back to article Swedish men left frustrated by state sex aid policy

Outraged Swedish men are up in arms over the state run pharmacy Apoteket’s policy of stocking only female-oriented sex toys. Perhaps surprisingly, Swedish pharmacies have only been permitted to stock toys since June. However, what seemed like liberation has been revealed as a dastardly plot to promote female (self) pleasure …


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  1. Richard


    "Yes, I'll have a pack of paracetamol and a Jumbo Mr PleaseMe, thanks."

    Doesn't Sweden of all places have an Ann Summer's equivalent?

  2. Sir Runcible Spoon
    Paris Hilton

    Ban Paris

    I would like to propose a ban on the Paris Hilton icon for comments on this article on the grounds that it is too easy.

    Paris - coz she too is easy.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    must not have seen most sex sites everywhere else!!

    There is a vast array of silicon based devices for men that seem to have the male populus up!

    /> mines the one with replica jenna jameson vagina

  4. 4.1.3_U1
    Paris Hilton

    The link

    Of course is

    If your Swedish isn't so good, try the link there entitled "Gör det sköna skönare!"

  5. Arnold Lieberman

    Learn how to screw it in

    "Clicking on the link reveals that it is indeed a gateway to femme-friendly delights, serving up a selection of such pharma essentials as the massagestav, the kitorisvibrator and the vaginakulor."

    I'm sure I've seen those in the Ikea catalogue...

  6. Anonymous Coward

    I find your lack of faith in the male pleasure robotics industry disturbing...

    I wonder how they have managed to miss out on the vast array of male stimulation toys available online... I seem to be bombarded with adds regarding these things even when I'm not surfing anywhere remotely interesting (well, not for most people anyway.. there are only so many people that appreciate the finer details of 80's adventure gaming history.. the fierce rivalry and opposing camps of Lucasarts fanboys and Sierra zealots.. :P).......... I for one welcome the arrival of our silicon based male pleasuring overlords (or should that be overladies/overdroids?)

    Oh, and Sluta Roka does of course mean Stop Smoking. Those Swedes eh?

  7. Scott

    El Reg

    I'm sure the reg had an article about a male equivalent of the rabbit, maybe you could send them a link?

  8. Neil Barnes Silver badge

    the massagestav, the kitorisvibrator and the vaginakulor.

    which turn out, of course, to be a chair, a soap dish, and a holder for CD cleaners, available at your local Ikea.

    Mine's the one making the suspicious buzzing noise...

  9. Mustang

    State Policy

    Is it time to introduce Hooker Stamps?

  10. Steven Swenson
    Thumb Up

    Only blowups?

    Tell them to stock fleshlights.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Another interesting femme dom story

    Not the male Bella version.

  12. Zmodem

    id be up to

    working in a brothel as a gigalo for the ladies only

  13. spam

    Where to buy male stimulation in Sweden

    "Doesn't Sweden of all places have an Ann Summer's equivalent?"

    Not Ann Summers - for some reason, the place to get a well crafted "kitorisvibrator" is in the swedish highstreet equivalent of Maplins:

    Well I guess it IS electrical after all....

    My swedish is a little rusty, but unlike Apoteket, it looks like they're well equipped with male pleasuring tools - such as the "Monkey Spank Vibro"

  14. alyn


    In a pub toilet vending machine I recently saw blow up sheep for sale. (This was in Wales, of course).

  15. Mike Johnson

    Sluta Röka

    means 'stop smoking' and nothing smutty at all!

  16. b


    what the fark is wrong with swedish men?!

    if they are more concerned with plastic vag's and not the real thing, move the F*CK over, i'm coming to sweden to help out the poor loveless swedish girls?!

    stockholm here i come!



    p.s. stuff and nonsense :

  17. Mark

    re: wtf?!

    well wtf's wrong with swedish women that they are more concerned with a plastic dong than a real thing (with free spider removal attachment)?

  18. Rob


    b :"what the fark is wrong with swedish men?!"

    Too much Abba. It can be the only explanation...

  19. Anonymous Coward

    Male oriented devices

    Of course there is nothing at all to stop these men using the vibrators, one just needs a little imagination, a bottle of lubrication, some birthing stirrups, and a subscription to ...

    Leave the rest to the imagination, but I can't see any bias at all...

  20. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle


    > id be up to working in a brothel as a gigalo for the ladies only

    If I'd start with being a megalo and seeing how it goes first (for the ladies only naturally).

  21. Dennis Price
    Dead Vulture


    Are you sure about that? What about when the female version of Winston Churchill walks in the door and "pays her money"?

    gaaack.... just about puked imagining that one up.....

  22. Dan

    Sluta Röka

    A 'sluta röka program' is nothing more exciting than a 'stop smoking' programme, sadly. As amusing as the word 'slut' is, it just means 'stop'.

