back to article Gadget confusion rules supreme in Blighty

Confused by your compact camera? Menaced by your mobile? You’re not alone, because many of us are baffled by gadgets, a survey has revealed. Online gadget comparison website Reevoo questioned 2000 British adults and found that over one quarter had no idea how to use a digital camera properly, whilst 17 per cent don’t know the …


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  1. Evil Engineer

    complex gadgets

    If you need to read the instructions first then IT IS too complicated!

  2. Tony Paulazzo

    Throwaway society

    or, you know, keep the damn things for longer than six months before buying the next shiny thing you see, that way you learn thru experimentation.

    Also, gadgets are beginning to suffer from feature bloat; my phone (U600) has a 3.5 megapixel camera (kind'a ok for when I don't have my decent camera), mp3 player (no need for an iPod - yay!), tiny video player (pointless gimmick), radio (don't listen), synchs with outlook (gives me reminders for appointments, good backup for my phone contacts - double plus good!), alarm clock (does what it says), web surfing (screen too small to be useful), 2GB Smartcard (doubles as storage for files - backup etc). Along with bluetooth it also makes phone calls and does text/picture messaging, and if me and my laptop are in a wifi free zone it does allow my laptop to websurf thru it - not used because Virgin charges are not good for that.

    I've had the phone for just over a year, never read the manual, but figured things out simply thru using it.

  3. Matt Williams

    I hate my new mobile

    I recently published my disappointment over my new Nokia N82 in my blog. It replaced a trusty Nokia 6300, and I was lured away by the promise of a better camera and GPS. What I got was a phone that requires multiple button press for the simplest of operations.

    How could they have got the user interface so very wrong?

  4. ruffage
    Paris Hilton

    idiot nation

    Basically if you can't work it out then you shouldn't have the gadget in the first place. Eat more Omega 3 or something. Jeez.

    Paris, because she's up there with the smartest, apparently.

  5. BioTube

    Apply Unix philosphy to gadgets

    Most people just see shiny shiny. I want my phone to be a phone and my mp3 player to play music(nonmp3 formats are fine). And people really do need to learn to keep devices until the next shiny thing comes out.

This topic is closed for new posts.