back to article Samsung Tocco SGH-F480 touchscreen phone

Samsung has been keen to tap into the touchscreen trend, with recent models like the F700, F490 and its Armani phone collaboration all following the iPhone’s lead into fingertip-tapping control. The Tocco SGH-F480 is another compact touchscreen effort, smaller than its near-namesake, the F490, and consequently packs a 2.8in …


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  1. Ross Luker
    Thumb Down

    Rubbish aerial

    I'm now on my 2nd Tocco (heading for my 3rd), and I've seen several other people in forums who've been through 3 or 4. The phone itself is nice enough, and handles most things fine - with the small exception of phone calls. About 40% of my calls drop out within 15 seconds for no apparent reason. This was a problem that was known in the first version of the firmware but was allegedly fixed in the second. Since both my phones have been v2, I'm guessing it's either not fixed properly or Vodafone's custom firmware broke it again. This problem with signal (the strength bars can wander between 1 and 5 while standing in one place) also extends to 3G - 95% of the time the phone will choose GPRS, but if you force it to use 3G it finds a 4 bar signal).

    In short, nice phone, very usable but not that reliable as a phone. Pity really...

  2. Kevin Aquilina

    Tocco is.....

    Italian for "I touch" so maybe its not such a bad choice for a touch-phone name after all.

  3. Chris Jasper
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    Tocco is..

    ...pretty damn good actually, does exactly what I want it to do, no dropped calls here and battery life is far better than the three Viewty's I had before.

    I may be an apple fan but I cant see the point of getting an iPhone just to be tied into a contract with the devil (O2).

  4. Adam

    Stuff the tocco

    I've just got my hands on the Omnia and it really is an incredible handset, i'm totally over the moon about it!

  5. Aleph0

    RE: Tocco is.....

    Yes, but it also means "silly bordering on crazy", so it's no wonder the handset is nowhere to be found here in Italy.

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