back to article Email hacker banged up for exposing boss's sex life

A Spanish office worker has been jailed for two years after hacking into his former manager's account and distributing personal and private emails to all and sundry. Some of the offending messages provided insights into the manager's sex life, The Guardian reports. Recipients of the messages included the supervisor's ex-missus …


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  1. Liam


    2 years and £3k fine for that... seems a tad harsh to me!

    you could rape someone over here and get less time!

  2. Mark

    Would've been safe in the UK or US

    Because everybody here and in the US keeps telling us workers that what we have on the work computer and our emails at work is not our property and we have no right or expectation of privacy.

    Unless it's Two Jags complaining about people seeing and reporting on him going to his grace and favour residence with a little bit of "grace and favour" on his arm...

  3. Jonathan McColl

    I'm safe at work anywhere

    Maybe I'm unusual, but I generally try to avoid using my office mailbox housed in my employer's servers to send all my sex-related emails.

    Certainly not during the day anyway, the night-time ones are probably OK cause there's no-one in the office to read them at night.

    Oh and I don't use the office system for my bringing-down-government ones, or Majestic 12 ones, or all the other stuff that the CIA-GCHQ combine is watching out for.

    (Sorry, my sarcasm button got stuck)

  4. John Sanders
    IT Angle

    Do people actually send sex messages?

    Who does send sex messages?

    All I send and receive is messages to customers about work related stuff...

    Maybe it is because I never pay atention to those "grow your thing" spam messages.

  5. Daniel Garcia


    Mail privacy is a basic constitutional right in Spain and you can get up to 3 years for messing up with others' mail.

    But the penalty for rape is up to 14 years.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ John Sanders

    Yep, and being mail admin, I have to clear the dreck out of our filter daily. It makes it hard to look at a colleague with a straight face.

    Mine's the one with the barf bag in the pocket...

  7. Jay Cooper

    @ John Sanders

    Of course people send sex messages! How else do chat to the fit receptionist you fancy having a bit with when you are supposed to be working. Although i don't obviously. WOuldn't dream of it.

    Now how do I erase these emails?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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