    I just spent the weekend in Sweden and unfortunately didn't visit any pharmacies, but if I had I'd surely have been incensed at the lack of choice for, err, me!

  23. Stewart Haywood

    Surely not possible.

    "Gov pharmacy pushes dildos over plastic vaginas"

    How do they do that! Pushing a plastic vagina over a dildo is obviously possible, pointless but possible. The reverse is surely not possible. Do you have pictures of them doing it!

  24. Ishkandar

    @wtf is wrong with Swedish men

    Well, the *REAL* men have all buggered off a-Viking and what's left are the wimps and mama's boys !! Hence their need for plastic substitutes !!

  25. Tom Oliva

    Try Denmark

    The Danes might still supply male vibrators on their health service - I was sitting with a bunch of mouth open, dumb struck Brits when the device was comprehensively demonstrated on the Danish version of the national 6 o'clock TV news a few years back - complete with a testimonial from a lady who'd been impregnated after it's successful use :-)

  26. E_Nigma
    Jobs Horns


    "Apparently the state discrimination organisation has declared there is no discrimination, because Apoteket will sell its products to both men and women."

    Looool!!! At least they have a sense of humour!

    Ishkandar << A lady friend of mine has just returned from Denmark after spending some 9 months there and she pretty much agrees with you, sad.

    This time, I wish we had an icon featuring Paris in devil costume. There wasn't one, so I used the closest I could find.

  27. heystoopid
    Paris Hilton


    Oh the age old snippa and snoppa problem raises it's head yet again thus so as to speak !

  28. heystoopid


    PS judging by this photo shoot in "the local" there just does not appear to be too many likely lads and the ladies truly out number the other half check out photos !0 & 11 in the sequence and it explains much about the problem !


  29. Zmodem


    for the ladies, not woman or mingers,

    Get home and a little rose kills the fire after a long crappy day

  30. mike panero

    I had a romantic holiday for one in Sweden

    They do it all, porno and tissue paper

  31. Daniel Garcia



  32. Pete "oranges" B.
    Black Helicopters

    Truly, we live in a...

    ...Brave New World.

    Sorry, but the headline alone scares me. While the story is rather benign on the whole, it provides a very sad picture of the human condition.

    Besides, I have no need of such devices. No, wait that didn't come out right...

    Someone pass the soma...

  33. Anonymous from Mars

    @Too much Abba

    Too much Abba? More like too much Basshunter.

  34. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    there is no reason why men can't use dildos. It mightn't be your thing but that's a different argument.

  35. Anonymous Coward

    Something smaller please

    "mines the one with replica jenna jameson vagina"

    2 big / loose abused for my liking

  36. Bob. Hitchen

    @Something smaller please

    Yeah could fit every dickhead in the House of Commons with room to spare. It was only after hearing that case of the asphyxiated MP Chappie I realised where "swing high swing low COMING FORTH to carry me home" came from.

  37. Chris Fleming


    Well I for one do not not want a plastic vagina to blow up on me! The QA problem?

    Time for sedative... pass me another beer.

  38. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not quite

    While men can use a dildo, no doubt about that, there are a few issues -

    Firstly men would require a different range of sizes than women, for obvious reasons.

    Secondly a dildo used by a man is not "equivalent" to say a Fleshlight, which frankly is pretty high quality. A dildo for a woman is used for genital stimulation, for men it's obviously a matter of taste (and despite popular opinion has nothing to do with sexual orientation).

    So obviously they didn't care enough to do even the most cursory investigation of such products, I mean the fleshlight has a wikipedia entry for goodness sake - the fact that it warranted an entry implies its significance.

    Look at how many celebrity women have admitted to using a vibrator or other toys, then look at how many celebrity men have done likewise - see the incongruity? It's culturally a lot more acceptable for women to use toys than men, no matter what country you're in just about.

  39. alyn

    What flavour? hot chocolate?

    > Secondly a dildo used by a man is not "equivalent" to say a Fleshlight, which frankly is pretty high quality. A dildo for a woman is used for genital stimulation, for men it's obviously a matter of taste (and despite popular opinion has nothing to do with sexual orientation).

    What flavour do dildos come in?

  40. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Very clever

    The truth remains though, a man using a dildo anally is not comparable to a woman using it vaginally. It is instead comparable to a woman using a dildo anally. Thus they sell toys for the stimulation of female genitals but not for the stimulation of male genitals.

    Seems pretty clear cut to me. Oh and before anyone starts up, yes I have tried them anally and quite enjoy it... but it isn't as widespread for either gender and it isn't for everyone. It also is a completely different experience from traditional genital stimulation, which frankly I believe should be available to everyone irrespective of what else they enjoy.

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