back to article Dell offers glimpse of monster quad-core laptop

Dell revealed its first quad-core notebook yesterday, a 17in monster that'll appear as part of its Precision mobile workstation line once Intel gets its four-core laptop chips out the door. You'll have to wait until the autumn, the chip giant admitted, but it's likely to find a fair few folk will given the tantalising glimpses …


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  1. James O'Brien

    To get this out of the way

    Will it run Crysis and Vista?

    /Mines the one with "Enough is Enough" on the back

  2. amanfromMars Silver badge

    amfM Calling Michael Dell re Colouring IT with Shells of Orange Apps.

    Hmmmm? That could make the Future Brighter if they have anyone Gaming for them with IT.

    Do Dell do Virtualisation Sponsorship and Championing with Future Players. Or would that be akin to Gaming the Markets and available from any Machine. ........... Plugged in, Turned On and Tuned in to the Virtual Vibes.

    And that is a very Public Quantum Communications BetaTest of Potential Future Champions, which is actually Really BetaTesting for Potent Future Champions with AIRock Base Foundation for a Virtual Systems Administration of CyberIntelAIgents in Cloud Phormations and Networks InterNetworking Joined Applications.

    PS..... That, by the Way, is a Transparent Open Call to All and not just Third Person MD Specific, for any MD can Register and Answer such an AI Call.

  3. Peter
    Paris Hilton

    Quad-core laptop

    This is hardly the Asus Eee competitor we were expecting!

    Paris, because she can tell the difference between 9 inches and 17.

  4. Greg

    So it's...

    ...Not very portable, will have crap battery life, and will cost vastly more than it would cost to build the same machine as a desktop?

    Sorry, but I've bought "monster" laptops before and they've turned out to be heavy, cumbersome, over-powered, over-heated and low on battery life. If you're serious about gaming, get a ruddy desktop.

  5. Neil Barnes Silver badge
    Thumb Up


    Looks like a tossup between one of these and an Aspire One, then...

  6. Fluffykins Silver badge

    Whaddya mean: I've got no use for it?

    I still want one.

  7. Pete


    I want one of those. When's my remortgage coming through?!?!

  8. adnim


    Does it come with a free Charles Atlas course or wheels?

  9. rhydian

    It's a dual purpouse machine...

    Once the heatsink gets a bit warm, you can fry sausages and bacon on it...

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    wrong name....

    .....should be George Foreman

  11. RobMc

    Hmmm smell that melted cheese

    I was looking for a new toasted sandwich maker :D

    Fire because this is gonna burn... who's got the marshmellows?

  12. John F***ing Stepp

    Well if they offer it in 20. . .

    I'm tempted.

  13. Kimo

    Will it run Crysis and Vista?

    No, it will run Crysis or Vista, but not both.

  14. Raymond Wilson

    It aint's my desktop....

    Dell rhymes with Hell.. which this beast is bound to be as hot as, once running..

    Heavy it will be too, but I guess "h@rdk0r3 g4m3rz" don't mind lugging 5Kgs of foldable desktop around with them, plus another half kilo of Power Supply!

    A small price to pay when it comes to fragging your foes at 5FPS faster than the average gaming desktop...

    In conlcusion Dell learned something from the squints they inherited from Alienware.. if it aint hot and heavy, it aint l33t!

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Finally a laptop for ME!

    Can't wait. I need portability and I need power.

    This'll do me fine. Never understood people liking the eePCs. I can do email and web browsing on my phone I can't imagine carrying a computer just for that tripe.

    I need a computer to edit HD video and debug code as well as run DBs and servers for testing. This'll do me fine and instead of being a desktop, it's portable. If it has a FireWire 800 port so I can stream from my Red Scarlet then sign me up!

  16. piper

    it aint a gaming laptop

    "If you're serious about gaming, get a ruddy desktop."

    It's a workstation, it's part of Dell's corporate range, it's not aimed at gamers.

  17. A

    So, which came first, the Dell or the Lenovo?

    Sounds a lot like the recently announced Lenovo W700.

    If they really want to beat Lenovo at their own game, all they need to do is make the display a Wacom Cintiq. Hint, hint.

  18. David
    Thumb Up

    Video here...

  19. Fuion

    @amfM Calling Michael Dell re Colouring IT with Shells of Orange Apps.

    OX-TONGUE À LA CARDINAL Take out on the center of strawberry conserve is well colored in an onion (slightly browned by bachelors widows) and cut it get a sieve. slow oven--and take it a good white stock to serve it in the sieve. This way the rest for five big onions and it with a pork-bone from the meat. Beat up again when serve the stalk.

  20. TimM

    Lenovo have one too

    ThinkPad W700 with quad core, 17" high gamut display, built in wacom pen pad, option for 2x 200gb HD (can be RAID, and/or one can be flash I think), Quadro FX graphics (up to 1gb), Blu-Ray option, etc.

    For photographers supposedly.

    Very tempting.

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