnit."

    No, I don't hold much for American television, and if you lived here, you'd understand why. Please, God, don't let them make a mockery of "Look Around You."

  57. Mister Cheese

    Dear sir stroke madam,

    "I am writing to inform you of a fire which has broken out on the premises of..." no, that's too formal.

    Jeez, if you don't find it funny, don't watch it. I don't watch Big Brother, but don't bang on about how much a waste of airtime it is.

    Nobody mentioned a dangerous Transformers t-shirt yet?

  58. Ron Christian
    Thumb Up

    re: I hope they like it

    > ....but not so much they decide to remake it, and kill it in the process as has happened with other great british comedies.

    Rest assured, us American geeks have already seen the first two seasons, and we enjoyed it a lot, thank you very much. (You actually believe a geek would wait until a local station picked it up??) My 14 year old daughter (also a geek) has memorized the dialog to most of the episodes.

    According to The IT Crowd Wiki, there *was* an attempt to remake it over here in America, with only Richard Ayoade reprising his roll. (You can just hear the Hollywood execs saying "I don't understand that joke. Take it out and put in more slapstick. And make people speak slower.") Thank the gods, plans appear to have fallen through. If American television wasn't mostly shite, (with a few notable exceptions, like The Big Bang) we wouldn't be scouring the internet for British shows. Speaking of which, Pegg is a rat bastard for not making a third season of Spaced. I just had to get that off my chest.

  59. Ron Christian
    IT Angle

    re: Why...

    > ...are we exporting this rubbish? It's not a geek comedy, it's a comedy that ridicules geeks.

    Because geeks deserve to be ridiculed. If you can't laugh at yourself, what the hell can you laugh at?

  60. Andrew Moore


    The gay musical.

    Rave reviews include:

    "Not as long as other musicals"


  61. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    @Mike Smith

    Great idea Mike, I did once mail Simon about a spoken word/radio play style presentation of BOFH, and he seemed receptive to the idea. You are quite right about the tech knowledge part though, at least the geeks would love it!

  62. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    1st season was awesome, 2nd see-sawed

    I did find the second season only okay. Some bits were really funny, then others were poor. Hopefully season 3 will get its act together. Maybe Graham needs to hang out in more it departments. I never really found the new boss that hilarious. Okay, but not amazing.

    Jen is well horny though.....

  63. Grant
    Thumb Up

    @Mike Smith

    Do the BOFH thing; I think it could work as electrocution and other forms of death of various members of staff (pretty much every episode) could work visually. People got to like Dexter, so the BOFH could even become an anti-hero.

    I like the idea of a fembot female BOFH villain as well!

    So don't just think about it; do it & try a pitch to Simon.

    Simon has never been the same since working at Waikato; Hamilton has that effect. Perhaps it could be set (or at least start) in a provincial North Island town in New Zealand?

  64. Fozzy

    @Mike Smith

    Love the idea, shoe horning the tehcnical stuff into the format of the show would be tough, but I just look at how well they did that for House and the medical content. If push comes to shove (as it should with a BOFH) fall back on the Hollywood old faithful add more violence or sex. Considering it BOFH more violence should always be the first option

  65. Dr Patrick J R Harkin

    You have all watched it with the leet subtitles, haven't you?

    <Jen enters office>Hello?


    "I may need my slightly bigger glasses"


    "We're watching you"


    Regrettably, only episode one is worth it - base64 coding was funny, but not for 30 minutes!

  66. Dave
    Thumb Up

    I'm a fan of the show

    Anyone remember Jen's contorted toes after trying to wear shoes too small? Or the part were Jen was supposed to be dead and her head appears to drift past the window?

    Makes me laugh anyway.

  67. Stef

    Have you tried turning it off and on again?

    Anyone who doesn't get The IT Crowd or Hyperdrive is more Manager or User than Geek.

    Hang your pointy-haired heads in shame.

  68. Frank Bough

    Can all those respondents who think...

    ...that the article is about RE-MAKING the IT Crowd in the USA please go back to the article and read it again with your fucking glasses on? Christ on a Raleigh Grifter!

    It's a great show, Ayoade is simply a fantastic performer (his best episode is the one where he invents the bra and goes on Dragon's Den - masterful), Morris like some kind of terrifying comedy T-Rex prowling the set and Linehan's script fabulous. It's even got Noel Fielding in a minor role for God's sake, what more do you want? I hope the yanks like it, I'm sure a good few of them will.

    ...nearly at the station...

  69. Frank

    @bothwell re. Reg T-shirts

    "It's discrimination against both girls and transvestites and it's just not on."

    Just as a matter of interest, which one are you?

    (not wishing to pry, tolerant of all lifestyles, try to be a 'modern man' etc.......)

    (P.S. is sparkly finish foundation really good for the dark circles under the eyes or was somebody trying to play a trick on me?)

  70. James Coombs

    The real IT crowd

    I saw a couple of episodes but it struck me as very dated. The characters weren't based in Mumbai using remote access and following scripts to fix 90% of the problems before giving up on the other 10%.

  71. Gregor Wischnewsky

    I am a bit confused here:

    According to filming is in Pinewood Studios - why should the ydo it there when the show becomes americanized. Is it maybe just a simple British season 3 of the show after all?

  72. TheHempKnight

    RE: IT Crowd and also @mistercheese

    I bet the Transformers Tshirt will make an appearance in V3.0 (thats what they should be calling the Seasons, right?)

    America does already have a comedy about Geeks, but what I've watched was VERY hit and miss, for every genius gag, there was something cringeworthingly tiresome. Same seems to be the case for Lab Rats from what little I have seen of this.

    Geekier quality gags have been used in The Simpsons and Futurama than you get in Big Bang Theory.

    IT crowd V1.0 was awesome, but V2.0 was still good, and I can see why they tried to move away from the geeky gags to stuff the proles could understand.

  73. sauerkraut

    sold... to them americans...?

    omg they are going to butcher it, rape it, ruin it, completely eff it up.

  74. Tim
    Thumb Up

    Not going for realism then...

    ...I've worked and visited a lot of IT departments, not one of them looked like a comic shop or a batcave or any permutation of the two! Of course every geek who ever worked in any IT department certainly wanted such a set up, but with the exception of the BOFH, not one of them had power to make it happen.

    If the 3rd season of "The IT Crowd" featured an office that resembled a comic fans batcave, it would cease to be a comedy, it would be the new ISO guide to IT.

  75. Dave


    Total crock. The only relief from shiteness was Chris Morris' 5 minute performance at some point in the episode. Embarrassingly mediocre otherwise. What Chris Morris is doing in something as bad as this is completely beyond me.

  76. Mark Serlin
    IT Angle

    But it's not actually funny

    so why is it popular?

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