back to article Dell files patent office application for 'cloud computing'

Dell is attempting to trademark the tech industry’s favourite buzzword – “cloud computing”. The Round Rock, Texas firm is trying to gain control of the ubiquitous term according to a document filed on the US Patent and Trademark Office’s website. Dell’s application has already reached the so-called “notice of allowance” stage …


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  1. Senor Beavis
    Thumb Down

    Keep up at the back

    First used the phrase in 2007? Has El Reg been shirking off school for a cheeky fag behind the bikesheds rather attended IT Buzzphrase classes with the malodorous Mr Jenkins?

    Minus 10 house points. And stop chucking spit balls at Miss Bee - you'll only give her issues in later life.

  2. Eddie Edwards
    Dead Vulture

    Disingenuous? Moi?

    "Dell has very quietly pushed its trademarking application past the phase where opponents of its move can have any say in the process."

    In other words they followed the same process as everyone else and published the mark in the Official Gazette of the Patent and Trademark Office.

    As opposed to all these other companies which send press releases to every website they can when they're trying to register a new trademark in order to maximize the likelihood of someone objecting.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Fingers crossed...

    Maybe if "Cloud computing" is trademarked it'll just disappear.

    >a catch-all term used widely among CEOs

    i.e. Total meaningless bollocks.

  4. dervheid

    This only shows...

    just how fucked-up the 'patent' system really is, if any company/organisation/individual could be granted a patent for a two-word phrase.

    Must file a patent application;

    "Cloud Computing" - A combination of measurement instrumentation and specifically created software to enable the calculation of the dispersal cloud from a release of toxic or flammable gasses / bullshit.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    trademark != patent

    you are confusing patents with trademarks. They are patenting the "invention" of "cloud computing", not the name "cloud computing"

  6. Anonymous Coward

    No one at the Dell-Inn

    Could have enough laughter to contain this latest gaffe guys. There is no active engineering there anymore, the major founders all left some years ago. a few BIOS-heads remain, but so far into the Ether(net) that reality there's no way anyone but Marketriods could have this idea.

  7. aldude
    Dead Vulture

    Massive errors

    Fools above who comment on what they don't understand...

    Dell's application is for a Trademark - i.e. the words "cloud computing" to be used to identify a brand, much like the way that "Dell" and "The Register" are registered and used as such.

    Dell are NOT trying to patent cloud computing - at least not with the information located in this news story.

    Also, I'm sure El Reg has noticed that the Trademark registration was filed five days BEFORE cloud computing was used in the referenced Reg story...

  8. Mark
    Thumb Up

    wait now just a second

    are you saying we could all patient buzz words to stop management types using them?!

    i'm all for that!!

    copyright away mr. dell!

  9. James Donnelly


    I wonder if I can trademark the phrase "patent application".... wouldn't that be sweet!

  10. dervheid



    Same shit, different name.

    Please adjust your sarcasm/irony detectors accordingly.

    Must remember to use this icon more often, just to make it more *obvious* for some people out there!

  11. Anonymous Coward

    @trademark != patent

    Dammit - and I hoped for a moment that this dreadful term would become restricted to Dell and meteorologists.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Bagsie 'going forward' then.

    Right if Dell can do it then Ive bagsied the phrase 'going forward'. I think £5 per utterance of this annoying term (from anyone) will keep me in the lifestyle I deserve.

    If you are in Rio come and say hi. I will be the one on the beach with more women than I can handle and a very large sack of Columbian marching powder.

    Paris, cos she will be lying next to me :-)

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    @trademark != patent

    "you are confusing patents with trademarks. They are patenting the "invention" of "cloud computing", not the name "cloud computing""

    I think you're the muppet here. Clearly the article talks about applying for trademark protection, and the associated link takes you to the application as processed by the USPTO, which happens to handle both Patent and Trademarks!

  14. Stewart Haywood

    I wonder if.......

    They are going to patent "Lightning Support" as well..........hail no, probably not.

  15. David Tebbutt

    NCR and 'Tower' should be a warning

    NCR tried to strong-arm everyone to put TM after every mention of 'tower' because they'd trademarked it. Guess who ended up looking stupid?

  16. John Sykes
    Paris Hilton

    Oedipus shmoedipus.....

    Hey! You! Get off of my patent?/trademark...

    "Hey! You! Get off of m'IP " sounds a bit snappier (and resolves the other issue).

    Paris, 'cause she prefers know-how

  17. Ronny Cook

    Generic trademarks...

    Trademarks can be withdrawn if they come into generic use (ergo you don't need to put a (TM) after asprin). I'd say cloud computing is already well past that stage. If Dell plan to preserve their trademark I wouldn't expect it to last past the first challenge.

    The exception is if they're using it in a field where is *isn't* a generic term - eg. if they tied it to storage solutions.

    I think the phrase we need is "locking the barn door after the horse has bolted."

  18. Mark

    Re: Bagsie 'going forward' then.

    Hooo shit! I think I'll go for "proactive".

    I mean, what the FUCK does that mean? You're for activity? You aren't amateur any more? What?

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I Hope Dell Prevails

    I hope Dell prevails on their trademark ... maybe people will move on to yet another amorphous buzzword so they can continue to spew and not say anything substantive.

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