back to article Crimeware grifters scamming naive phishers

Phishing exploitation kits can be picked up for free on the internet but these packages are regularly backdoored, according to a new study. Security researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara, have confirmed that inexperienced phishers are in effect doing the legwork for more wily grifters. Many phishing kits …


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  1. adnim

    So few.

    I would have thought that considering how easy it is to clone a valid site that ALL of these kind of kits would have backdoors. After all if a scammer is unable to replicate a target website and needs tools to do such a thing, he/she/it is unlikely to notice code that sends the data elsewhere.

    Sometimes I hate being honest, I could be rich instead. Yes I know riches wouldn't make me happy, but it would be a nice diversion until I got bored with it.

  2. The Cube
    Gates Horns

    Windows Genuine Advantage

    Now if only the wannabe phishers would look out for the Phishing Genuine Advantage logo and understand that piracy of phishing software is illegal and supports organised crime and drug dealing and terrorism and worst of all - DVD copying!

  3. Goat Jam

    The answer of course

    Is to only use open-source phishing kits

  4. dervheid

    It restores your faith in human nature...

    when you realise that the would-be phishers are even more gullible than their would-be marks.


  5. Florence Stanfield
    IT Angle

    No difference to BT and phorm/webwise

    They always hide the evil stuff behind a protection promise like Phorm/webwise BT selling it to customers to protect you from phishing, which any browser can do. Whiel all the time they are pimping your clicks to sell to advertising companies adware/spyware hidden behinde a ssecurityu promise to save you from phishing. Nothing has changed from rootkit days just targeted differnetly.

  6. kissingthecarpet

    No such old adage

    Unfortunately for your article the old adage is "there IS honour among theives" an example of which is the exhortation not to grass up your mates, which IMHO is probably the norm, rather than everybody phoning Crimestoppers as soon as their mates leave the room.

    Another example of the "could care less" or "begs the question" syndrome, I'm afraid

  7. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: Did someone mention a 'backdoor'?

    I am not letting through comments of this nature relating to Paris, because you are dirty little boys and I'd like a little decorum for a Friday.

    So shush.

  8. Matthew Joyce

    Re: Did someone mention a 'backdoor'?


    As requested, a little one. Upgrades are available, but need to be delivered in person.

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