back to article Obama critical of Bush regime's bioterror fearmonger gap

In a speech on security policy a couple weeks ago, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama signaled that a change in administration probably wouldn't change the way the establishment views threats. "In a globalized world, the power to destroy can lie with individuals - not just states," the man said. This was supposed …


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  1. Andrew Culpeck

    Oh what a loverly War on terrerisom!

    So those in charge think they can stop terrorist theats by planning to stop specific theats!

    Terrorists have always looked for soft spots in any defence, and will always get through because you cant defend against everything all the time.

    When contries where first confunted with terrorists theatning to blow up plaines on the ground, they put systems in place to deal with that, so terrorists flew the plains into buildins instead.

    This is a job creation sceam, and a way for polotitions to appear to be doing something, anything but nothing.

    Mine's the one with the UK passport in it

  2. amanfromMars Silver badge

    They all Promise Change ...... but what is the Change?......

    ... Spell IT Out if you Can. Run Home to Mama if you Can't.

    ""We must never let down our guard, nor suffer another failure of imagination." Indeed."

    It would be a Novel and Innovative Change to have a Better Imagination Lead, Mr President.

    And it would be a Failure of Leadership to Provide anything Less, methinks. And a Failure which cannot be Afforded ...... for CyberSpace will Punish IT Relentlessly.

    However, there are Pockets of Light with some knowing exactly what to do .... and some even are American ....

    And it is heartening to also read that .... " the Director [of National Intelligence] (A) May enter into intelligence and counterintelligence arrangements and agreements with foreign governments and international organizations;

    (B) Shall formulate policies concerning intelligence and counterintelligence arrangements and agreements with foreign governments and international organizations; and

    (C) Shall align and synchronize intelligence and counterintelligence foreign relationships among the elements of the Intelligence Community to further United States national security, policy, and intelligence objectives; " ...... by Executive Order 12333, United States Intelligence Activities [as amended July 30, 2008.]

    There are very few who would say that it was not desperately needed..... and long overdue.

    And with the likes of Echelon and Carnivore and Promis, and Goodness know what else, out in the Wild, and with the Presumption that Snooping is Ubiquitous [All seeing and All Knowing] in the Digital Environment, it does sort of BetaTest Intelligence Systems to be Self-Serving and Provide themselves with the Necessary Future Assets through a HyperRadioProActive Approach to such Assets with all that they would Need, based upon Mutual Interests, which presumably would be Perfectly well known through Covert Electronic Capture. Failure in that Simply CompleXXXX Task would be .......Unfortunate and Revealing.

    It is all too easy for a War on Terror to be realised as a War of Terror .... and there are no Brownie points for that Perversion, only a Deep Depression and Recession

  3. dave lawless

    Let them blow us up

    The only thing to fear is fear itself.

  4. goggyturk
    Black Helicopters

    President Palmer um.. Obama

    It's official - Obama wants to be President Palmer.

    Notice how they even captured Dennis Hopper um... Radovan Karadzic.. in the last couple of days. It's all lining up nicely...

  5. Steen Hive
    Thumb Down

    Cold War

    One day the great US public might cop on to themselves and realise the "Cold War" started at the Spanish-American war and never ended. It is - and always was - actually being waged against them by their own state apparatus.

  6. Joshua
    Thumb Down


    Hmmm, does "academics" not sound scary enough?

  7. Steve

    No great surprise here

    Just business as usual for government - it's not like they can make up nonsense about the commies coming to eat your children anymore.

  8. Dave Bell

    They always make the same mistake.

    If one gram of X will kill one person, then one kilogram will always kill one thousand people.

    That's the arithmetic of terror, and it misses the two thousand people who get half a gram of X, and don't die. It misses the people who get clobbered with four or five grams. It misses the several hundred grams which are baked onto the wall and seared by the sun's ultra-violet rays, or get flushed down the drains.

    And most of the figures for toxins actually quote the dose which will kill half the people exposed to it.

    I got taught about this at school, so these idiots hardly have a credibkle excuse for their ignorance.

  9. Charles Manning

    @Dave Bell

    You forget that the citizens are now sow cowed that they will all line up in an orderly fashion and each take one, and only one, carefully measured dose.

    Just remember that these people are selling fear, not information. The bigger the numbers. the more the fear. Saying "might kill a few and make a few more sick" will hardly win them airtime or a position at the big table of power.

