back to article Clone dog mistress denies she is 'sex in chains' McKinney

The miraculous rebirth of Booger the pit bull has been overshadowed by a row over the identity of the cloned dog’s owner. Bernann McKinney, the American woman who paid Korean scientists $50,000 for five copies of Booger created from cells from the deceased dog’s ear, has been forced to deny that she is better known as Joyce …


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  1. Richard
    Thumb Up

    "disguised as a member of a mime troupe"

    Love it! Definitely adds flair.

    Actually, the McKinney story would make a pretty good movie.

  2. michael

    after you with the

    mind bleach pls

  3. Martin
    Paris Hilton

    Of course she is, and......

    ...If I had five identical boogers I'd make a song and dance about it too!

    Paris ... 'cos women don't have boogers.

  4. Tom Chiverton


    A certain Mr. S. King has already done it, hasn't he ?

  5. Pete mcQuail
    Thumb Up

    @disguised as a member of a mime troupe

    Must give it a try when I fly out this evening.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    That's Horrific!!

    A troupe of mime artists! Just one makes me want to heave, even the thought of a little gangs of mime artists wandering around brings me out in a could sweat.

    The horror, The HORROR, THE HOORRRRROORRR!!!!!!!

  7. An Unwashed Mass

    @That's Horrific!!

    You forgot to say "Won't somebody think of the children!"

    Totally agree, though

  8. Richard

    Of course...

    when police questioned the mimes, they said nothing.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Pix plx

    Wot no pics? How are we to form our own speculations on no evidence?

    What's that you say? The same way we always do? Capital!

  10. smudge
    Paris Hilton

    Maybe the Koreans..

    .. cloned more than just the dog.

    Paris - because I'm sure she has a chihuahua production line

  11. This post has been deleted by its author

  12. Steven Jones

    The sad thing is

    I'm old enought to remember the story. I seem to recall that time as a miserable one with a bad economic outlook, inflation on the increase and an unpopular Labour government was replaced by a Conservative one in two years time.

    (Albeit the Labour PM was called "sunny Jim", not a description that fits the dour one we have now).

    Anyway, now that this woman is back to add a little tittelation to the tabloids (including this one), then we know the bad times are back. If times are repeating, in about five years time we will be embrolied in a war - sorry, that's already happened...

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Have some pics:

  14. Samantha Clinton

    @ Christopher Webb

    Nor would I want to...

    Although I do believe there are several sites on t'interweb where people have. Often purporting to be 'erotic fiction' ;) Difference being they'd involve the kidnapping, handcuffing, see-through skimpies, the mime troupe AND the five dogs. Allegedly...

  15. Simon Painter

    Wandering Mime Troupe... here's how it really happened...

    Darling: Well sir, I received a phone call this afternoon from Pope Gregory IX, telling me that our cook had been selected for the England Cricket team and must set sail for the West Indies immediately.

    Melchett: Really?

    Darling: Then a moment later, the phone rang again. It was a trio of wandering Italian chefs, who happened to be in the area, offering their services. So I had the quartermaster take them on at once.

  16. Pete

    Hee hee

    There's nought stranger than reality. No doubt about it, this has to be "Better than life". Now, if only I can think hard enough, perhaps I can make some Valkyrie come into existence (I'm not greedy, three or four would do). I could so do with a good end-of-week massage to make up for the crap week I've had. Anyway, what was the article about again?

    Note that I've been careful and avoided all use of sarcastic humour in this comment e.g. in calling New Zealanders Australians in order to get back at them for their woeful lack of knowledge of oor Robbie's nationality (oops, wrong article?). I mean I don't want anyone to get upset and think I was serious. If I ever meet up with you David, we can share a few pints together and collectively moan about the way the world is heading. And I promise that I wouldn't even dream of commenting on how ambiguous you were concerning which bridge across the Forth you were talking about. After all, you deserve some slack.

    So, back to the point. It's obvious our dear girl only had her charming deceased dog cloned as a prelude to attempting to clone a Mormon Missionary and thus provide herself with a constant supply if any happen to break away from the fluffly but solid restraints. I know, no need to comment, they appear to already clone Mormon Missionaries quite satisfactorily.

    Right, horned helmet, large breasts, smell of wolf. Strain Pete, strain!!!

  17. david

    I remember the story too...

    ...and remeber thinking at the time that she wouldn't have had to handcuff me...unless she wanted to ;)

  18. gareth

    photo evidence

    so where is the "authentic" photo of the alleged incident (with the mandatory optimus prime hiding in the background)

  19. Anonymous Coward

    If you should happen to meet

    a beauty queen looking to handcuff and take sexual advantage of a largish, mature computer geek any time soon, send her my way will you? I would gladly take the abuse to protect my brethren from such torture.

