back to article Google maps Russian assault on Savannah

Google may have plans to catalogue all the world's information, but it's found itself a bit confused between the former Soviet republic of Georgia and the southern US state. An AFP report that Russian tanks were rushing into the south was accompanied on Google News by a map of the Savannah region, raising possible concern …


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  1. Richard
    Black Helicopters


    It's all gone Red Dawn!!!

    ...according to Google.

  2. John Bayly

    Adrian Mole

    I'm pretty sure that it was Adrian Mole's father that thought that the Argies had invaded the Shetlands. It's been a while since I read it though.

    Mine's the one with the softback in it

  3. Nick Palmer
    Black Helicopters

    You just sort of hope...

    ....that the Russians aren't using Google Maps in their ops planning, or things could get tense very quickly...

    Mines the Kamov Ka-50 "Black Shark" currently hovering over Athens...

  4. MrGutts

    New Roads

    Well we do need some new roads here in Georgia. Now we got a excuse to build them or repave them.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Adrian is innocent!!

    Adrian is never cited as saying where he thought the Falklands were, only his Dad.

    Mind you I thought they were off the Cornish coast, so......

    Mines the jackets with the built-in map

  6. Edwin

    Need I say more...

    Mine's the one that I know where it is...

  7. Ian Ferguson

    Re: New Roads

    I'm not surprised you need new roads in Georgia: According to Google Maps, there are no roads at all (or cities, for that matter) in Georgia, although plenty in its neighbours Russia and Turkey.

  8. gabor

    Georgia map

    Although Google knows where Caucasian Georgia is, apparently it thinks there are no roads or towns there. So what's all the fighting about? Search the map for "Gori, Georgia" and see for yourself.

  9. Anonymous Coward

    try searching for "whitby" in

    you'll find it wants you to go to Canada

    if you want to go to the one in the UK, you literally have to type Whitby UK, and even then it points you somwhere just south west of Scarborough, some 25miles south of the seaside resort!

    Google Maps at its best...i think not

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Happened in WW2 as well

    A trainload of soldiers, all dressed in nice warm greatcoats and fur hats arrived in a sleepy railway station in S. England ready to be sent across the channel. Seeing this mass arrival, a local asked where they were from. The reply, in a broad accent, was "Ross-shire".

    Consternation followed, as the rumour spread around the village that "the Russians have landed"

  11. Damn Yank

    Russian tanks entering Atlanta

    They'll be stuck in traffic on the 285...

    "What do you mean there are 2 of them???"

  12. Roy Stilling

    @Adrian is innocent!!

    Getting the Falklands and the Shetlands confused was quite widespread in the early days of April 1982 - my mum was one.

  13. david

    HI JIM


    On the other hand you could just have a little lie down until the meds kick in...

  14. Anonymous Coward

    @Adrian Mole

    > On hearing of the Argentine invasion of the Falklands, Mole briefly worried

    > that the South Americans had landed somewhere off the coast of Scotland.

    Have the Russians taken Grytviken in South Georgia yet?

    (Only icon relevant to a question about the Mal[BS][BS][BS]Falklands

  15. Daniel
    Gates Horns


    u make I larf!

  16. t

    My coat's in the home machine shop on the street...

    ...other than the one I live on that google maps gives to delivery drivers who don't listen to me when I say "do not use google maps or you will have a very bad day reversing your truck on a narrow and twisty lane I do not live on", causing them to attempt to make deliveries on a street you can't turn around on in a large articulated truck...

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters


    Don't be mean to the monkey, his sister 'Mum' might be in real danger.

  18. Dennis Price
    Black Helicopters

    re: Jim

    Sending the black helos now..... your electronics will be removed from your house, your fingers will be broken, and your electicity turned off.

    You Sir, are an embarrassment to The South and will be dealt with... (probably sent back North where he evidently immigrated from...).

    Should have been Paris.... a genius compared to this guy....

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Looks like they're invading Georgia

    Ha ha, Hilarious... except it looks like Putins lot are taking all of Georgia and have killed 1500+ so far. Old style Russia invading a smaller neighbour. If Russia takes Georgia we lose the Baku pipeline and Russia controls almost all of our oil supplies.

    US is weak, has no credibility and is tied down in Iraq. EU is split, part Nato, part not, no unified defence, no democratic leadership, and the countries in the East have populations part sympathetic to Russia, and others are dependant on Russia for fuel.

    Not good.

  20. Michael Ortmann

    @ Nick Palmer

    You stay the heck away froom greece, ya hear! ;)

  21. Aaron Harris
    Black Helicopters

    How did the Russians get there?

