back to article FBI sets out case against anthrax 'rogue scientist'

Yesterday the FBI published its search warrants and affidavits pertaining to the case of Bruce Ivins, the Ft. Detrick scientist fingered by the agency as the perpetrator of the 'Amerithrax anthrax mailings.. These documents contain no rigorous scientific evidence, but refer to it, and the FBI explains its rationale for …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    Lots of gaps...

    The FBI story is has a "few" gaps.

    great analysis here that points out some holes with the FBI's case. We need to see ALL the evidence. Unfortunately the Feds past in this regard does not inspire one with confidence....

  2. Anonymous Coward
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    Ivins reportedly committed suicide by an overdose of Tylenol and codeine. I'm no biologist, but I am told that death by Tylenol/paracetamol is both prolonged and painful (although the codeine may make a difference here; I wouldn't know).

    Why would an experienced biologist (as Ivins must have been) choose such a method of suicide? Or was he "helped"?

  3. P.Nutt

    Land of the free?

    Awful convienent that for years the FBI had no clue until they started pressing this guy, who then tops himsel (Sure could be because of guilt and not wanting to go to jail, But could also be because he had the feds on his ass 24/7).

    Guess the had to find someone to take the blame at the end of the day. Lets hope this SUSPECT was the person, but lets not forget even in the US there is innocent until proven guilty.

  4. h4rm0ny
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    Who benefits?

    Maybe the scientist does, if he was worried about funding... but we can see that the US government certainly did, capitalising on the Anthrax scare as justification for its "War On Terror" and a raft of new laws and wiretapping. Who benefits? That's always a question worth keeping in mind.

    A black helicopter for obvious reasons...

  5. Mark

    Silly question

    If the evidence is circumstantial, then of COURSE there's still room for doubt. Else the evidence would not be circumstantial.

    Sheesh are you guys lazy today or what??

  6. Steve

    A well presented case...

    Although I've heard faith-healers make more compelling arguments.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Pick a number less than 100

    37 Anderson Ave Warwick... (Map quest thing caught my eye, what is that about?)

    Where's the handwriting evidence among all that seized stuff (where's the distinctive slanting writing, surely he must have filled in some form in the past?!! You seized used carbon paper with handwriting on it, what did that look like, the folders presumably had names written on them, the video cassettes etc.).

    Why are you saying unsent *letters* when you mean drafts on a computer hard disk? (FBI claims unsent letters in fake names, search warrants don't show any just hard disks).

    Which colleague said "ivins told me he was having paranoid delusions", how can they be delusions if he knows they're not real??

    How many of those letters under 'false names' are from, or ??? Did you mean drafts or unsent emails????

    How come you kept searching and researching the car? I see it many times in the search list.

    The FBI report says he worked nights in the lab, but the letters were posted from Princeton, which seems to be nearly a 7 hour round trip.... fuel refills... credit card receipts... etc.??? where are they? Did he take the night off on the day before the letters were sent (he'd need a window of 7 hours or more).. I see the evidence is missing there.

    Where 08-429's warrant return?

    What's the evidence of him working alone?

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    it's easy when he's not here to defend himself

    And only slightly more suspicious that it's called a "suicide". It's why my old man called them the Feeble Bodied Institute and had zero respect for them. Another plod having failed at the job.

  9. JHD

    Unproven, unreliable

    All that is presented is what the FBI thinks most favorable. Given the other high profile cases in which the FBI has acted shamefully and incompetently (Richard Jewell, Wen Ho Lee, Hatfill, and others across the years) I do not believe they are worthy of trust.

    The FBI has a history and policy of applying maximum pressure against anyone they target, even casually (remember all the 60’s folk whose workplaces were visited by “Special Agents” who made ominous claims that often cost people their jobs); in this case the pressure may have been enourmous--and enough on its own to cause suicide, even absent guilt.

    The tactics so far described should be curbed even if Ivins was guilty. They are a stain on the US, as is the FBI’s near-legendary arrogance and incompetence.

  10. Anonymous Coward
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    He was probably suicided by the US government.

  11. Mark Henry

    It's a standards of proof issue

    The evidence presented so far would easily justify a grand jury's bringing initial charges under the U. S. system.

