back to article Sage brushes off credit crunch

Sage told the London Stock Exchange this morning that it expects to hit targets for the year but remains cautious of the impact of the credit crunch on its business. The accountancy and management software specialist expects to hit targets for the full year ending 30 September. Sage's business in the US, except for its …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    Seems a little odd that they're doing so well yet just last month they killed all IT recruitment right in the middle of interviewing people for a few dozen new developer jobs....

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Lies...lies..untuths and interim reports

    Is it me but do you ever trust interim reports, after all they're usually unaudited. I do hope sage is doing well, but a large ammount of debt (half a billion?) and high interest rates are not the best of times to come.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I work for Sage and every so often they lay r&d staff off and then 6 months later bring new people in, and now there's too much work for them and if they get rid of anyone it will seriously cause problems for the already flawed software

    Sage are their own worst enemy, during a webcast there was talk of redundancies, there's a recruitment freeze and the support teams are suffering to people left right and centre.

    I work in Newcastle and i'm looking elsewhere, crap management, all under the age of 30, no life experience and no balls between the lot of them

  4. Gary Ging

    re: Mmmmmmm

    I've worked for Sage in Newcastle for many years and I've just read your comments.

    I also watched the webcast you mention and I actually think it's great that our management team takes the time to explain things like this. There are more and more reports in the news about 'challenging markets' and I think you'll find that businesses across the UK are doing whatever they can to make sure that they are in a good place for the future and we are no different at Sage

    Gary Ging, Sage R&D

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