    I just tried to google route plan and got:

    "We could not calculate driving directions between moscow and Gori, Georgia."

    How the hell did they know which way to go?

  22. Anonymous Coward

    Best comment in the original thread..

    Да, вся ваша база принадлежат нам!

    For those that have difficulty reading Russin...

  23. Dangermouse


    Are you real?

    Nah. There is no way you can be real.

    Can you? Are you?

  24. Jason Haas

    To think...

    Sherman spared Savannah on his fiery march through the South.

    A tiny part of me wishes Putin would finish it off once and for all. Preferably without civilians getting killed as is happening in Ossetia... that really is not good.

  25. david

    HI JIM


  26. Nemo Metis
    Paris Hilton



    Evidently not you illiterate moron.

    Paris because she makes love not war (grabs coat that says moron with bad jokes...)

  27. Dennis Price
    Paris Hilton

    Just figured "Jim" out....

    .... and he has very large fat fingers..... he's an McAmerican. (who didn't get the War of Northern Aggression reference)

    Go figure, eh?

    Paris, cuz she doesn't like fat chicks... or guys for that matter.


  28. RW

    Google blanks out Transcaucasia

    A month or so ago, as part of a personal attempt to understand the situation in Abkhazia, I resorted to Google maps. To my surprise, there is NO map data for Georgia, Azerbaijan, or Armenia. Satellite imagery was only available at the coarsest resolutions, enough to see the snow on the peaks of the Caucasus, but not much more.

    I then tried Google satellite imagery of Tbilisi out of curiosity. All well and good: nice, sharp, high-resolution images of the city suggesting the images were captured during a morning rush hour in winter, judging from the amount of traffic and angle and length of shadows.

    I then followed what looked like a major highway, adjacent to a river and a railway northwest out of the city center. Suddenly the imagery simply stops.

    Somebody, somewhere, doesn't want us looking closely at Georgia.

    For those curious, I did find a UN map of Georgia in the form of a PDF.

    From a political p.o.v., Georgia appears to be on the verge of paying a very high price for their obduracy over Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Hindsight is always 20-20, but it's easy to see now that in the 15+ years since these regions asserted their independence from Georgia, at some point Georgia should have simply tossed in the towel, recognized their independence, and marched into the future with a diminished territory.

    As matters stand today, we may be witnessing the death of an independent Georgia. Russia is acutely aware of the desirability of maintaining a monopoly over oil transport from the east to Europe, and the Georgian pipeline from Baku on the Caspian to Turkey is the only link not under their control. The Russians are no fools, and don't give a damn what the world thinks as they proceed to reconvert Georgia into a puppet state by the use of military force.

    So long, Rose Revolution!

  29. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Google blanks out Transcaucasia shows it as all B roads, which I guess is why it doesn't show up any roads when Google zoom level shows A roads.

    Click the satellite button (bottom left on Viamichelin) and you can see the mountain range between North and South Ossetia. Looking at the scale of it, it's barely 100km across, there's no way they'll stop the Russian army.

    If they've captured Senaki, then they're driving a wedge into Georgia from the east. While their 'peace keeping' force is driving from the north. No doubt when they control Georgia, Putin will tell the world they were 'invited' in.

    Question is, what can be done? Can Turkey help them? I won't fill up at Lukoil, but there's practically no other trade with Russia and token gestures won't work.

  30. Anonymous Coward


    For those who are interested, JIM swims with the Sharks.....

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I cant belive

    No one has mentioned red Dawn

    They might be able to take Georgia , but they would be scared off when they hit states like West Virgina. And dont get me started on the Application mountains. They have an unidentified mutant man ape creates there . A pissed off southern aint no joke

    Its booze, god and country.

    Que inbreeding jokes.

  32. Matthew

    Dammit AC

    I wanted to point out that Jim was a troll from CW!

  33. Mr Larrington

    It gets better has a map.

    Centred on Vienna.

  34. Daniel B.

    Re: I cant belive

    "No one has mentioned red Dawn"

    The first one did it, didn't you notice the "WOLVERINES!" title?

    Anyway ... I do remember that when I was a kid (6 yrs old?) that when Georgia was mentioned, I also thought about the US state, but that is because back then, everything over there was "the USSR". It wasn't until secondary school when we started seeing the zillion formerly-Soviet countries in our Geography class.

  35. Anonymous Coward


    Sorry Matthew, couldn't resist it!

    Mind you, I tried to be a little obtuse so that those not familiar with CW would be confused! ;-)

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