    The problem comes because of the definition of reasonable doubt in an actual trial. It's quite reasonable in this particular case to point out that there is enormous political pressure being brought to bear on the FBI to resolve the matter before the coming election, and equally reasonable to point out that this is the third person the F. B. I. has accused, and the circumstantial evidence in the other two accusations also sounded at least fairly plausible as it was presented in the media. It's 'reasonable' in other words to be extra-suspicious of malicious prosecution or gross incompetence. This is blow-back from the administrations overall actions. It is not fair to blame this solely on the F. B. I., as the root causes extend to much of the government, or at least have tendrils throughout the whole Executive branch. If there is call for investigating the F. B. I. , remember that, and urge your legislative and judicial branches not to focus on just firing a few administrators within the bureau and claiming that has fixed the problem.

  12. Fred
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    Funny thing - Facts AFTER death

    If the FBI's case was "so good" - why wasnt he charged (long ago)

    Could it be rather that he was a handy schmuck to foist this off on? especially since he "committed suicide" and cant defend himself.

    Or maybe he *was* involved, was asked/blackmailed/paid to give the material to someone else in the Gov't employ (possibly covertly).

    either way --

    the timing is all too suspicious

  13. Turbojerry


    So the anthrax was produced by Battelle, the same company who employs Dr. Kanatjan Alibekov AKA Ken Alibek formerly of Biopreparat, the Soviet bioweapons manufacturer, who brought the technology to create the small particle, highly aerogenic anthrax used in the attacks to the US, but the FBI expects us to believe it was Ivins, who didnt know how to weaponise the anthrax? Of course the other question is why would a smart scientist like Ivins put anthrax with granularity smaller than the holes in a paper envelope in one to send it? Of course if it was part of the CIA operation that sent anthrax substitute around the US in tests that had a much larger grain size than the Alibek / Battelle weaponised anthrax it would make sense, but then we have CIA and Battelle bio-terror conspiracy.

  14. John F***ing Stepp

    Looking back.

    Actually it was this part of the statistical spike that got me a bit worried.

    To recap.

    Airplanes, anthrax, snipers, smiley face mail bombers; right now today; no rest.

    What were the odds?

    So I started thinking enemy action; then just like Mort Kelly I figured out we were the enemy.

    Fine, lay low, they are killing people at that point.

    I was even warned by my friends that if I were right I had better keep my mouth shut.

    But it has been seven years, I am not the only person that is some what suspicious; I am certainly not the only person to think that maybe Bush and co. murdered about 3000 people to (as Karl Rove put it) make this a one party country*.


    You might want to take a close look at the Blair fellow; he seems to be a fellow traveler.

    *You know, one party like the communist party but called Republican.


  15. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Dick Destiny??

    Is that the pornoname for the real author or someone from Hollywood who co-authored the piece?

  16. Raife Edwards

    The evidence is as SOLID and COMPELLING...

    ...(and amazingly reminiscent) as the FALSE "evidence" presented to the world (and the American People) to prove that Iraq had "WMDs", and direct links to "Al Qaeda" and "9/11" (thus, seemingly, justifying the otherwise clearly-illegal, and wildly-unpopular, utterly-disastrous, invasion of that country).

    Or... is it truly possible that this long-standing, and incredibly-embarrassing, unsolved Federal-case... which simply HAD to be wrapped-up before the coming elections (for numerous political-reasons)... really was the act of a sole "deranged" perpetrator, who is now, (so conveniently) dead?

    I guess that, the fact that there is NO REAL evidence, and that many of the "facts", and alleged "witnesses", have already been called into serious question (by even the most casual observers)... is probably also irrelevant.

    At least, now, the FBI can claim to have solved the case, AND proceed to completely wash its hands of the, entire, matter. And besides, anybody that even questions this (highly-dubious assertion)... will undoubtedly simply be labeled a "conspiracy nut".... and, as equally, ignored as those that have (for years) been pointing-out (and, even, proving) the, seemingly unending series of LIES, DECEPTIONS, BLATANT-CORRUPTION, and PUBLIC-MANIPULATIONS, that have been coming out of the U.S. Government.

  17. rick buck
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    dead bug

    Now that the culprit has committed suicide, it is kinda like proving a negative...

    BUT IT GETS THE AUTHORITIES OFF THE HOOK, and it makes them look like they know what they are doing...

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