back to article Cisco's Q4 sails over US economic slump

"Despite" is clearly the golden word for financial reports of major US tech corporations. If a company is massive enough, it's got tendrils wrapped outside the sluggish domestic market. Investors demand growth — and desired numbers presently lie abroad in emerging markets such as China and India. Cisco, often used as a …


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  1. Ondrej Doubek

    not sure why they're put together ?

    "Mexico and Russia (we're not sure why they're put together either)"

    You can throw in Brazil, too, if You like. Due to a very different business culture and a different interpretation of "truth" You need to be made from a special kind of wood to deal with those countries if You are raised in a rather, how do I say, tame society.

    Let's compare it to a card game:

    If You play cards in, say, a Scandinavian country with a fella, and he cheats You, You will wrap it up and not play with him anymore.

    In the named countries the card game will be only a facade. The real game is about who cheats whom smarter. And nobody gets upset! In the contrary, the better cheater gets a lot of respect for his skills.

    That's where they are similar. Having them handled by the same team makes a lot sense to me.

    Please note that I don't mean to judge here. Different country, different customs. Me personally, I love Brazil ;-)

  2. Poul Malmkjaer-Mason

    You don't mention the Storage devision

    Interesting omission in your article:

    Storage is the only area singled out as losing market - in Mr. Chambers own words "and storage was down approximately 14%. "

    I know I have a bias here, but with Cisco being the only other real player in the SAN market place, i think it worth a mention.


  3. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    Brazil, Russia, Mexico

    They're all in the next tier of countries under the G7/8, lumping them together shows how you're doing in developing markets.

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