  20. ian
    Thumb Up

    @Phil Staite

    Thanks mate! The photos of the lass and her pit bull were just what I needed. Eh? What do you mean there was no pit bull photo?

  21. amanfromMars Silver badge

    All Part of the Virtually Secured MasterPilot InfraStructure Plan ....*

    "Actually, the McKinney story would make a pretty good movie." ... By Richard Posted Friday 8th August 2008 11:52 GMT

    The Register would need to be featuring in that movie too, with more than just a Bit part too, Richard.

    It's script might warrant a raving D Notice though, which would just verify that such Department Heads are Raving and well past their sell-by dates... ie Rotten to their Cores.

    Which all makes it sound like a ripping idea and colluding with the Hadron Collider would Really give IT some 00mph.

    Let the Virtually Great Olympian Games begin? :-)

    * All the best VD Infrastructure jobs are advertised in the Register :-)

  22. Anonymous John

    If she's not the same person,

    perhaps she's a clone.

    Any one of the five identical coats, please.

  23. shay mclachlan

    Just as well

    According to the Guardian the pooches in question are named Booger McKinney, Booger Lee, Booger Ra, Booger Hong and Booger Park after the surgeons in Korea who cloned them.

    All I can say is its just as well there wasnt a Mr Me on the team........

  24. Leo Maxwell
    IT Angle

    I remember the phot in the mirror

    There was a Photo of her naked on horseback in the Sunday Mirror.

    It was only spoilt by the line around her neck where the photo had been doctored to add her head to someone else's body :)

    It was so badly done it was glaringly obvious.

    These days it would have been Photoshopped, and not so hilarious- so there's the IT angle :D

  25. Stevie

    Joyce McKinney

    I remember that one. If memory serves, the prevailing opinion was that the mormon in question was mad to be spurning hot bondage-themed totty like that. She was, at least from her Daily Mirror pix, quite a hotty.

    England in the 70s, a hotbed of forced lust and non-tolleration of pesky religeous cultish mores in the face of a nice pair.

  26. Anonymous Coward

    Oh Happy Memories...

    of all those teenage jokes about the missionary position being chained to a bed,

    and now I'm sure I can add a few new ones about her Puppies...

  27. threaded

    Extradite from the US?

    The chances of extraditing a US citizen from the USA is pretty small. That she is blond, and a ex-beauty queen, makes those small odds to pretty well infinitesimal.

    I'd hazard that the UK won't even bother to ask the US for her.

  28. Rick


    Head over to for before and after pics.

    I don't know. They could be the same person.

  29. Bruce Sinton
    Paris Hilton

    Stop It

    If these posts keep coming , I am likely to need medical attention.

    I can see the newspaper story now

    Ambulance staff report- " Found laying on floor , rolling around , tears streaming down face and making noise that sounds like hahahaha etc"

  30. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "I'd hazard that the UK won't even bother to ask the US for her."

    There wouldn't be any point. The US haven't ratified their end of the extradition treaty anyway and, as usual, our government is just bending over and taking it.

  31. Rune Moberg
    Thumb Up

    hottie and the beast

    God hands the mormon missionary a gift like that, and the stupid bastard doesn't recognise it?!?

    Any hottie should be allowed to strap any single male person to a piece of furniture and have her way with him. Anything else would be a crime against humanity.

  32. James Pickett


    Me too. Mind you, I don't (and didn't) have the disadvantage of Mormon 'safety' underwear. I remember wondering why she didn't choose someone more co-operative (like me), but it's the old forbidden fruit problem, I guess...

  33. Hayden Clark Silver badge

    Full detail...

    ... and conclusive pic here

  34. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Miss Wyoming?

    If this witch was Miss Wyoming, the bar must have been very low in selecting her in the state beauty contest based on her current looks and mental state. No wonder why she had to chain her "lover" to get anything!

    Makes Paris look extremely lustful compared to this woman...

  35. Tom

    If cloning form DNA had been available back in the 1970's

    .. she could have had 5 Kirk Andersons' creathed from the scrapings of his todger.

  36. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    At any rate, even without the extradition treaty with the US, wouldn't the statute of limitations have expired by now?

  37. Mark

    re: hottie and the beast

    Maybe he REALLY believes in his holy scriptures and that sex out of wedlock is a sin.

    Yeah, I know, we're ALWAYS supposed to be "up for it" and we're ALWAYS the rapist because we can't think with anything other than our cocks. And nobody ever believes in their holy words unless they believe them to say "blow up the infidel".

  38. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Says a lot about religion...

    That you get kidnapped by a beauty queen and bonked senseless, and you complain!

    Weirdos the lot of 'em!

  39. Anonymous Coward

    Blame it on the mimes...

    ...they'll never talk.

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