back to article Nvidia denies chipset farewell

Nvidia has denied reports that it’s planning to exit the chipset business, saying it has “no intention of getting out of the chipset business". This follows a report late last week by Digitimes that claimed the firm was poised to leave the market. On Friday, Digitimes said an unnamed source had told it that Nvidia had called …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    What sad f**k

    sits around thinking of stuff like this to start rumors about and why would anyone think they were true.

  2. Jon Lamb

    Re: What sad f*ck

    'inquiring' minds would like to know!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    ARM-based stuff too. Tegra is important.

    In addition to their Intel and AMD platform stuff, they have some amazing ARM-based designs on the roadmap too.

    The Tegra is incredible, and it doesn't even have any Cortex cores in it yet!

  4. Geraint Jones

    @ AC, to be fair...

    ...a number of nVidia partners have delayed and then scrapped 790i motheboards that were meant to be flagships of nVidia's sli technology in their chipsets.

    The rumours were less "thought up" by some "sad fuck"... Looks more like reasonable conjecture from the facts at hand at the time to me, with nVidia laying out a statement to calm down fears in the marketplace.

    NB; And as far as their chipsets being "as strong as [they have] ever been for both AMD and Intel platforms”... Errr... did anyone mention to them anything about overheating in the 680s? Data corruption from early chipsets through to the 790i?

  5. Tim Spence

    RE: What sad fuck

    I can exclusively reveal that I've just received a leaked report which states that The Register is to be sold to the Greek island of Lesvos. I can't reveal my sources, but it will all be in the news soon enough.

  6. Flocke Kroes Silver badge

    When are we going to see nVidia CPU's?

    They could put a respectable CPU in one tenth of the area of one of their expensive GPU's. In the long term, they will need a CPU+GPU chip because that is the way the market is going. Just ask Intel, AMD+ATI and Via.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No customers makes a poor business

    Does it really make a difference whether they stop the chipset business or not, if the board designers don't want to use their chipsets. In that fashion the Digitimes rumor was spot on. Without customers it's just a drain on resources.

  8. Paul

    re: When are we going to see nVidia CPU's?

    @Flocke Kroes

    What on earth are you smoking? You want a CPU from people that couldn't get their sound,firewall,network and at one time even SATA disk support working? You know, the simple stuff? At least they could hide the flaws behind drivers (usually by switching to software mode and hoping no-one noticed the missing acceleration) - though I've not seen a properly working gfx driver for more than a year.

    How they'd switch a broken CPU into software emulation would be entertaining to see ;)

  9. conan

    Not convincing

    There may be issues with nVidia chipset boards, but they're not unmanageable issues and the extra complexity of the boards must be expected to produce a few problems. I must say, I wouldn't ever choose an Intel board for anything but a real budget gaming rig right now, and there have been a number of successes with the nVidia chipset in the past, so even if the boards aren't quite up to scratch now there's no reason to think they'd just pack it in and go home.

  10. Paul Hamm

    Why the meeting?

    The reason for the meeying seems awfully thin. It could very well be other concerns that the OEMs have. I wonder if this meeting has more to do with the current MCP GPU materials packaging failures that many laptop owners are seeing. If they used crap for the laptop chipsets it is unlikely they used anything better for the desktop chipsets.

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