    Also, these people have no real reason to fix the problem. If the problem goes away then their power goes away. All up, it means they have a vested interest in making the problem seem bigger than it is.

  10. Walking Turtle

    All that is Needed to Know of All This...

    ...Neatly pressed and folded:

    Wherein much that is held occulted and much too close to the chest by some few who would indeed "control" the many, indeed much to the detriment of far more than benefit, is made plain by a well-grounded (also Canadian, which might help a bit, eh?) Systems Engineer and analyst of impeccably crafted and (occasionally dauntingly) rigorous analytical rectitude.

    Life, the Universe, How it All Works on Earth in Human Society, and Everything is what's examined. The precision may leave a lasting impression. Beats reading Nash on Non-Cooperative Game Theory all hollow, as first-cut intro field manuals go, really. Even better, it's 130 pages of well-organized and utterly plain English. Puts the F-U's out in the light of day right smart and plain.

    I'd bid the Gentle Trusting Reader enjoyment, but I (for one, being the onbe who is obligated to point toward this Manual of Bad News for Princess Sparkle Pony and all her kept-innocent Care-Bear friends) do think that maybe only BOFHs of a certain human-development inclination and (maybe, just maybe) some few evilly suicidal masochists (who also play at IT/geopolitickal mavenry) could indeed actually enjoy very much of such a deep-cut tech-analysis doc as this. But the hand-wringing stops once the terms of the equation become clear; see for yourself if at all inclined.

    After all, forewarned is forearmed. Best by far imho that no more of the Eschaton be actualized than has already been kerfluffled right slap-dag into our faces by Them Kind, one may be indeed be found thinking from time to time as things (tish and all) just keep on a-rollin' Downstream...

    Caption: Securely wrapped in three layers of broiler foil and then enclosed within the microwave-proof oven cavity, the personal cell-phone immediately became useless as a means of casual remote spying. Even though the circuitry remained active, no microphone signal could escape. All incoming calls went to voicemail.

    High-tech assaults often do yield to low-tech solutions. The defender need merely survive. Sketch /ad/ /lib./

  11. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Don't let the Buggers off the Hook .... or they just Grind you Down to the Pits.

    "High-tech assaults often do yield to low-tech solutions. The defender need merely survive. Sketch /ad/ /lib./" ..... By Walking Turtle Posted Saturday 2nd August 2008 08:30 GMT

    amfM HyperRadioProActivity is into High-Tech Solutions to raze Low-Tech Assaults, Walking Turtle. IT is an Innovative Novel Accompaniment to Life, The Universe, How it All Works on Earth in Human Society, and Everything .....

    So Long, just for Now, and Thanks for All the Phishing and Reading Material for the Weekend.

  12. NB


    more fear mongering bullshit from a politician.. and the news angle here is? Can we please get some politicians in who have one fucking shred of integrity and aren't trying to bulldoze our respective democracies into surveillence orientated police states?!

    I'm seriously losing all faith in humanity here. Politicians please fuck off.

  13. Kenny Swan

    Sad, sad, sad

    I hoped the US could turn things around. The sad truth is, and people need to accept it, that the US is a big country and as such has a good percentage of average or below intelligence in it. These speeches can fool those people and they vote. It's not about what you plan to do, it's about fooling the stupid majority into believing what you say and they'll vote for you. They've already had to endure Bush, as has the rest of the world, I hope they're not about to repeat the mistake.

  14. jason

    I wish our Govts would stop being terrorists.

    Am I afraid of a bunch of beardy wierdys with AK47's out in the wilds of Afganistan? Or a bunch of poorly educated and easiliy led young anglo/middle-eastern guys in north London who feel a bit left out of the world partly due to the cards that were dealt them?

    No. Not in the slightest. I have no fear of that sort of terrorism, dosent bother me in the slightest. Someone somewhere always has an axe to grind. If it wasnt them it would be someone else. Thats life. I/we never worried about the IRA why should I/we start now?

    I do however, find our western Govts attitude towards it citizens far more worrying and offensive than anything Bin Laden has done. It will come to a head one day and it wont be pretty.

    I just want to live my life, minding my own business like anyone else. I dont need to be part of these sinister plans thank you.

    You'd think they were all in collusion wouldnt you............

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