back to article Treasury coughs £80m tax credit for R&D

The UK government will dish up an extra £80m a year in tax credits to encourage small businesses to invest in more research and development. From today (1 August) the total tax relief available to SMEs will be set at around £300m a year, said Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury Angela Eagle MP. The government hopes that …


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  1. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Treasury coughs and discovers it has no Balls

    Psst .... Just between You and Me and the Internet, this snippet from AIMissive is presently exercising Brains and Eton Toffs ....... "……… and so financed from any Private or Public Purse as to be a Zero Capital Cost item. Which would be an interesting Offer to Refuse and some might even say, quite impossibly difficult to justify when wwwidely/globally known, rather than being shared more privately ……. Although, quite whether in this day and age of electronic communications, there is anything which can be kept private, is debatable/suspect. I choose to imagine that nothing can be hidden and therefore share everything at some time or other. "

    And QuITe what the remainder of the missive said is no secret either, whenever there is no privacy ..... ..... it just remains as a live round in their inbox, ready to explode if treated badly and ignored.

    Out of Office AutoReply ....... only works if you are Out of Office.

    Suck IT and See and Sock IT with C, would soon have the Proof of Concept/the Pudding Proved in ITs Eating. And let's get Real here, ...after All, what's a few million/billion/trillion here or there, nowadays?

    More Anon by Registered Post when Fools Persist to Mimic Lead and Stall Progress.

  2. Stuart Cherrington
    Paris Hilton

    How do I get a grant?

    I'd like to do some extensive R&D on my local Public Houses and Spearmint Rhino's, being the director of my own company (of 1 employee) surely I qualify to a large R&D tax credit!

  3. Dave Bell

    Up to 500 employees?

    In my book, that's a pretty big business, but you probably need to be that big to have enough surplus to fund research.

  4. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Don't do this from Home, Kids .... :-) unless Guidance is Sublime and Divine.*

    "How do I get a grant?" ..... By Stuart Cherrington Posted Friday 1st August 2008 11:53 GMT

    :-) Leverage with some dirty little secrets, is one way, Stuart, although tastier big secrets which no one knows are missing is another. And if no one knows they are missing, they are probably not yet found and that makes them Raw Source Intelligence and that is Priceless.

    Publish a few titbits and see what happens is a simple ploy nowadays, which is fair and equitable to everyone.

    * Not to be confused with a Devine Brown Guidance which I grant you may also be Sublime. but Sub-Prime with no Heart or Real Passion ....... Just getting on with the job.

  5. Simon Maidment

    Help getting grants for R&D in Essex join the... This is a network of expert mentors who help you free of charge to apply for grants for R&D.

  6. Stephen Dyson

    R&D Tax Credits

    Everything you need to know about R&D Tax Credits can be found here

  7. H2Nick
    Thumb Down

    I wonder if this will spunk more than the ILA scheme did a few years ago

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